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Taken by the Next Full Moon We Have Until The Next Full Moon Sadie Landon Hudson Is The Most Arrogant, Selfish, And Rudest Male I Have Ever Met He Makes Crude Remarks, Thinks Everyone In The Packs Should Idolize Him Well, Not Me I Loathe Him I Also Loathe Myself For Finding Him So Damn Hot Sure, He Is A Jerk, But My Body Always Betrays Me And Longs To Be Touched By The Crude Man Luckily, I Have Been Able To Fight My Desires And Resist Him, But Now I Am In Deep Trouble My Father Just Announced That Landon And I Will Be Married By The Next Full Moon There Is No Way I Can Let That Happen, And No Way I Can Keep Myself Tamed If I Should Have To Marry That Horrible Male Landon Marry Sadie Caroline Yeah Right There Is No Way I Can Spend The Rest Of My Life With That Smart Mouthed Female Of Course, She Is Extremely Hot With A Dangerously Curvy Body, But She Is Too Opinionated, Blunt, And Standoffish Sure, I D Love To Have Her In My Bed, But I Have Barked Up That Tree Before And She Rejects Me Every Time The Female Would Never Submit To A Male, So How Could She Ever Make A Good Wife Our Fathers Are Crazy If They Think This Wedding Will Happen Next Full Moon That Means I Have 29 Days To Break Off This Engagement Author S Note Taken By The Next Full Moon Is A Full Length, Standalone Novel Filled With Steamy Sex, Naughty Moments, Strong Language, And A Very HEA.

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    1st and last story thumbs upThe first story is A 1, short but hit all the right spots with humor, angst, suspense, drama, and murder It takes a talented author to put all that in a winning combination in a novella The last story had really great potential, but the heroine wqs clueless, easily intimidated, and faithful to a douche Too many faults for a lead character, but because of her loyalty, she wasn t too unlikeable and plus, I felt sorry for her because she couldn t see what was right in f...

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    Great read I truly enjoyed this book The sassy personality of Sadie and arrogant yet sexy personality of Landon was really engaging Quick, enjoyable and very sexy read Will recommend.

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    Great read but proof read .I enjoyed the story very much but at times the writing was messed up because of a grammatical error I did enjoy the extra stories as well.

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    I really enjoyed this book It s so ironic how you can despise someone so much but are still attracted to them I just wish it were longer than it was.

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    AwesomeEnjoyed reading these amazing short stories The storyline was exciting and easy to relax and let the characters flow in the stories.

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