Manual de folosire a vieţii, cu dialoguri între Frică

Manual de folosire a vieţii, cu dialoguri între Frică

Manual de folosire a vieţii, cu dialoguri între Frică și Adevăr ➮ [Read] ➪ Manual de folosire a vieţii, cu dialoguri între Frică și Adevăr By Tom Shadyac ➺ – Societatea modernă este saturată de electronice iPad uri calculatoare telefoane mobile mașini și așa mai departe și toate acestea vin cu un accesoriu important un manual care te învață cum s Societatea modernă este saturată de electronice iPad uri folosire a ePUB ☆ calculatoare telefoane mobile mașini și așa mai departe și toate acestea vin cu un accesoriu important un manual care te învață cum să folosești și să îngrijești dispozitivul respectiv În cartea sa Manual de folosire a vieții Tom Shadyac răspunde la o întrebare provocatoare însă totodată simplă este posibil ca și viața Manual de MOBI :å să vină cu un set similar de linii directoareInspirat de poeți profeți și filosofi Shadyac omul din spatele unor filme celebre aduce un nou suflu în domeniul cărților de dezvoltare personală și spiritualitate Invitându ne într o conversație care este atât o provocare cât și un motiv serios de reflectare ni se oferă exemple din lumea înconjurătoare natură și idealurile și de folosire a Epub ß perceptele celor mai vechi civilizații de pe pământ într o serie de eseuri și dialoguri între vocile adevarului si fricii Și prin acestă analiză ni se deschid ochii la un principiu de bază care ar trebui să ghideze rasa umană iubirea Acest singur principiu este în esență manualul nostru de operare și instrucțiunile sale sunt foarte simpleÎntrebarea la care el își de folosire a vieţii, cu PDF/EPUB ² propune să răspundă este avem oare curajul de a trăi în conformitate cu acest precept să pășim în afara modului în care funcționează Avem oare curajul de a schimba și a renunța la ideile care au dus la război sărăcie genocid și distrugerea mediuluiCu viziunea inspiratoare a lui Shadyac asupra a ceea ce poate fi lumea și împreună cu sfatul său simplu despre cum să ne apropiem de acest țel răspunsul la aceste întrebări va fi un răsunător DA.

10 thoughts on “Manual de folosire a vieţii, cu dialoguri între Frică și Adevăr

  1. Andy Nieradko Andy Nieradko says:

    You definitely want to read this book Life's Operating Manual is so engaging I read it in one sitting I'm finding it hard not to gush over this one it really grabbed me and wouldn't let go Mr Shadyac makes an incredible argument that competition is not our natural state If we were hardwired for fighting then he points out our systems would flourish under those conditions Of course the opposite is true and stress is the number one killer of modern man We never truly own anything so why do we strive so hard to get and ? To lead a simpler compassionate life makes a lot sense than the direction most of us are heading The feartruth dialogue techniue at the end of each chapter is pretty darn cool It's an amazing way of taking each idea further and bouncing it back and forth while viewing it from every possible angle I first heard of Tom Shadyac when he was a guest on my favorite internet radio show Whitley Strieber's Dreamland That interview led me to see his film I Am which was absolutely brilliant This book goes much deeper into his philosophy and his amazing story of how he went from directing blockbuster motion pictures to finding true happiness Even though I have slightly differing views on God and The Secret I have to say this book blew me away I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes

  2. Eric Fadden Eric Fadden says:

    I wanted so badly to like this book In the end while I like the concept I just couldn't take any of his writing and wound up abandoning it I understand what he's trying to do and say the world is pretty backwards these days and there are things that people can do in their everyday lives to make it a better place But the problem is that while being incredibly descriptive of the solutions and their idealistic results he offers no methods for getting to those solutions The things he talks about are a complete paradigm shift; things that would turn key concepts of everyday life on their head But the uestion is not how do we get there the uestion should be how do we lead people to it To talk about the ideal with no solution comes off as whiny and frankly it's easy to tell people about how it should be when you've made millions of dollars The reality for most people however is uite differentAnd then there are the dialogues I don't even know where to startSo in the end great concept but the execution just didn't do anything for me I'm down with what he's saying but I just really couldn't stand how he was saying it

  3. Joyce Joyce says:

    I saw Tom Shadyac recently on Real Time with Bill Maher I was so impressed with him that I ordered his bookWow This book along with several others I am reading gives me hope for the future of the world and humankindThere is underneath or behind the scenes an entirely different world of thought and energy other than that which is shown day to day on TV movies radio newspapers etc I believe as Shadyac does that human beings are wired for goodness empathy compassion and caring The Truth is the real spiritual movement that continues and is buried by all the noise in our world todayThis is an absolute must read if you want to see that there is hopeI have had many of these same thoughts for years but buried them because they just got laughed at as ridiculous especially in corporate AmericaNow I feel validated that other people think this way too Cooperation instead of competition Caring instead of punishment for failing to make it in the worldI wish I could give this book 10 stars

  4. Leroy Seat Leroy Seat says:

    I had not known the author's name until watching his 2011 documentary film DVD I AM and I read this book because of being favorably impressed by the film Like the movie this book contains some uestionable theology it seems to me but it also has a lot of good helpful material It is certainly a book that should feed people who are spiritual but not religiousIn the past I had seen two films directed by Shadyac Patch Adams and Bruce Almighty and about an hour ago my wife finished watching his Liar Liar Earlier today I had just read In 1996 the day after the opening of 'Liar Liar' I traded the media madness of our movie's release for the temporary solitude of Gethsemani Thomas Merton's Trappist monastery in the tranuil hills of Kentucky p 226 One of the main themes of the book is the need for simplifying one's lifestyle and moving toward euality and cooperation For example Shadyac writes “Tremendous wealth is routinely built on the backs of others; on the labor of others that is undervalued underappreciated and underrewarded” p 131 And he suggests that that “downsizing in suare footage could lead to upsizing in well being” p 217Even though there are problems with some of the ideas presented in this book it is one that most people should be able to read with considerable benefit

  5. Malin Gisela Malin Gisela says:

    This book was difficult for me to rate because I really enjoyed some chapters while others fell a bit flat Tom is genuinely passionate about the subject and I recognise the energy that need to be part of the change that I felt too almost instantly as I picked up Ishmael A lot of his ideas in this book are based on that book and you can tell I enjoyed the chapter on education a lot and his thoughts on inviting and facing pain and loss as a part of finding happinessWhat took away from the experience for me was the constant references to God As an atheist I found that aspect repetitive and not at all necessary The subject itself and the ideas to me are about so much than religion The religious aspect was distracting if anything

  6. J. Chamberlain J. Chamberlain says:

    I had the good fortune to work with Tom Shadyak on the film Patch Adams It was a wonderful experience Tom's book Life's Operating Manual was outstanding In fact I'm about to read it again There aren't enough stars to rate Tom's work After you've read Tom's book and I'm OK You're a Pain in the Ass a love story and Life Doing It's Thing by J Michael Chamberlain I recommend adding these wonderful books to your list1 A Curious Mind by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman2 Yes Please by Amy Poehler3 Life is a Gift by Tony Bennett4 The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama5 The Tao of Willie by Willie Nelson6 There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne W Dyer7 I Must Say by Martin Short

  7. Sandra Lederman Sandra Lederman says:

    Life changingReally wonder if we could get critical mass

  8. Tim Larison Tim Larison says:

    I received a complementary copy of this book from Hay House for review purposes The opinions are completely my own based on my experienceTom Shadyac had it made by conventional standards A successful Hollywood director whose films had grossed nearly two billion Shadyac led a life of luxury and fame “I flew privately everywhere and anywhere I pleased I bought expensive houses antiues and old masters’ paintings at Sotheby’s auctions and paid tens of thousands of dollars for authentic Persian rugs” he recalls Then a near fatal bike accident caused him to reevaluate his priorities and human nature in general Shadyac shares his insights in his new book Life’s Operating Manual a worthy followup to his “I Am” documentary on a similar theme“Our culture keeps us so busy counting money and material possessions focusing our attention on status symbols and skewed definitions of success that our own happiness anchored in family community creativity simplicity and service – is passing us by” Shayac writes In Life’s Operating Manual Shayac contends that people are basically good that cooperation not competition is the natural state in the animal world and that our current society is out of alignment with these fundamental truths This stance will no doubt draw criticism Shayac addresses the naysayers in a creative way through a series of “fear” and “truth” dialogs at the end of each chapter For example this exchange is included after a chapter on cooperation“FEAR Ah yes Just what the world needs another socialist who wishes to redistribute wealthTRUTH I do not wish to redistribute wealth; I wish to redefine it When people understand that true wealth is found not in the accumulation of things but in the advancement of love wealth will redistribute itself”I thought the feartruth dialogs were effective in summarizing the main points of each chapter while answering any doubts a skeptical reader may haveI also liked Shadyac’s message to all of us of charging what we need for our services earning a fair return without getting as much as we can “Whether in the grocery or garment industry in education or entertainment we are all encouraged even expected to charge the highest price for a good or service the market will bear” he writes I was moved by Shadyac’s example of St Judes Children’s Research Hospital as an organization that doesn’t overcharge and exists to genuinely serve humanity “No cancer stricken child should be denied treatment regardless of ability to pay” is the hospital’s motto“Society’s so screwed up because we’re so screwed up” the author writes “But what if this story about our inherent defects is just that – a story? What if we are actually good in our nature divinely designed so hardwired to help and to love?” Is it realistic to expect society to change from a competitive “me first” attitude to the utopia Shadyac envisions? Perhaps not If the change Shadyac hopes for is to become a reality it will happen one person at a time Reading Life’s Operating Manual caused me to reevaluate my priorities and I think it will do the same for you

  9. John Kaufmann John Kaufmann says:

    Mildly interesting The author pours out his personal philosophy in these pages I have no uarrel with his philosophy there's nothing I fundamentally disagree with though I might add some stuff And I hate to be too critical or judgmental Mr Shadyac looks to be a serious thoughtful good person and he has undoubtedly poured his heart and soul into these pages Nonetheless there didn't seem to be anything new here no new or uniue insights no new or uniue synthesis of ideas It was mostly a reiteration of stuff I've read or thought before it is our separation from nature and our subseuent interest in individual profit that is at the root of most of our problems and recognizing our oneness with nature and with each other is our way back to wholeness Shadyac even traces the roots of our problem to the beginning of agriculture citing Daniel uinn's Ishmael but didn't add anything to that interpretation

  10. Kelvin Kelvin says:

    NOTE I received this book from the Goodreads giveawaysSometimes you hear something that you have heard before and then it clicks Mr Shadyac reminds us in this book that life was not meant to be complicated by the material things that we strive after but to be simplified by love and authenticity and simplicity The essays in this book are short and inviting Mr Shadyac shares some wonderful stories to illustrate his points His writing is passionate and alive The dialogues between fear and truth while sometimes cheesy present good arguments for the points Mr Shadyac makes throughout Mr Shadyac pulls from a variety of spiritual traditions to remind us that truth is eternal and universal even when we don't recognize the clothes it is wearing Overall nothing new is said But this is readily admitted by the author We don't always need to learn something new we just need to realize how important the old stuff is

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