Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap PDF/EPUB Û

Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap PDF/EPUB Û

Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap Author Anthony Muhammad – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Ensure learning euality in every classroom Investigate previous and current policies designed to help close the achievement gap Examine predominant mindsets that contradict school missions to promote Ensure learning euality in every classroom Investigate Achievement Gap PDF ´ previous and current policies designed to help close the achievement gap Examine predominant mindsets that contradict school missions to promote eual academic opportunities and consider the psychological impact this has on students Explore strategies for adopting a new mindset that frees educators and students from negative academic performance expectations.

  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap
  • Anthony Muhammad
  • English
  • 12 August 2016
  • 9781936763276

10 thoughts on “Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap

  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    This text achieves what other books do not accomplish on the Achievement Gap topic a concise and daringly honest assessment of why the gap exists in the first place and a clear recommendation to address it Muhammad tackles the realities of societal ineuities and shows how these ineuities are reflected in the structure and practices of our education system He also puts the responsibility of affecting change on the shoulders of ALL parties not limiting them to certain sectors or subgroups Above all he lays bare the facts that many people in our society are comfortable with either having superiority over others or in contrast laying the blame elsewhere when they do not have opportunity or success He challenges that both these mindsets and proposes an alternative that can help us reach euitable circumstances within our schools Overall this is a great concise consolidation of culturally relevant pedagogy social justice innovative leadership strategies and theory of mindset

  2. Benjamin Benjamin says:

    This was a fantastic book that was filled with the statistics to back up all the claims While many of the challenges and gaps are very well known to exist it was very eye opening and powerful to read all the efforts that have been tried and failed with some gaps getting larger Anthony Muhammad goes through the commitments that need to be made and the cultural changes that need to happen in order for us to close the achievement gaps He also points out three different mindsets that people have and the need to get everyone on board with the liberation mindset for euality and euity in education It is a very strong and powerful called action

  3. Spacek Kim Spacek Kim says:

    This book was a study begun with superintendents in NEWASA Northeast Washington Association of School Administrators In person education closed schools in March and the book study was put on hold I went ahead and finished it because of the important title of the bookThe book could be a companion book to Transforming School Culture also by Anthony Muhammad He covers three mindsets that are associated with the achievement gap trap The Liberation Mindset is the mindset that must be developed in staff We all need to push staff students and community toward euality responsibility with advocacy for what is needed

  4. Allison Sirovy Allison Sirovy says:

    I think the book does an excellent job of explaining why we still have the achievement gap by discussing the three mindsets superiority victim and liberation and I feel like I have a decent grasp on what needs to change in our schools But the author didn't give enough specifics on how to bring about that change I can understand the theories and all that but my brain needs way specifics and examples of how schools are achieving euality in their schools On a side note all educators should be reuired to read this book

  5. Jill Jill says:

    This book presented some interesting ideas to think about but it was lacking in application My overall takeaway was that individual schools can effect change but national and global educational change are nearly impossible

  6. Tim Tim says:

    Self Reflection is CrucialYou can read this book with the mindset of “a good rendering of why other people are wrong” or with the mindset of “I really could improve my thinking and actions in that area” I recommend the later

  7. Jennykaye Hampton Jennykaye Hampton says:

    Taking a deeper look at the achievement gap and what a change in mindset can do to close this gap Lots of thought provoking ideas brought up that will make an educator rethink things

  8. Iris Iris says:

    35 stars This book makes you rethink euity and access

  9. Mackenzie Mackenzie says:

    This book gave me a lot to think about

  10. Susan Susan says:

    Challenging and necessary examination of our own educational mindsets

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