Hardcover ã Four Days PDF å

Hardcover ã Four Days PDF å

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8 thoughts on “Four Days

  1. Sheila Sheila says:

    I found this book on my grandmother's book shelf when we were cleaning out her house after she died I brought it home along with several others as they looked interesting Now with the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy almost here I decided to read this as Kennedy was killed before I was born Being a 50 year old book the old book musty smell my copy had instantly made this seem historical The book was published in almost immediately after the assassination and contains historical photos of the day in Dallas the arrest and killing of Lee Harvey Oswald and the funeral of the President The text of the book is UPI news articles published at that time as well as copies of speeches and eulogies given The grief of Mrs Kennedy is palpable Seeing her covered in her dead husband's blood while the Vice President is sworn into the Presidency is heart breaking Then her stoicism throughout the following days visiting her husband's casket while it was on display and walking in the funeral procession makes me realize what a strong amazing woman she wasThis book is just a historical record There are no conspiracy theories here There is no mud slinging or politics This is just a document of four days of a nation's grief And it is a worthwhile read

  2. Laura Laura says:

    My grandma gave me her copy of this a few years ago published just one raw year after Kennedy's assassination and I have pulled it out to read again after finishing Stephen King's 112263 Four Days is The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy and it is a reverent heart wrenching factual account told with photos eye witness accounts selections of official documents public statements private messages etc It does an amazing job of making me feel like I was there and grieving along with the rest of the world though I had not even been born at the time It is not the kind of book I would ever buy for myself and I am thankful Grandma gave it to me because it is a piece of history The immediacy of the publish date makes this a fresh tragedy for whomever opens the book in whatever year that may be

  3. PageTner PageTner says:

    I was 11 years old and my neighbor had this book and a book by Whitehouse photographer Mark Shaw during the Kennedy administration This book floored me I don't even remember if I knew anything about the Kennedy assassination before this The pictures of President Kennedy and Jackie were amazing The pictures of the assassination were chilling Jackie on Air Force One The funeral all amazingAfter reading this book and many others I believed all the conspiracy theories In recent years I have changed that position and think that it was Oswald and Oswald alone although I do find some of the points brought out by conspiracy theorists to be very interesting

  4. Noel Noel says:

    My grandma gave me a first edition of this amazing account of the four days surrounding the Kennedy Assassination when I was 8 years old and fascinated with US History I've misplaced it over the years however I just ordered another First Edition and am anxiously awaiting its arrival I hope that it has that musty old book smell just as the one I had when I was younger did Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in US History

  5. Pete daPixie Pete daPixie says:

    I was very fortunate to acuire this commemorative and rare item at a Dealey Plaza UK book auction for the ridiculous sum of just £10'Four Days' was published in 1964 as a historical record of the death of President Kennedy by United Press International and American Heritage MagazineI can happily ignore some of the factual errors in the text and treasure this hard backed memento that is in great condition to add to my JFK collection

  6. Sue Sue says:

    my assistant principal brought this in for a display i did on the 50th anniversary of the assassination what is remarkable about this book is that it came out a year after the event and it has some amazing photos a list of all the dignitaries from around the world who were at the ceremony some of the notes and thoughts from around the world and some of the addresses that were given an immediate spotlight on the whole affair not something written years and years later

  7. Lexus Lexus says:

    One of the guys in my Public Speaking class because his wife wanted to get rid of most of his Kennedy books I found out this book is a treasure when I looked at the date it was published It's a little worn but I'll take good care of it To have something like this is a rare treat Even though I wasn't born until 96 the Kennedys still intrigue me

  8. Donna Donna says:

    My father was a journalist too and obtained this book through his newspaper so it was in our home for several years before I was even born Before I could even read I'd look at the pictures No wonder I became fascinated with Kennedy's assassination

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