[Epub] The Silence Between the Stars By Alan Davenport – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk

The Silence Between the Stars The Earth Was Dying It Was Too Late To Save The Planet The World S Population Had Grown To Nearly Fifteen Billion People And The World Government No Longer Could Feed Them All Most Plant And Animal Species Had Become Extinct The Environment Collapsed The Fall Of Society Was Inevitable It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before The Great Culling Of The Human Race OccurredNot Everybody On Earth Accepted The Extinction Of The Human Race A Small Group Of Dreamers Worked Towards The Salvation Of Humanity They Formed The Starship Project And Began Construction Of Enormous Colony Ships Earth S Best And Brightest Were Recruited As The Colony Ships Were Constructed, A Fleet Of Exploration Ships Launched In All Directions To Find A New Home For Humanity Each Ship Had But One Pilot And A State Of The Art Artificially Intelligent Ship S Avatar This Is The Story Of The Lives Of Those Explorers, Their Avatar Companions And The Few Remaining Humans Of The Starship Project Left Behind After Earth Fell

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