An Extraordinary Love PDF Ä An Extraordinary

An Extraordinary Love PDF Ä An Extraordinary

  • Kindle Edition
  • 120 pages
  • An Extraordinary Love
  • Sapphire_
  • English
  • 11 June 2016

10 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Love

  1. Debra Spears Debra Spears says:

    Love this story I love the entire series and this addition is no exception I'm happy to see these two Alphas get passed their issues I knew it was love when they first met I have to say I truly love all the complexities of the women in this series Looking forward to reading book 2

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    I really enjoyed Levi and Angie and I just loved Luna

  3. Ms.ld Ms.ld says:

    Good read The reason for the 4 stars editing issues I enjoyed the story of Levi and Angie and how they got together It would be great if you mentioned in the Relentless series to read this one and the Lin Cheng series to know and understand the characters in the Relentless series

  4. Nene Nene says:

    Good ReadGreat storyline love the chemistry between Levi and Angie Luna is too smart forher age but growing up how she did I can understand it

  5. KayBee& KayBee& says:

    I enjoyed seeing how LeviAngie played out after they were introduced in Don't tell my husband 3 and then once Luna was added to the mix in Consumed by love I enjoyed the story and how the characters healed each other in a sense I would have enjoyed if Angie maintained of the grit she had in Don't tell my husband 3 Nevaeh shows what happens when jealousy holds your heart Jealous that someone else managed to do what you were not strong enough or determined enough or smart enough to do Can i get a big Xmas special? or as I said in Consumed by Love a Valentine's special??? lol Anyway I gave a 3 becuase of the many grammatical errors you get that together and watch your 5star ratings increase AND salescongratulations I own all your books I'm on to Capri's storysee you in the ratings page

  6. Tracey Tracey says:

    I am glad that Angie and Levi's story had an HEA The turbulent start of their relationship from Don't Tell My Husband 3 and Consumed By Love when Levi found out that Angie had a daughter The synopsis from this author confused me yet again In this story Levi did not disappear with Nevaeh in this book or the one before In Consumed By Love he left the room with Nevaeh to try and help Angie get who Luna who he believed was her sister at the time She knew where he was There was so much to the life of Levi that Angie doesn't know about Nevaeh deserved so much that what she got that type of punishment normally fuels the flame

  7. Carissa Tucker Carissa Tucker says:

    Seriously loved I swear I was so excited to read this and you didn't disappoint me I'm like could this book go on forever? Lol No I love Angie and Levi they bring such hotness You have a fan here and I will Always be waiting for the next book I'd advise any and everyone to read the is and the books that lead up to it Thank you

  8. Pamela Johnston Ward Pamela Johnston Ward says:

    ExtraordinaryThis was an extraordinary read Sapphire brought it with this one Levi is the type of man that I need in my life one who will fight and keep fighting for his ueen He went through hell and back Where in the world is my Levi? I hope that I find him soon This was a great read filled with plenty of sex love and drama I recommend that you 1 click this 5

  9. Nancy L Thompson Nancy L Thompson says:

    Great ReadMy only uestion isis this the end???? I love this series I hope there's But whatever happens please keep up the great stories This book was much better on the typo's I will admit

  10. ILoveToRead ILoveToRead says:

    Good Read BUT Here's my Succinct Review

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An Extraordinary Love[PDF / Epub] ✐ An Extraordinary Love ☃ Sapphire_ – AngieWhat can I say about Detective Levi Olsen From the moment five months ago when he stepped off the elevator and into my life he has rocked my world He has a swag about him that's mysterious and da AngieWhat can I say about Detective Levi Olsen From the moment five months ago when he stepped off the elevator and into my life he has rocked my world He has a swag about him that's mysterious and dangerous at the same time At first An Extraordinary PDF/EPUB or I didn't understand why he had such a fear of losing control until he showed me his secret Even then I found myself being drawn to him like a moth to a flame He didn't care about the jaded life style I was born into I couldn't have asked for a better man At least that's what I thought until he disappeared with the woman I hated most NevaehHow could Levi betray me I had hopes of us becoming a happy family but there's no way in hell I could stay Then againmaybe it's better this way There's so much to me than he realizes If he knew all of my secrets I'm sure he would second guess his decision to be with me just like with all my other failed relationships before him All of my time and energy needs to be spent on being there for my daughter LunaLeviIf Angie thinks that I'm going to sit by and let her get away from me she's out of her damn mind I've waited and prayed for someone like her to come into my life Other women thought they could handle me and my past but when I showed them they all ran away All of them except Angie In fact my true self excited her Even after I got over the initial shock of her daughter I accepted Luna because she is a part of Angie Now if she thinks I'm going to let the vengeful lies of one woman come between us then I'll have to prove Angie wrong She belongs to me I'm willing to use any means to show her that; even if it means doing something that may have her uestioning my loyalty as long as I know that it's best for her in the end.

About the Author: Sapphire_

and Text RPH Romance to to receive release info giveaway news or anything SapphireSapphire is a very creative writer that's heating up the BWWM Romance scene with her talent for creating books that pull her readers into the story allowing them to experience every An Extraordinary PDF/EPUB or emotionHer gift for original story lines laced with mystery humor and erotic moments combined with strong women and devilishly handsome men has brought her a large fan base in a very short timeShe has many hobbies and interests that range from a love of manga video games experiencing different cultures and her petsWhen she's not writing she's busy homeschooling her three kids and loving on her husband of years.