Kindle Edition ↠ AWS Lambda PDF å

Kindle Edition ↠ AWS Lambda PDF å

AWS Lambda [KINDLE] ❃ AWS Lambda ❧ Matthew Fuller – AWS Lambda A Guide to Serverless Microservices takes a comprehensive look at developing serverless workloads using the new Web Services Lambda service Lambda enables users to develop code that execute AWS Lambda A Guide to Serverless Microservices takes a comprehensive look at developing serverless workloads using the new Web Services Lambda service Lambda enables users to develop code that executes in response to events API calls file uploads schedules etc and upload it without worrying about managing traditional server metrics such as disk space memory or CPU usage With its per execution cost model Lambda can enable organizations to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on computing costs With in depth walkthroughs large screenshots and complete code samples the reader is guided through the step by step process of creating new functions responding to infrastructure events developing API backends executing code at specified intervals and much Introduction to AWS Computing Evolution of the Computing Workload Lambda Background The Internals The Basics Functions Languages Resource Allocation Getting Set Up Hello World Uploading the Function Working with Events AWS Events Custom Events The Context Object Properties Methods Roles and Permissions Policies Trust Relationships Console Popups Cross Account Access Dependencies and Resources Node Modules OS Dependencies OS Resources OS Commands Logging Searching Logs Testing Your Function Lambda Console Tests Third Party Testing Libraries Simulating Context Hello S Object The Bucket The Role The Code The Event The Trigger Testing When Lambda Isn’t the Answer Host Access Fine Tuned Configuration Security Long Running Tasks Where Lambda Excels AWS Event Driven Tasks Scheduled Events Cron Offloading Heavy Processing API Endpoints Infreuently Used Services Real World Use Cases S Image Processing Shutting Down Untagged Instances Triggering CodeDeploy with New S Uploads Processing Inbound Email Enforcing Security Policies Detecting Expiring Certificates Utilizing the AWS API Execution Environment The Code Pipeline Cold vs Hot Execution What is Saved in Memory Scaling and Container Reuse From Development to Deployment Application Design Development Patterns Testing Deployment Monitoring Versioning and Aliasing Costs Short Executions Long Running Processes High Memory Applications Free Tier Calculating Pricing CloudFormation Reusable Template with Minimum Permissions Cross Account Access CloudWatch Alerts AWS API Gateway API Gateway Event Creating the Lambda Function Creating a New API Resource and Method Initial Configuration Mapping Templates Adding a uery String Using HTTP Reuest Information Within Lambda Deploying the API Additional Use Cases Lambda Competitors Ironio StackHut WebTaskio Existing Cloud Providers The Future of Lambda More Resources Conclusion.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 132 pages
  • AWS Lambda
  • Matthew Fuller
  • English
  • 13 August 2015

10 thoughts on “AWS Lambda

  1. Sebastian Gebski Sebastian Gebski says:

    Fit for a purposePromises to be a well tailored introduction to recent technology delivers Not by just presenting few code samples there's uite nice SWOT analysis present brief overview of competition a brief description of supplementary tech API GatewayNot too much not too little about just enoughThumbs up from me

  2. Machine Reading Machine Reading says:

    So disappointedIt's just provide less than introduction level of the topics Even docs better than this book There are a ton of free reaources that can make you become Serverless dev eg sevverless stack dot com I recommend not buy this book

  3. Justin Scott Justin Scott says:

    As someone new to Lambda and wanting a 10000 foot overview of what it is and how it works this little gem of a book delivered exactly what I wanted to know It touches on all of the concepts involved the good the bad and how it relates to other AWS services Only downside is that it could use some updating as a few things have changed since this was published As far as code examples go it provides some basic get up and running examples but nothing in depth so if you're looking for a code cookbook or lots of practical heavy lifting examples this isn't the book for you The author also does not cover advanced topics such as application architecture building multi project applications how Lambda projects interoperate or call one another etc in any depth Overall a great basic high level introduction to the technology and how it fits into the AWS ecosystem but don't expect to start building API driven web apps when you're finished You will come away knowing what it is does its limitations etc though Overall a great introduction to the technology

  4. Sukhmeet Sukhmeet says:

    Gives a very brief review about Lambda services Just touches each concept in a nutshell I was expecting on lambda topics also now with new API release some of the concepts are obsolete But none the less liked reading it uickly to head start with AWS lambda

  5. Alejandro Miguel Alejandro Miguel says:

    Great but C# lambda functions are missing Time for a new edition?Great little book Wish it had practical examples and concept diagrams C# was not supported at the time of the writing A good opportunity for a review edition

  6. peter kuczynski peter kuczynski says:

    Not recommended I was looking for a book with practical examples This books talks about Lambda in general without providing anything practical

  7. David Screws David Screws says:

    Good solid readGood read even if you need to skim there is a lot of good info especially for a noob like me to lambda

  8. Manuel Garcia Manuel Garcia says:

    uite interesting and highlighting Not a comprehensive course obviously but uite interesting nevertheless

  9. Paul D Gavin Paul D Gavin says:

    Helpful PerspectiveThis book was much easier for me to read than the AWS documentation Not sure how up to date it is as of 01102018

  10. julie jenkins julie jenkins says:

    Great way to get started Enjoyed the book and the possibilities that Lambda offers There was enough direction and detail to allow me to fill in the gaps at a later stage

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