Kindle Edition à Nanodaemons MOBI å

Kindle Edition à Nanodaemons MOBI å

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  1. Mike Robbins Mike Robbins says:

    Well this is something a bit differentA daemon is a computer program that controls an ongoing background process that a device needs to function They’re found everywhere and you’re not aware of them because as the user you don’t interact with them But they interact with each other So – what if the daemons in different devices started consciously talking to each other? In George Saoulidis’s zany near future thriller Nanodaemons that’s what they do The book begins with a number of daemons becoming aware of each other across a Personal Area Network PAN a network of a user’s personal devices The PAN is Leo’s He’s an Athens construction worker just waking up after having a prosthetic implanted following a very nasty accident Bit by bit the daemons in his implants Walkman and other devices get acuainted they’ve been reset and try and figure out what’s going on And not a moment too soon because Leo is just about to be framed for murder and he’s going to need their help That’s about all the plot I’d want to give away But let’s just say that it all gets very weird Along the way there’s a dog with prosthetic legs a promiscuous tanned lifeguard an enormous cobra and a vintage Walkman with a sense of occasion It’s all completely bonkers and rather exhilaratingThe book’s not without its problems Understanding what the various daemons do is difficult; I am fairly computer literate so I managed but would have appreciated a glossary There’s one in the back But most readers will like me not realize that until they’ve finished Also Saoulidis’s English is great and its American style is right for the book but the odd British word or phrase slips in and sounds out of place More seriously big parts of the story are never uite resolved and in the later parts of the book the daemons fade out here and there weakening the plot I’ve given the book four stars anyway because it really is very original and in places extremely funny It’s also uite thought provoking Already if you buy a new stereo you’ll likely be offered an Android or iPhone app for it so you can use it as a remote There are also already fridges that can track what’s in them and it won’t be long before you’ll use them to let you know say how much beer you’ve got in so you can get some on the way home – or even order it for home delivery Much of what Saoulidis puts in this book is not so far away at all What happens when we or our homes become networks of devices that talk to each other rather than us?This book has its flaws – the holes in the plot and the unresolved storyline especially; I’d normally knock a star or two off for those But not in this case Nanodaemons is original and fun and I suspect I’ll read by Saoulidis The author kindly supplied an e book for review purposes

  2. George Saoulidis George Saoulidis says:

    This is an experimental story and I know it's very hard to read I tried to minimize the techy talk and cut down on the number of daemons there were 2 3 in the early version The idea is that as the Internet Of Things becomes ingrained with our lives the daemons controlling programs in our devices will affect our physical world The scene from the original Tron where the programs revered their user had always stayed with me through the years so I had the nanodaemons go through the same thing More recently the hit movie Inside Out showed that you can have a story with internal daemons and give them personalities to boot so I did a sci fi version of that and sprinkled some fun sauce on it

  3. David David says:

    it's ok couple giggles like an Asimov reference daemons are likeable making fer kind of a novel twist think cyberpunk fans might like on the whole a fairly original recipe

  4. Norma Norma says:

    Format Audiobook Humans never read the manualWhat a wonderful surprise a thriller viewed through they eyes of not just a human being framed for a crime he did not commit but also from the point of view of the various nanodeamons implanted in his body working together to better serve their User A useful glossary at the end of the book explains that nanodeamons are computer programmes which run in the background silently controlling specific processes His safety and well being is all that is important to them as without his even being aware of them they discuss and argue and lewdly peer at the world outside as they try to keep him safe Often hilariously funny as they secretly interact and even bribe other such programmes to facilitate the User's escape it really is a fascinating insight into what might be going on inside our bodies even without prosthetic partsWithout a superb narration this story would have been impossible but Luke Rounda is superb From the opening lines 'Still no idea what I'm listening to' how appropriate that was to their final 'Phttt' these suabbling crazy but kindly programmes are individually and brilliantly voiced to be not only distinctive but hilarious With Rounda's interpretation each becomes a seperately character filled being in it's own right And the rest of the text is not ignored perfectly paced with good intonation and understanding with further different voicings for the humansNot only was it a good performance it was very enjoyableAlthough the undertones of George Saoulidis' story could be sinister Nanodeamons instead is funny as well as a good little thriller expertly performed by Luke Rounda I heartily recommend it to all SFfans computer needs and anyone else looking for something just that little bit different

  5. Brian Brian says:

    NanoDaemons had a great concept that's becoming rapidly relevant as the Internet of Things now includes items like insulin pumps and prosthetics In 2016 Johnson Johnson revealed to the public that one their insulin pumps was vulnerable to hacking What if that vulnerability applied to something like a pacemaker? Or a prosthetic limb? Now throw in personalities to these devices and give them something like Asimov's three laws of Robotics Throw some hackers and a conspiracy at this situation and you've got a recipe for an action packed storyGood concept Let's talk execution I wasn't crazy about all the personalities of bots As a fan of Asimov I like my robotic personalities to have decorum than humans not less On the other hand I see where these personalities helped the flow of the story and ratcheted up the sense of conflict in parts I could easily see this being picked up for a SyFy channel movieLuke Rounda's narration was solid and through some vocal and some digital manipulation it was very clear which of the characters was speakingI received this audiobook in exchange for an unbiased review

  6. Joe Joe says:

    The concept for this book is very interesting It is based in the future were tech has evolved to the point that it can be installed into humans The tech also has Daemons with AI installed and they are part of the story Each Daemon has their own personality and add a lot of humor to the story Fingered So what happens when your tech gets hacked and you no longer have control over your cybernetic hand? Things go wrong for the user and the Daemons try to save him If your into Tech and computers you will enjoy this story If you're not a techy you can listen to Chapter 53 first which is a glossary of the terms used There is no spoilers in that chapter so don't worry The only downside to this book is how short it is but it does have an ending The narration was great Each character including the Daemons have their own voice and accent I will definitely listen to another book written by George or narrated by Luke Rounda I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review

  7. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Actual rating 35This was a very pleasant surprise It just has the exactly right mix of seriousness and comedy bribing a prison door to open with door porn anyone? and despite the laughs the premise is very scaryThe characters were lovable and the villains hateable and they all bounced off each other so so well Their internal dialog was very well done but the narration was a little bland I think Saoulidis is probably suited to first person but I haven't read anything by him in 1st and I don't even know if he's written anyI think the only other problems I really had with this little book were some factual errors snakes are venomous not poisonous and that I wanted MOREApparently there are in this setting though so that's great to know

  8. Kevin Kevin says:

    Nanodaemons was a really enjoyable story that balances action assassins humor romance and tech jargon It is set in a not too distant cyberpunk future that is exiting yet relatable While I do not really understand much of tech and programming lingo I don’t believe that lessened my experience of the book There were several time I actually laughed aloud although tech people may even enjoy it Overall it was a fun read and I will likely be reading other books by this author I revived a free copy of this book in an exchange for an honest reviewMorality rating Nanodaemons contains language violence gore and an off screen sexual encounter

  9. Alex Villepique Alex Villepique says:

    I got this book for free from some action used for the authors to increase their readership AND I LOVED IT The author describes uite realistic future touching on the current net security issues that plague most of us And he does it in such a refreshing interesting way that I simply raced through the book It is indeed a great book The only complaint I have is that it is a bit short with a bit weak ending It is like a story is not finished in some way The ending was a bit disappointing after the mastery of the whole book

  10. Liza Liza says:

    The style of the book was strange Some of the story was at the human level Leo and the people he connects with but a lot of the story is handled by the nanodaemons nanobots that control the artificial improvements of Leo's body arm eyes web search The nanodaemons have their functionality but have been rebooted and have to learn all about Leo and protect him at all levels It took a while to get into the book the style but it was definitely a good book

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