✓ Searching for the Beaumont Children Australia's Most

✓ Searching for the Beaumont Children Australia's Most

Searching for the Beaumont Children Australia's Most Famous Unsolved Mystery ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Searching for the Beaumont Children Australia's Most Famous Unsolved Mystery Author Alan J. Whiticker – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk On Wednesday 26 January 1966 Australia Day the three Beaumont children left their home in the Adelaide suburb of Somerton Park for a morning at the beach By the end of the day the worst fears of every On Wednesday January Australia Day the Beaumont Epub Ü the three Beaumont children left their home in the Searching for PDF/EPUB or Adelaide suburb of Somerton Park for a morning at the beach By the end of the day for the Beaumont MOBI í the worst fears of every Australian parent were realised when Jane Arnna and Grant for the Beaumont Children Australia's Epub / did not return home The 'Beaumont Children Case' remains Australia's most famous unsolved mystery The unknown fate of the three siblings has become an integral part of Australia's urban mythology More than any other crime the disappearance of the Beaumont children has become one of the defining events in the history of this country.

8 thoughts on “Searching for the Beaumont Children Australia's Most Famous Unsolved Mystery

  1. Nancy Loe Nancy Loe says:

    Jane Nartare Beaumont aged 9 Arnna Kathleen Beaumont aged 7 and Grant Ellis Beaumont aged 4 were three siblings who disappeared without a trace from a beach near Adelaide South Australia in 1966 Known collectively as The Beaumont Children their case resulted in the largest police investigation in Australian criminal history and remains unsolvedI had never heard of this case until it popped up in the Wiki so I reuested this title from interlibrary loan and a library in ueensland sent itWhile the case itself is fascinating I only wish I could say the same of the book It seemed to me to be highly padded probably because virtually nothing is known about the case since the day they disappeared in 1966 Instead Whiticker offers lots of extraneous information about the geology and architecture of Adelaide tedious detail about the lives of detectives on the case and other cases of mysterious disappearances or gruesome solved murders of children What is missing is any sense of who these children were or what happened to their parents other than the inevitable divorce in the long years that have passed since their children disappearedMaybe there's enough information for a really good book on this true crime but I know this book isn't it

  2. Anne Anne says:

    Very well written and must have provided a huge challange to the writer since its a story without an endThis book looks at other similar cases of the time that may or may not be related One story of which I have a personal interest in since I believe they are relatedwell researched and definately one that makes you aware of the sheer number of people and children who go missing every year and of that a smal percentage who are never foundthis book moved me and I hope it will you too

  3. Gaye Sweeney Gaye Sweeney says:

    Pretty badly written It talks about a lot of stuff that's nothing to do with the title of the book Just a rehash of numerous books and television programmes we have seen over the years about the Beaumont children Not worth reading

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    Worst written book I've ever read If you want a history lesson then This is the book for you Very minimal discussion on the Beaumont Children

  5. Tracey Tracey says:

    For those of us who come from South Australia the missing Beaumont Children is deeply entrenched in the fabric of our society As it was the moment that innocence and trust was lost In 1966 as children you could catch the bus down the beach buy some ice creams and be on the bus home with Mum waiting for you at the stop That is what was meant to have been the day the three Beaumont children were having Yet some how somewhere the children disappeared and what has followed is the biggest whodunit Alan J Whiticker has captured South Australia well you do get a great sense of time and place He also does a good job of following and presenting all the facts and the bizarre events that followed their disappearance Those bizarre events included a clairvoyant arriving in Adelaide proclaiming they knew what happened the so called sightings of the children and to be honest it is just mind boggling What this book does leave you with is this absolute heartbreak for the parents who not only have had to endure not knowing what happened to their children but crackpots giving false hope

  6. Jason Jason says:

    I really loved this book This is one of my favorite unsolved mysteries It is an easy and uick ready though I didn't read it uickly lots of info and flows well There were a couple chapters I skipped over one about just the city at that time and the other about a psychic which neither interested me but it is still good it is in the book as I can see how someone might enjoy those chapters There are also a couple other cases brought up that could have a connection and I enjoyed those chapters tooThe book doesn't talk too much about the kids and who they were which I was fine with I didn't really want to know about them I enjoy the process of trying to find them

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    I think it's a fascinating case and it's amazing that to this day it remains unsolved The book was really interesting and went into a lot of depth and I look forward to any new information that might turn up regarding the Beaumont case

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    creepy and weoerd we never lnow whay really happened like Picnic at Hanging Rock He tied in lots of other disappearances murders and kidnappings that may or may not be connected

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