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More than Once eBook Ä More than PDF/EPUB or

More than Once (Chasing the Dream #4) ❰Download❯ ➹ More than Once (Chasing the Dream #4) Author Elizabeth Briggs – She’s trying to be good He loves it when she’s badAndrew West is done being the nice guy After a marriage proposal gone wrong he’s started over in a new city and he’s never risking his heart a She’s trying to be good He loves it when she’s badAndrew West is done being the nice guy After a marriage proposal gone wrong he’s started over in a new city and he’s never risking his heart againBecca Collins is done being the bad girl After uitting the band she played bass for she’s More than PDF/EPUB or going to prove to her family that she’s really changedWhen Becca’s dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job on Christmas Eve all seems lost until she runs into a former one night stand—Andrew To impress her parents Becca convinces him to pretend to be her perfect boyfriend for their holiday dinnerAfter Andrew shows Becca he’s all bad boy in the bedroom neither wants to pretend any But when Becca's invited to rejoin her band for a show and Andrew's forced to face his ex they both wonder if they're ready to take a leap again—or if they're doomed to fail in life and love a second time.

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  • More than Once (Chasing the Dream #4)
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  • 09 October 2015

10 thoughts on “More than Once (Chasing the Dream #4)

  1. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    475 Take a chance for Andrew and Becca Every saint has a past Every sinner has a future Oscar WildeI have to admit that this series have become my guilty pleasure I was having so good time while i was reading all those books and i have loved every character in there so muchAnd I'm in this point that i don't know which one is my most favorite couple I love them all for different reasonsAs for this certain couple???? OMGIf you would tell me that i would love so much those two i would say to you No wayBut i did And maybe i love them from all the others but maybe not because i told you that i can't compare them between themWe have met both Becca and Andy in the previous books and i wasn't fan of them especially Becca's and I just pitied AndyBut god They were such misjugded persons and i have a weakness to troubled heroesAnd they weren't the exception They became my lovely weaknessBecca was the former bassist of Villain Complex and if you remembered from my previous review Becca was Jared's drama before Maddie join the band and stole his heartBecca was a great bassist player but she lost her way She dropped out college she was drinking a lot she was acting a little bit crazy and as the cherry on the top she slept with Jared Cross the lead singer and guitarist of the band And that lead to Becca's total destructionYou see Jared wasn't man of relationships They were having a great time together but that's it Nothing But Becca had feelings for Jared and she couldn't stand watching him sleep around with different girl every night so she was acting crazy Until one night That drama night in the party on the first book she uit the band and while the band was in The Sound she continued pulling shits for her former bandmatesBut in the second book while she was in the area that the Comic con event took place she made amends with the band before she returned to her hometown to start a new life You can understand now why i wasn't a fan of her Right???Andy was a year together with Tara the girl from the second book that is Hector's girl now and because he didn't want to be separated from her he went to the Comic con and he asked her to marry him After Tara's rejection his was so lost I felt so sorry for him He was a good guy but maybe that was the problem He was too good So Andy is turning himself to Andrew Tonight I was done being hesitantDone with the sadness and the doubt and the painAnd above all else I was done being the nice guy So this night on Comic con Hector met Andy to Tara since they were moving to the same townAnd because they were both so lost and alone they found comfort to each otherThey spent a night full of passion and they promised that they will call each otherThey never did But fate had other plans for them I'd never been so ininhibited with a woman before With Becca for once in my life i felt like i could completely be myselfI just wished we'd met when we weren't both so broken Five months later and Becca is trying to lead a different way of life She doesn't drink she doesn't smoke she got rid all her piercings she is working a normal boring job and she had a decent boyfriend that Christmas Eve she is going to meet him on her parentsShe had to make her parents proud and to show them that she had changed Because that's the only way that they will help her return to collegeBut her plans are not going wellHer boyfriend breaks up with her and she meets by chance Andy who goes by Andrew now and he becomes the cause to get fired from her jobCouldn't be that day become shittier???What she will say to her parents??? She lost both her boyfriend and her job But she have an idea She will present Andrew as her boyfriend He is the perfect guy to meet her parentsAnd Andrew agrees since he doesn't have anywhere else to go and also he liked BeccaThe night with her have stayed with him all this time and the same goes for BeccaSo what will happen with those two??? Will they manage to get through this facade or their feelings will get in the way???I liked the new Becca Without the bitterness that she used to have before she was a lovely personShe was passionate strong and intelligent She loved playing her bass and she was lost without music in her lifeBut she was afraid after her big failure back then And since the band became so famous she was hurting very much for the lost chance to be a part of itBut she deserved what she got Now she just have to put her life back on the tracks but it's so damn difficultAnd when Andrew gets back for second time in her life??? She doesn't know what to doShe wants him so badly like nobody before His combination of good and bad boy drives her crazy But Andrew had his own issues and she doesn't know if she can't handle to be just his rebound I'd known from the beginning that he didn't want anything serious and I thought I'd been okay with that But Andrew pretending to be my boyfriend had been so nice that I couldn't help but wish just a tiny bit that it could be realHe was the perfect package smart friendly gorgeous and amazing in bed We'd only known each other a short time but we had this intense connection that I'd never felt with anyone elseEven though we were complete opposites in every way we got each other Maybe because we both wanted to move on from our shitty pasts and start fresh With Andrew I thought maybe I could actually do it if he ever wanted that too Andy was hurting so much inside since Tara's rejection After that fact he tried to become someone else He didn't want to be just Andy the good guy that everyone was stepping on him So he tried to changeNew town new personality So became Andrew When he meets Becca again he is so happy He had an amazing time with her that one night and he was thinking of her freuentlyAnd now that he found her again he wants to taste her body again but he doesn't want anything permanentHe doesn't want to let another one woman to break his heart for once againAnd he knows that Becca is meaning something so he doesn't want to give her the power to break him for good But he can't stop wanting herI liked Andy and Andrew too I liked his geeky appearance AND his dominant ways in private I couldn't fall for her I couldn't There was too big of a chance she would rip my heart out just like Tara had done Becca made me feel than I'd felt in months Maybe ever But falling for Becca would only give her the power to hurt meIf i felt this strongly about her only a few days what about in a few months? Or a year? When she walked away as all my other girlfriends had done how would ever recover? Becca and Andrew became one of my favorite couples in this series They were so opposite characters but when they were together they were like fire and gazoline Everything catched fire around themI liked how they fought for each other and for their dreams They did good to each other and they learned that everybody have a right to second chances Somehow she'd done the impossible and brought me back to life again She'd made me realize my past didn't have to determine my future She'd made me want something ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

  2. Hanne Hanne says:

    Becca’s boyfriend breaks up with her on Christmas Eve She can’t believe that this has happened to her She promised her parents to bring him to their family diner to celebrate Christmas Becca is working at a store on Christmas Eve when she runs into Andrew She and Andrew spent one passionate night together a while ago A night neither of them has forgotten Andrew wants to pretend to be Becca’s boyfriend for that night in exchange for one date with him The diner goes great just like their date Andrew and Becca spend time together and they love being togetherBecca and Andrew are great characters Becca is independent talented caring and a little wild She was part of a band once and she still loves music Since leaving the band her life has been different Becca tries to be better for her parents because she doesn’t want to disappoint them any longer But Becca’s dreams are not the same as her parents Andrew encourages her to chase a dream againAndrew is gentle sweet loving rich and hardworking He just moved to start a new job Andrew has been feeling lonely so he’s happy to run into Becca He really likes her and he thinks that she’s lovely to be with He has never forgotten her and he would do anything to be with her for real It wasn’t Becca and Andrew’s time in the past but it’s now They are so good togetherMore Than Once is an amazing holiday romance It was sweet sexy romantic and beautiful It’s the fourth book in the Chasing the Dream series but it was the first one I’ve read There were spoilers about some stories and the main characters of those books only appear sometimes but I won’t mind reading the previous books one day

  3. Elizabeth Briggs Elizabeth Briggs says:

    Surprise A new book from me coming right before Christmas about Becca and AndyHere are some uestions I've been getting from readers about More Than OnceI thought the next book in the series was Carla's book?That was the original plan However after I wrote More Than Comics I had an idea to write a story about Becca Andy too I've been working on their story in between writing my other books ever since More Than Comics came out in February It started out as a holiday novella but then it kept growing and growing and Andy demanded that I tell HIS side of the story too YES it's dual POV and soon it turned into a novel about the same length as More Than Comics I decided to make More Than Once book #4 in the series and that worked out well since it's set after More Than Fashion More Than Distance Carla's book is now book #5 and it will be set about 6 months after More Than OnceWhen is Carla's book More Than Distance coming out?Unfortunately Carla's book won't be out until sometime in 2016 and I'm really sorry about that I PROMISE that More Than Distance will be out as soon as possible in fact my designer is already working on the cover Hopefully having More Than Once out in December plus my NEW time travel series Future Shock starting in April will help make up for the delay And keep an eye out cause I'm going to do a cover reveal for Future Shock SOONDo I need to read the other books in the series before reading More Than Once?Nope Like all my books in the Chasing The Dream series More Than Once works as a stand alone However I highly recommend reading More Than Exes More Than Music and More Than Comics first for the best experience so that you can see how Becca and Andy along with the entire band have progressed throughout the series I put Becca and Andy through A LOT in the previous books and I'm delighted I can give them a happy ending of their own now

  4. Rachel Gunter Rachel Gunter says:

    I received a copy of More than Once from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMore than Once is the fourth book in the Chasing the Dream series by Elizabeth Briggs however it can be read as a standalone that's how I've read it This is my first book by this author but I definitely plan to pick up of Elizabeth Briggs's books as I really enjoyed this one Funny and romantic but not in a too over the top way I really liked Becca and Andrew our main characters both were really different from what I was expecting and I found them to be really likeable I liked how Andrew was not your typical 'bad boy' character that actually he was a genuinely nice guy and a little bit nerdy too Becca was an aspiring musician in deniala trait I really liked in her because usually I get a little sick of musicians but Becca definitely won me over Although I think her sister might beat her as my favourite her love for books pegged her as my favourite from the start Overall I really enjoyed More Than Once it was so easy to read after a busy day perfect if you're wanting a fun romantic read

  5. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    ARC generously provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

  6. Kristin Kristin says:

    More Than Once is pretty much a second chance story Not just in the romance department but in life as well You see Becca was the bassist for Villain Complex However her life took a downward spiral and she left the band on horrible terms When she bumps into Andy they have a one night stand and afterwards part ways But five months later Andy and Becca bump into each other and the sparks reignite Before Becca knows it she's kind of in a relationship with a guy who doesn't want a relationship due to a broken heart and her old band is calling her up asking for her to rejoin them for a show Becca is talked about a lot in all the previous books She's the old bassist that took a turn for the worse after sleeping with the lead singer Let's just say that the band doesn't think highly of her So I was thrilled when I saw that she got to have her own story I was even excited when we got flashbacks to the time that she met Andy shortly after leaving the band However like I'd thought she's not as bad as she's been portrayed She's kind of a cliche in the sense that she allowed the bands barely existent fame get to her head She started drinking and partying and once her fling with the lead singer didn't work out she sort of fell off the deep end However now she's picking herself back up and rebooting her lifeAndy was a character very briefly brushed up on He is the ex boyfriend of a Villain Complex member's current girlfriend HaHa You following me? Basically in one of the previous books he was dating Tara who when they broke up started dating Hector the drummer from Villain Complex It's a bit harsh than that though They broke up briefly and Andy flew out to San Diego where she was for a signing to win back his woman and propose to her Only she'd already moved on So on the night that his proposal blows up in his face he meets Becca and they have a night of hot passionate sex to help them forget their woes Except he hasn't been able to forget about Becca and when their paths cross again he's unwilling to let her go The synopsis makes it sound like this book is about Andy playing the fake boyfriend role but it's not That portion is over and done with uickly A lot of the story basically just catches you up on these two from their past fling to now You watch as Becca tries to maintain her reformed good girl state and while Andy struggles with moving on past TaraI will say that I found the story to be a bit jerky and choppy in places You see the story starts off on Christmas eve Then we move on to Christmas then like a couple days after Christmas New Years Eve Valentine's day and then hop to the following Christmas So with all the timeline skipping I was just not really invested in their relationship I get what the author was trying to do but it just didn't work for me It almost felt like a short novella in how uickly time elapsed in the book I was shocked that when I finished the book was actually over 150 pages long While More Than Once wasn't my favorite story from the series I didn't hate it It was interesting to see Becca and Andy get their happily ever after I think I would have enjoyed it much if these characters were given time to develop I will say this though this is an easy and uick read for romance lovers that has a small Christmas feel to it in the beginningFavorite uoteI'd never done anything like this before but what better time to have your first one night stand than right after your first failed marriage proposal eh?

  7. Carlene Inspired Carlene Inspired says:

    Well she's done it again Elizabeth Briggs has given us another couple in the Chasing the Dreams series with a fantastic story that I couldn't put downBecca has turned her life around her past with Villain Complex is behind her her bass guitars are stored in the garage she has a job and she's making her family happy Except the guy who turned her life upside down in one night is standing in front of her and she's asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend Andrew was hurt after Tara sure he'd never find love again but when Becca asks him to be her pretend boyfriend for one night he can't say no Sure their one night stand was one of epic proportions but neither are ready for commitment In that one night though everything changes their emotions are real and when some heavy choices need to be made they find themselves leaning on one anotherI hated Becca as soon as we were introduced to her in the beginning of this series I saw a little glimpse of redemption in More than Comics but didn't expect much Then we see her again in More than Once and she skyrocketed to the top of my favorites list and Andy he went right to the top with her He really is book boyfriend material Both characters are uniue in the series and both are ignoring their wants and dreams I really enjoyed watching them push each other testing the boundaries and finding solace in one another even when they didn't want to I felt like of all the books in this series this one was the most realistic for me and had the most character growth Really I just loved Andy and wanted to trade Becca places so I could be here and have him Sure it seems like it moves fast but it's supposed to how do you ignore the feeling they've both had pent up since their one night standThis book is different than the others in the series while it isn't as much as a breakaway as More than Fashion was it still is separate from More than Music and More than Comics That said I loved how Villain Complex was brought back into the series Plus watching Becca find herself in music again was really rewarding I loved her interactions with her overbearing family how she finds it in herself to stop being selfish and how she shows AndrewAndy he can be both sides of himself when he wants to be Yes it's a uick read but it is so so good I loved this book and am happy Elizabeth included it in the series If you're looking for a uick read with a steamy romance lots of chemistry and character growth look no furtherMany thanks to Elizabeth Briggs for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review

  8. Gaufre Gaufre says:

    I have a weakness for Briggs' More Than series This installment is on par with More Than Music better than the second and third books I like the main characters personalities and their insecurities My only complain is that the relationship moved too fast though and they went from 'I am not sure I can't commit yet' to 'I want to be where you are and move across the country for you'

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    The Chasing the Dream series is one I have really enjoyed from the very beginning so when the opportunity arrived to sign up for More Than Once I did not hesitate to put my name downMore Than Once gives us an insight into Becca's life and catches up with her after leaving the band It also took me a while to make the connection between Andy and a previous book More than Comics Andy was the boyfriend of Tara who proposed marriage and was turned down spectacularlyBecca is trying to get her life back on track to prove to her parents that she has changed and hopefully get help to go back to college However this is short lived as she loses yet another job and her 'perfect' boyfriend dumps her right before a Christmas family meal Andy is her Knight in shining armour after an accidental meeting which is the cause of Becca's current lack of job he agrees to be her boyfriend for the night in exchange for a dateMore Than Once is told with some flashbacks of Andy and Becca's first meeting Drowning thier sorrows together and then ending up in a hotel room We get to see the chemistry between this duo and understand why things heat up so fast between themAfter everything that Becca did I didn't expect to feel sorry for her Yes she messed up but tried to make amends for this changing the way she lived how she behaved and tried to settle down but her parents never seemed to be happy with her until she had the perfect life job and boyfriend with a future It didn't seem to matter how hard she worked it was never good enough for them and when they think she has the life they want for her only then do they agree to pay for college I thought this was uite selfish of them to have such high expectations for her even knowing she was doing the best that she couldI really liked Becca's sister and although they are twins they are complete opposites of each other and have different lives I liked how thier story line played out and how they were both unhappy with thier current situation but how it all worked out for themThe chemistry between Andy and Becca was intense and I did like how although they vaguely knew each other it didn't feel too rushed that they tried to be friends before making it too serious especially as they had thier own past still to deal withThe last half of More Than Once was great I loved how she was able rejoin the band for the show and how welcoming they were to her It was just the thing she needed to get out of her slump and kick start her life in the right direction Final Verdict More Than Once was another great installment to this series I also like how we still get to see characters from the previous books and catch up with them too I can't wait to get hold of the next bok to see what happens next

  10. Iza Brekilien Iza Brekilien says:

    I gave it only 2 stars but I was a bit harsh this story will probably work better for other readers it just didn't do it for me I must add that I haven't read the series just this instalmentWhen I bought the book I was really wanting to read something about a bad girl and a good boy because the contrary is sooo common in romances Well I didn't count how many times those words and their opposites figured in that uick little read but I'm certain it was too many for me In fact what I didn't really like is that I was watching these two people taking their time to figure out something I've realized a very long time ago don't be good or bad just be yourself ; don't lead the life that people intend for you or that you think you should live just go for what you want and it will certainly make you happier Things were often repeated and the characters weren't fleshed out enough for my tasteBesides Andrew was supposed to be a good guy who turns into a bad boy in the bedroom and I expected from him I mean he wasn't performing poorly it's just that Becca had been so impressed by his skills she couldn't forget their first night that I expected some heat As a conclusion it was a sweet Christmas story with two people figuring out what their lives and their loves will be but it didn't rock my world

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