Paperback à Guérir eBook å

Paperback à Guérir eBook å

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  1. Curt Curt says:

    As someone who's spent the last four years coming to terms with a severe anxiety disorder I have been ripping through this book in fascination The beginning is a little technical but the techniues used to treat anxiety stress and depression are fascinating scientifically researched and sound This is not a book about meditation although it is recommended or a pop psychology book but a scientific study about our body and mind's ability to heal themselves

  2. Nabilah Firdaus Nabilah Firdaus says:

    As the title suggests Healing Without Freud or Prozac explains to us seven natural treatment approaches that capitalize on the mind and brain’s healing mechanisms from recovering from depression anxiety and stress All the methods have been researched and studies documenting their benefits have been published in prestigious scientific journals The seven methods are as follows1 Living with heart coherence2 Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing EMDR3 Resetting your biological clock4 Acupuncture5 Consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids6 Exercise7 Love and relationshipBeautifully written with insightful case studies This is like a godsend to me who loathes to engage in talk therapy or taking conventional drugs This gem made me realize that our brain is so damn powerful It's the best thing about us but also the scariest because of how much it can potentially fuck us up Highly recommended

  3. Megan Megan says:

    This is book is by the author of one of my favorite books I have read so far this year Anti Cancer Servan Schreiber is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist and cancer survivor This book came before Anti Cancer and focuses on curing anxiety etc without medication or talk therapy as the title states This book was uite frankly a godsend for me I devoured it in 24 hours and can't express how valuable the information is I deal with PTSD and have struggled to find the correct kind of help for than seven years This book led me to several well researched solutions that I hadn't encountered before and that seem very promising EMDT for example as well as giving very practical advice applicable for anyone at all who simply deals with everyday stress Servan Schreiber is a compassionate open writer who exhibits a great deal of warmth and practicality I want to buy this book for so many people who I love and want to be happy because I know it can help in so many ways He outlines different techniues for becoming physically and emotionally healthier that touch on areas from nutrition and exercise to acupuncture and coherence exercises all with well documented research from prestigious scientific journals and everyday advice on how to put the strategies into practice Do read this book whether you suffer from anxiety or depression or whether you just want to be healthier and happier

  4. Megan Megan says:

    I put off reading this book because it sounds so heavy and depressing I would call it The Instinct to Heal Natural Ways to Increase your Health and Happiness but I'm so glad I finally read it Anyone could benefit from reading this After a slightly slow start I think the author has to prove to the medical community that he's a serious doctor and didn't come around to these conclusions lightly it' s all about how to be happier and have better relationships I enjoyed learning the science behind the strong connection between the emotional brain and the body This book fills in the gaps for people who need science to back up truths like meditation and human touch heal people There's an emphasis on how harmful poor communication is to us and the author gives useful suggestions for how to communicate lovingly and effectively The book includes a plan with step by step instructions for how to get started on all of the healing methods outlined in the book and there's a list of resources too I will be trying out or continuing many of these methods myself and I will definitely be sharing these ideas with the people I health coach

  5. Jena Jena says:

    uality self help books must avoid two pitfalls in order to be successful On one hand they should not be written in a style that is too dry and overly clinical but on the other they must not be based on generalities alone The Instinct to Heal strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and reader engagement It details the neuropsychology underlying stress anxiety and depression in an easy to read manner and lays out a plan with seven natural treatment methods which avoid the use of prescription medications completely I read this book in less than 24 hours and it was time well spent especially the sections on cardiac coherence and nutrition The author doesn't make outrageous claims or try to sell you on any method and his writing style is easygoing and respectful of his readers' intelligence an attitude that is refreshing within the self help genre This is one of the best psychology books I have ever read and I am familiar with plenty as I have a degree in the field

  6. Filipa Filipa says:

    My mom said I really had to read this book because it would be important and life changing for me and you know that moms are always right She knew what she was saying although at the beginning I wasn't really that excited However this book was very important and I'm glad I could read at this stage of my life I'm certain it will help me change my life in ways I couldn't envision before I was really excited while reading it because it gave me hope in ways than I can describe here it made me realize that there's a way we could help ourselves help cure our emotional obstacles and also help others around us

  7. Meredith Meredith says:

    Don't be discouraged by the self help title This book is really enlightening concerning ways to mitigate stress in your life and how to live with a healthy mind body connection

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    I read this book because a lot of my favorite people are depressed anxious and stressed out and none of them want talk therapy and some of them don't want drugs All of the tips in this book revolved around developing mind and body coherence There are two systems in the brain The automatic emotional brain and the neocortex action brain The goal in acheiving mind body coherence is getting these two parts of the brains to balance and do the same thing Depression Anxiety and Stress occur when the there is an imbalance between the two usually when the emotional part of the brain says go so the action part goes and then the emotional can't put on the brake The book was essentially methods of harnassing the brake These included breathing exercises physical activity acupuncture eating omega 3 EMRD for PTSD loving people and volunteering and a dozen others It has inspired me to get people together and eat fish It has also made me realize that library patrons don't care about what you are reading even if it is the same thing as you UGGH

  9. Cindywho Cindywho says:

    The OV of this one had the prosaic title Guerir le stress Self help books tend to make me flinch but this one had enough decent information about treating anxiety and depression without pharmaceuticals to make it worthwhile Breathing EMDR therapy fish oils acupuncture exercise communication were some of the main subjects All worth as much study as the creepy SSRI's that seem to be the only thing usually offered by medical professionals October 16 2004

  10. Jenny Jenny says:

    This book is about how to cure depression naturally I checked it out from the library because I had baby blues Then I bought it because it had so much useful and interesting information that I thought I needed to loan it out to friends and relatives so they could benefit also It's dense at first but his writing gets better as the book progresses and it is full if fascinating anecdotes

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Guérir ❮Reading❯ ➽ Guérir Author David Servan-Schreiber – Het antwoord op Prozac Lithium Zyprexa en andere omstreden antidepressiva Diep in de hersenen zit een deel dat ons gevoel humeur gedrag onze bloeddruk ons immuunsysteem kortom alles wat met ons welbev Het antwoord op Prozac Lithium Zyprexa en andere omstreden antidepressiva Diep in de hersenen zit een deel dat ons gevoel humeur gedrag onze bloeddruk ons immuunsysteem kortom alles wat met ons welbevinden te maken heeft beheerst het emotionele brein Door controle te krijgen over dit deel van de hersenen is het mogelijk om stoornissen die voortkomen uit stress angsten of depressie zelf te genezen Vanuit deze nieuwe opzienbarende benadering beschrijft dr David Servan Schreiber zeven natuurlijke behandelwijzen die uitgaan van de eigen genezende kracht van de hersenen Zijn methode is gebaseerd op baanbrekend onderzoek in het Shadyside Hospital van de gerenommeerde Universiteit van Pittsburgh en biedt een effectief alternatief voor de vaak langdurige en ingrijpende behandelingen als psychoanalyse en antidepressiva.