Retribution The New Haven Series Book 16 PDF/EPUB É

Retribution The New Haven Series Book 16 PDF/EPUB É

Retribution The New Haven Series Book 16 [Download] ➾ Retribution The New Haven Series Book 16 ➼ Nicholas Bella – Théoden Tonight is the night I break through Dante's last wall The one he's been trying to keep fortified as he struggles to resist the temptation of the life I'm offering him I had planned to enjoy Théoden Tonight is the night New Haven MOBI ï I break through Dante's last wall The one he's been trying to keep fortified as he struggles to resist the temptation of the life I'm offering him I had planned to enjoy doing this What I did not plan for is to discover that a vampire in my city was murdered I have my best on Retribution The PDF \ it and when I find out who crossed me they will suffer a fate worse than death Noel I had a revelation tonight that literally changed my entire world and I believe for the better At least that's what I hope On top of that megaton bomb being dropped I find out that a vampire was killed in Marco's district I'd hate The New Haven PDF/EPUB ¾ to be the person Marco is hunting for the stupid bastard Deacon With my plan fully underway now it just becomes a game of waiting before I can make another move But that isn't the most significant thing that's happened today I've finally discovered my mate's true weakness and it's the same as his greatest strength His deepest desire and it’s everything The New Haven Series Book Epub / I'm capable and willing to fulfill Josef The last The New Haven Series Book Epub / thing I needed to hear this morning is that one of my wolves didn't show up for their duty My wolves don't slack in any way because they know I will not tolerate disobedience What’s when I get wind of a dead body being discovered in the dragons' warehouse district well that sort of thing peaks my interest because I don't believe in coincidences Warning This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark twisted raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful sexy men that will either offend you or get ya revved up This series will not be pulling any punches and it won’t apologize for hurting your feelings either You’ll find no fluff and ruffles here The vampires are not misunderstood hopeless romantics looking for love The werewolves are not cute and cuddly and the dragons aren’t the ones from your childhood This is NOT a romance There are approximately words in this novelette.

10 thoughts on “Retribution The New Haven Series Book 16

  1. Katerina Katerina says:

    We are back And so much is revealed now the guys are pretty angry And Dante it's so hard to educate young wolves they simply don't know what is good for them Always try to find limits Always try to annoy TheodenThis time the book consisted of felt 95% sex and 5% storyline Have I already mentioned the sex?This one is just pouring out of my ears I just had an overdose of it and need a break now

  2. ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ says:

    Théoden He was one of the most sadistic and depraved vampire Lords in the cityIn each book he proves himself to be the power source of the story I love all the characters but gosh I am 100% on board with ThéodenI really love the read but I had some niggleThe description of filling the guts with semen not an image I like the pissing games

  3. Elsbeth Elsbeth says:

    BR December 7th with Julie45 starsHoly Moly this was good Such a great start for yet another new series Review to come maybe

  4. Tina Tina says:

    45 starsNOOOOOOOO You can't end it here can you???NEED Suspicion the 2nd book of the season NOW

  5. Anne Anne says:

    Oh my f#cking god The first book in the fourth season is just amazing With such a steamy start I am slightly afraid what will happen in the next books of this season Holy hell What I loved the most is the additional point of view of Josef This smart little fella is just so intriguing I can't wait to read of him And Noel of course He finally settles and finds his place for sure among his brothers and with his Sire Theoden Just awesome So can't wait to read on Great Job Nicholas

  6. AGandyGirl AGandyGirl says:

    Once again an episode even better the second time WOW  I need a momentoh and Episode Two SuspicionNOWReview to comeWe need our next hit of cockcaine BR with Els beginning Monday December 7thI have so many ahead of this already but at least it'sReading Updates1%Wine in hand Els20%Good lordwhat a startLove love love Elijah ❤️❤️❤️31%I was scrubbing myself down when I heard a knock on my bedroom door “Come in” I called out A few seconds later Sani entered the bathroom I turned off the water then climbed out He looked down at me smiling “I can tell by the order for Steven to get his cock and nipples pierced that he satisfied his majesty this morning” he taunted35%This murder fell on him and his leaches I would demand retribution43%“I’m going to make you suck my dick Eli The same dick that was in another wolf’s virgin asshole” “Sounds very characteristic of a dipshit” Elijah remarked Fucking hell God I didn’t think I’d been this turned on in a while The we were together the hotter he was becoming to me Even when he was being an insolent son of a bitch I couldn’t resist him As a matter of fact when Eli was pissed that seemed to turn me on I had to feel his mouth against mine I kissed him hard passionately pushing my tongue inside of him claiming him as only I could I felt his heaving chest pressing against mine his perky little nipples were erect and ready for a little attentionI've said it alreadyI love Elijah and how he handles the dipshit isPRICELESS50%“God how much can you cum in one day?”snorts I think this uestion could be directed at every character in this series LOL61%I love youOh my god It was said and the scene was64%Don't judge me That scene demands a reread RIGHT NOW rewinds to 50%64%Phew Even better the second time66%“Father do I get anything to wear?” Dante asked when I walked past him Of course my son I have the perfect outfit for you” I teased reaching into a bag and removing black leather briefs with a zipper in the front and back and a black harness that strapped around his chest The last items I pulled from the bag were a pair of black ankle socks and leather knee length lace up boots “Here get dressed”giggles84%“It’s because you have dragon blood flowing through you pup” I explained after breaking the kiss “That’s the reason why your bite can create pleasure where no vampires born of any other line can It’s also the reason why you feel ecstasy acutely Sex as you well know by now is intense The slightest sensation can send you into a sexual frenzy Like this”Dante's lesson on the joys of being in The House of TheodenRe read 2015 December 26th1%Ok I've read fluff for two dayswhere's my smut??12%Now I was looking up at him as he looked down at me I felt like I was trapped in the gorgeous green pools of his sexy gaze I could live in those green irises “You’re fucking beautiful do you know that?”35%“I know those marks belonged to a vampire When that bloodsucking bastard wakes up tonight we’re going to have a meeting” I growled thinking about ThéodenI would demand retribution50%GaaahhhI love this one sooo hard

  7. Diverse Diverse says:

    WHY WHY WHYYYYYY Why does it have to end OMG I love this series And I’m a mess I’m worrying about this situation We have Theoden and his sons and all that is going on there We have an odd sort of love for these monsters We have Deacon and his newly mated Elijah and the craziness going on there And then we have Josef So Nicholas is getting us all attached to all these characters and I can’t help but think there’s no way everyone makes it out of this alive? I’m scared LOL It’s the best kind of scared though Don’t misunderstand me It’s dark twisted not for the faint of heart It’s dark erotica in it’s well darkest form

  8. Tina Tina says:

    45 starsNOOOOOOOO You can't end it here can you???NicholasNEED Suspicion the 2nd book of the season NOW

  9. Cadiva Cadiva says:

    The level of detailing in the plotting is nothing short of incredible I don't know how Nicholas Bella keeps up with all the different narratives he has spinning in the air when it come to this seriesWhile Deacon and his wolves are plotting to undermine and seize control Theoden is playing a long game with the unwilling help of Josef and his werewolves and the dragons have a whole different reason for getting involvedThe sex as ever is creative erotic explosive dangerous exciting punishing painful and controlled

  10. Michele Evans Michele Evans says:

    Had to step away a bit from this oneI feel like the author just wants to be vulgar with each book and the werewolf element just grossed me out than anything so far I still like the story and want to find out if Deacon’s plot will play out like he hopes it does

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