Redemption - A Western PDF/EPUB Ï Redemption -

Redemption - A Western PDF/EPUB Ï Redemption -

Redemption - A Western [Reading] ➶ Redemption - A Western Author Stephen Wilson – After robbing a bank the Colter Gang stumble on the scene of the massacre of a Cherokee tribe by Calvary soldiers intent on pacification The sole survivor of the raid is a young Indian baby Even with After robbing a bank the Colter Gang stumble on the scene of the massacre of a Cherokee tribe by Calvary soldiers intent on pacification The sole survivor of the raid is a young Indian baby Redemption - Kindle - Even with a posse hot on their trail young outlaw Frank Palmer refuses to simply leave the child to die from exposure to the cold He pledges to join up with the gang as soon as he can find a place to drop off the childHis plans go awry and he finds himself joining a wagon train to avoid the lawmen closing in on him Still with the baby as his responsibility he forms close ties with a preacher's family and their beautiful young daughter Palmer finds it difficult to leave both the girl and his young charge to their fate when the Cherokee target their wagons in retaliation for the massacre To survive the wagon train needs the help that only an experienced gunman can provide But will Palmer take on the responsibility as protector or take flight to rejoin his gang.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 86 pages
  • Redemption - A Western
  • Stephen Wilson
  • English
  • 04 March 2014

10 thoughts on “Redemption - A Western

  1. Steve Steve says:

    I received this from Audiobook Blast and the narrator Scott Bennett in exchange for an honest review Also in the interest of transparency westerns are definitely NOT my favorite genre not even in the top ten2 stars 1 for the story and another 1 for the audio performanceThis is obviously a western and it's a pretty short storynovella about a young man who on the run with a bank robbing gang comes across the site of an Indian massacre finding an infant who somehow survived He leaves the gang to try to take the Indian baby to someone who will raise himI can't say I really liked this one There's a lot to be desired with this story starting with a least a little bit of realism especially the gun play For example there is no way he's going to shoot someone sitting on a horse from 600 yards with the firearms of the day; it's just not possible And the baby seems to get lost in the story and is rarely mentioned after he catches up with a wagon train The book blurb made it out that he was doing everything he could to rescue the baby but that wasn't the caseThe narration was good and Scott Bennett does have the right amount of twang in his voice to characterize this book His performance raised the rating by a starIf you enjoy westerns you may like this one but be prepared to suspend belief

  2. Jim Jim says:

    I got through it but can only give it a 2 star rating at best Since it only has 3 ratings that would hurt so I'm not rating it hoping this won't show in the community reviews The author has some talent Scott Bennet read it well the story itself was OK although it's been done many times like almost every western The characters were pretty good but the hero was a bit too heroic The situations were designed to make him so to the story's detriment For instance cauterizing the preacher's wound Even the blacksmith knew what he intended as soon as he mentioned a fire it was a common enough cure at that time He could have taken part but taking the lead was just too much It also generally reuired several men holding the patient down which wasn't mentioned at all And women generally did the nursing duties but instead our hero had to sit up with him Too muchIt also hit a few of my HATE buttons That baby went a really long time before his first diaper change slings were not unknown The guns were awful No one ever hit shit fanning a pistol nor did they make 600 yard shots with a gun they never shot before off the shoulder of a nervous man And then to toss the rifle to the ground Oh I just wanted to beat him with it then smack the author No way to treat a gun especially not one capable of such a shot you're planning on needing shortlyI was given this book free for an honest review but there is no Audible edition for this book just a Kindle edition Before asking people for reviews the proper edition should be available

  3. April April says:

    This audiobook was provided by the author narrator or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook BlastThis was a uick listen I enjoyed the realistic descriptions of the characters and the settingsThis made me want the next storyThe narration was excellent bringing the characters to life

  4. Trevor Trevor says:

    Short story following Frank Palmer reluctant bank robber who finds himself on a wagon train after finding an abandoned Indian baby Good book reminds me a bit of alias Smith and Jones bank robber wanting to go straight

  5. Teressa Teressa says:

    I listened to the Audible audio version of this bookA Well Written Western That Stands Up to the GenreREDEMPTION was a good solid short western written by Stephen Wilson that I think would stand with any other good western With this being a short story it had the feel of a full length novel All the elements were in place such as the plot the setting and the characters; both good and bad Being an outlaw ish type Palmer the protagonist was a likable character He had morals when the others didn't which made for a good contrastThe western genre is one I like and this one held up I could feel the trail dust in the air and smell the the gritty leather and horses That coupled with an experienced narrator made this a welcome listenJ SCOTT BENNETT rendered a flawless performance with his vocal skills His voice lent an old west uality that was absolutely perfect Redemption was a great match of authorreader and I'd like to hear from both in the future I'll definitely keep my eye outThis audiobook was provided by the author narrator or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast

  6. Leslie Fisher Leslie Fisher says:

    I really liked this book This was a great story of someone who got caught up with the wrong crowd then sees an opportunity to turn his life around and takes it all set against the backdrop of the old west I really liked the main character Frank PalmerMark Cross In fact all the characters were well developed and realistic My only complaint is that the book is so short Time just flew so I'm really looking forward to the other books in the series I listened to the Audible audio version of the book narrated by J Scott Bennett I have listened to lots of book narrated by him he is probably the only narrator I actively search out and he never disappoints His voice lends well to western theme books as he can sound a little rough for the male characters and softer for the females without sounding screechy or high pitched His characters are always easy to follow and his narration always adds a lot to the story

  7. Daniel Daniel says:

    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis book has a good old time feel to it the dialogue fit the setting well and it felt pretty naturalMy first impression was that the Colter gang was a real group of outlaws it felt like a James Younger historical accountExcellent narration by J Scott Bennett

  8. R.C. Robertson R.C. Robertson says:

    This is the first of a series I found it engaging and that I developed an interest for the characters Even though it is a stand alone book when I had finished it I was looking forward to the next installment uick read

  9. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    Great story Kept my interest Enjoyed this easy read Kind of short was able to read in one sitting Good character development I uickly became attached to the main players Looking forward to the next story

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    I received the audiobook free for a honest review I grew up on Max Brand and Louis L'Amour so I found this book to be uite enjoyable Characters were good nicely developed story was good Looking forward to the next book

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