Dark Side of Fortune Triumph and Scandal in the Life of

Dark Side of Fortune Triumph and Scandal in the Life of

Dark Side of Fortune Triumph and Scandal in the Life of Oil Tycoon Edward L Doheny [Read] ➳ Dark Side of Fortune Triumph and Scandal in the Life of Oil Tycoon Edward L Doheny By Margaret Leslie Davis – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Dark Side of Fortune contains all the elements of a Hollywood thriller Filling in one of the most important gaps in the history of the American West Margaret Leslie Davis's riveting biography follows Dark Side of Fortune contains all the elements of Fortune Kindle Ï of a Hollywood thriller Filling in one of the Dark Side ePUB ↠ most important gaps in the history of the American West Margaret Leslie Davis's riveting biography follows Edward L Side of Fortune PDF/EPUB Ä Doheny's fascinating story from his days as an itinerant prospector in the dangerous jungles of Mexico where he Side of Fortune Triumph and PDF or built the million oil empire that ushered in the new era of petroleum But it was a tale that ended in tragedy when—at the peak of his economic power—Doheny was embroiled in the notorious Teapot Dome scandal and charged with bribing the US Secretary of the InteriorFew captains of industry have matched Doheny's drive to succeed and his far reaching ambition Drawn to the West in search of fortune he failed at prospecting before finding oil in a smelly tar befouled lot in Los Angeles in Certain that the substance had commercial value he envisioned steamships and locomotives no longer powered by coal but by oil After developing massive oil wells in Mexico Doheny built an international oil empire that made him one of the wealthiest men in the world But in the scandal of Teapot Dome engulfed him As accusations mounted he hired America's top legal talent for his defense During the ten year long litigation Doheny's only son was mysteriously murdered by a family confidant The government's case against Doheny ended in an astounding jury decision The cabinet official accused of taking a bribe from Doheny was found guilty and sent to prison yet Doheny was fully acuitted Despite the verdict the scandal had overshadowed the achievements of a lifetime and he died in Side of Fortune Triumph and PDF or disgrace in Margaret Leslie Davis recreates the legal drama and adds details of behind the scenes strategy gleaned from the personal diaries and archives of Doheny's famed defense attorneys Previously hidden personal correspondence adds to this first complete portrait of the man and answers uestions about Doheny that have eluded historians for almost seventy five years.

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  1. Donnell Donnell says:

    Describes an important often missed element of history and describes a life full of events as captivating as a Hollywood movie Often the history of Southern California talks of the early Hispanic settling then jumps to the movie years In betweenthough there was the discovery of oil and the transformation of the world by its new availability Other than vaguely knowing there was a Doheny Drive in the Beverly HillsLos Angeles area I knew nothing of the Dohenys until a visit last month to the Greystone Mansion the home Doheny Sr had had built for his son and his son's family The first fascinating part of the story is the discovery of oil and the eventual establishments of oil fields in Mexico Mexico at the time being the main US oil supplier with the Middle East not yet in the picture Then there is the whole political instability in that country and the rise of revolutionaries like Poncho Villa I thought this book would be a bit of an ordeal Teapot Dome Scandal anyone? Yet the author describes the scandal and following trials clearly and the passages hold one's interest as well as a whodunit The Scandal Just after WWI the US Navy wanted to own oil fields so that in the next war the Navy would be assured of an oil supply The Navy had three fields Two in California and one near the Teapot Dome an outcropping in the Southwest that looked like a teapot A problem was that the companies who owned the neighboring lands were draining off the Navy's oil So the Navy wanted to make arrangements with an oil company to take the Navy's land pump the oil with the company keeping some of the oil and the Navy getting the rest In order for this lucrative opportunity however the oil company would also in the case of the company that got the rights to the California property build storage tanks in Pearl Harbor Hawaii and provide docking facilities and transportation of the oil etc At this time since the Department of the Interior had jurisdiction over federal lands the Navy and the Department of the Interior would work together on hiring oil companies The Secretary of the Interior was Albert Fall He had known Doheny since both had been gold miners The Navy approached Doheny and asked if he would take on this patriotic task Around the same time being strapped for cash on his public servant salary Fall asked Doheney for a loan of 100000Doing his patriotic duty Doheny bid on taking over the California properties and won the right to get the oil out of both those properties as well as the obligation to do the building at Pearl Harbor Meanwhile oilman Harry Sinclair got the Teapot dome property and also gave Fall money lots of money and not necessarily as loans Congress fueled by angry envirnomentalists charged Fall Sinclair and Doheny with conspiracy to commit bribery and bribery Doheny and Fall are excellent examples of the history behind the business philosophy that permeates our world Anything that is good for business is good for the country because nothing is better than increased profits no matter who gets to spend them Also why shouldn't all natural resources in the West be at the disposal of man as were the natural resources of the East Coast when that area was developed?Interestingly Fall is convicted of bribery for taking the 100000 from Doheny but Doheny was seen by his jury as a patriot trying to help his country by taking on the oil leases and as a friend helping a friend in loaning Fall the 100000 In the midst of the trials Doheny's son and the son's good friend are found dead in a murder suicide But who did the murder and the suicide? The case was closed at the time finding the friend the killer From the facts as laid out in the book though it seems likely that the friend was trying to leave the room with a cigarette in his hand when the son sitting in a chair shot him in the back then aimed the gun at his own head leaving powder burns After the event the family delayed calling the police warming the gun possibly in an oven to make it look like it had recently been shot wiped away fingerprints and rehearsed the servants on how to answer police uestions Also of note for me in a letter to his friend Albert Fall attempting to lift his friend's spirits during the time of the trials Doheny describes how his father had to flee to Canada from his home country of Ireland to escape political persecution which seemed and felt at the time as a bad thing Yet as a result his father met his mother and if that hadn't happened Doheny and all his blood family that he loved would never have existed p 196

  2. Mark Greenbaum Mark Greenbaum says:

    The material here is fertile soil the inspiration for Daniel Day Lewis's Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood the time periods covered from the birth of America as a superpower to the Great Depression is fertile for storytelling and yet this book falls flat And the reason for its disappointment is pretty straightforward Davis is a poor biographer completely unable to spool together an interesting narrative She is only interested in providing a string of mundane detail from start to finish the length of mustaches cufflinks worn dinner menus and doesn't know how to mold the clay she's mined That's a shame

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I wouldn't exactly call this a riveting book Doheny's life is incredibly interesting to read about and the book is organized clearly and researched well But Davis has no skill as a biographer and so pretty much the book is just a factual account of what happened during Doheny's lifetime to Doheny The book did not evoke any sense of Los Angeles or the Mexican oilfields of that time It's too bad that someone with writing skill and a nuanced vision of biography hasn't written this story

  4. Whimsical Whimsical says:

    I loved this book It was so intriguing to read about this visionary A wealthy oil man whose life and legacy is so tied into the history of Los Angeles I was able to visit the his compound which is now a school the cathedarl he built the famous mansion where the murder took place and the library bearing his name on the campus of USC in Los Angeles I read this book many years ago and I would read it again

  5. James Roman James Roman says:

    It's a knockout The man's life is an extraordinary tale stranger than fiction; you can't make this stuff up Much praise to Margaret Leslie Davis for unearthing so much history and organizing it in such an engaging fashion I picked up this book for research on another topic but found it so engrossing that I read it like a novel

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