The Traitor Baru Cormorant PDF/EPUB Ì The Traitor

The Traitor Baru Cormorant PDF/EPUB Ì The Traitor

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Traitor Baru Cormorant
  • Seth Dickinson
  • English
  • 04 June 2015
  • 9780765380739

10 thoughts on “The Traitor Baru Cormorant

  1. Melanie Melanie says:

    “I will remake the world so that no woman will ever have to do this again” I’ve been sitting here looking at a blank word document for almost twenty minutes I don’t even know how to possibly start a review for this book I can honestly say that I have never read anything in my entire life like The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson This book was so very uiet but it spoke so very loudly to me But this is easily one of the best books I’ve read in my entire life Baru Cormorant learns from a very young age that her home will never be safe For the first seven years of her life she loved her home with her mother and two fathers But that all changed the day Masuerade soldiers conuered Taranoke This book heavily talks about colonization and how the colonizers will take everything while expecting you to be grateful for them liberating the natives “Freedom granted by your rulers is just a chain with a little slack” This book also heavily talks about gender roles and sexuality Baru is a lesbian and it is truly her greatest fear in this world since one of her fathers got taken away for being “unhygienic” This is a dark book and these are constant themes that completely are the reason Baru does the things that she does But this was a very hard read at times so please use caution Content and trigger warnings for homophobia always in a negative light but still very abundant throughout the story racism colonialism sexism misogynistic comments talk of genital mutilation torture murder death animal deaths graphic violence loss of a loved one inhumane conditioning treatments off screen rape and forced reproduction and constant war themes Also a ueer character does die in this book and it hurts a lot so use extra caution But Baru plays the part that the colonizers want her to; she leaves her home she becomes a student she becomes a powerful accountant she becomes what the throne wants her to be and she never loses sight of her goals Because Baru knows this is the only way she can truly free people from the oppressors who think they carry out their evil actions in the name of good This is a book about a girl trying to break a seemingly unbreakable system using the methods that her oppressors taught her and it’s so smart and so painful and such a gift to the literary world I’ve never read a book that’s so multi faceted before Every page has a new angle that makes you completely reexamine the entire story This story is so political while also realistically depicting what war is like from the winning and losing sides while completely putting the chaos and heartbreak at the forefront of the story You won’t know who to trust which is hilarious because Baru truly is a reliable narrator but the set up just makes you not want to believe what you’re reading But ultimately this is a book about power and all the terrible things people are willing to do to gain it There are so many ways to find power and to be able to harness it for yourself And during this entire book we get to see Baru do everything in her power to try to carve out a substantial amount of power so that she will be able to change the world “This is the truth You will know because it hurts” And you know from the very start that Baru will ultimately be the villain of this story Yet I’ve never read a better depiction of betrayal in any form of literature before Seth Dickinson has created something so uniue so special and this story truly feels like a once in a lifetime series I feel like this isn’t a book that everyone will love but the people who do love it will love it with their entire heart and soul Overall I loved this book than any review that I could possibly write and do this story any semblance of justice And I am so happy that this is the book that I chose for my birthday buddy reads this year I mean I could have probably picked something that didn’t completely rip my heart out upon the last day of reading but I don’t think I could have picked a impactful book I know this last chapter will haunt me for so long to come I cannot wait to read The Monster Baru Cormorant this October And if you did buddy read this with me thank you so much Forever thankful for this community and for everyone who takes the time to read my reviews I’m forever blessed to be a part of this book community and to have friends that make it feel like it’s my birthday all year round I love you all You all bless me every single day I’ll cherish this story forever and always And Tain Hu Aurdwynn’s rebel duchess of Vultjag is my only fictional crush now and forever 💗Blog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | Twitch

  2. Petrik Petrik says:

    Believe me I’m sad at myself for giving this book 1 star rating but I must be honest this book was a massive struggle for me to finish “This is the truth You will know because it hurts” And you were right the truth is that I’m disappointed and it really hurt To be fair I despised accounting with a fiery passion and my expectation for this book may be too high I bought this book in January I’ve been waiting for the release of The Monster Baru Cormorant before I started this one; that’s ten months of anticipation What’s crazier is that this book really should’ve worked for me a lot of things I heard about this book sounds like something I usually enjoy but like always only after you really start reading the book then you realize that the experience is not as good as what you think it’s going to be So what exactly went wrong here The way it was written Please remember that this is just my opinion if you loved the book that’s good for youThe prose to me felt like reading a history textbook and I had severe problems immersing myself with Dickinson’s way of writing It felt like everything happened too fast relied a lot on coincidence and most of all the majority of the characters were so easily forgettable Four or five characters like Baru Tain Hu and Muire Lo aside the other characters almost sounded the same because they were written without having their personalities explored; give me two days and I’ll forget the side characters completely I already did This was absolutely not a character driven book not by far So many characters and names mentioned and yet there was not enough substance or anything impactful and uniue to make me care or remember them Even the main character Baru was like a walking emotionless android accountant to me and the story was also immensely predictableThe final section of the book was greatly written and engaging but it didn’t leave me reeling or soul crushed as it did towards many other readers Heck I’ll even go ahead and say that the first 30 pages of Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames made me feel than the entirety of this book The only praises I can give toward this book is that Seth Dickinson is a smart author that managed to implement accounting as the main ‘destruction’ skill for a uniue fantasy experience Other than that nothing in the book worked for me which is odd because it should’ve worked but it simply didn’t due to how disconnected I am with the way it was writtenIt pains me to say this but The Traitor Baru Cormorant could actually be the most disappointing book I’ve read this year I usually give a series two books before giving up but in this particular case my problem lies with the prose itself and because of that I won’t be continuing to the next books You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  3. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum really odd sensation is coming over me right now I’ve just finished The Traitor Baru Cormorant and I’m sitting down to write this review struggling to find the right words to describe my journey with this book It all started even before I picked up the novel since I’d been seeing so many of my fellow readers talk about it in the weeks leading up to its release and uite frankly a lot of the stuff I heard scared the hell out of meEconomic machinations An accountant as the main protagonist And oh will you look at that there are even financial math metaphors in the book’s official publisher description It was really not looking good at all I love the idea of a geopolitical epic fantasy but I personally have no interest in a game of ledgers and numbers Stuff like that just doesn’t appeal to me it just makes me want to run for the hillsBut on the other hand there are a lot of things that sounded good too A tragic tale of revenge Deep multi faceted characters Immersive world building and political intrigue A thought provoking presentation of societal themes and issues like gender and sexuality All this was enough to overcome my reservations so in the end I just decided to take a leap of faith and simply let myself fall into this book fully prepared to find myself broken and bloodied on the ground when I finishWell I’m done now And the only thing broken and bleeding is my heartTotally worth it by the wayWhat can I say I was drawn to the main character Baru from the very first page I loved the voice Seth Dickinson gave his young protagonist who is only a little girl at the beginning of this story watching her country of Taranoke become conuered by the Masuerade Real world history is full of examples of empires swallowing up entire nations using commercial trade re education cultural assimilation and other methods that Baru observes as her home’s identity is gradually chipped away Possessing a sharp intelligence and an eye for hidden designs below the surface she grows up within the enemy’s system outwardly embracing their ways while secretly biding her time in patience until she can exact her revengeHer talents have not gone unnoticed As one of the Masuerade’s most promising young graduates Baru is posted to a distant nation which has proven to be the ruin of anyone foolish enough to attempt to tame it Socially politically economically the land of Aurdwynn is a mess an unruly uagmire of mercurial dukes and treacherous bureaucrats the population teetering on the brink of rebellion With little knowledge of the local ways or customs Baru is nonetheless tasked to bring order to the chaos as Aurdwynn’s newest imperial accountant—another test from the almighty MasueradeOh Baru Baru Baru How I adored Baru Some characters just have this way of getting under your skin I doubt Baru and I would have gotten along in real life; she is simply too formal too distant and too devious for my liking She also has this tendency to see everything in terms of pros and cons gains and losses and to prioritize final results above all else which is the complete opposite of my personality But somehow she really worked for me as this book’s protagonist By all rights she should have frustrated me to no end or bored me to tears and yet I found a lot to like about her past that cold calculating mind So much of the story is driven by Baru; she’s what made it so fascinating I was drawn to her strange and uniue persona and found myself enthralled with experiencing everything through the eyes of someone who’s a mystery to me someone who I also really wanted to understandStill I’m not going to lie; there were definitely moments where I struggled especially throughout the middle part of this book I did what I feared and became bogged down by the minutiae of economics and then became frustrated when I just couldn’t keep up Whether she was navigating the sticky politics of Aurdwynn or helping to organize a rebellion Baru seemed to relish in tackling everything the same way like she’s running a business Which I suppose is how her character’s mind works with an eye for the bottom line but it certainly didn’t help make reading this book any easier Who knows though you might find yourself really taking to the financial politics revenue discussions and the balancing of surpluses against deficits but if you’re like me and find your attention flagging over some of the details all I can say is try to persevere and try not to lose sight of the big picture The best has yet to comeWhich brings me to Tain Hu Aurdwynn’s rebel duchess of Vultjag From the moment she uttered the words “My Lady command me” I was in her spell There are so many ways I can describe the relationship between Baru and Tain Hu and how I feel about the two of them Exhilarating complicated exuisite Touching dangerous heart wrenching And yet none of these words seem uite adeuate The beauty of their connection defies all description There is simply nothing I can compare it to Their story is one for the ages and I loved every moment they were on the page togetherThis is a book you can really lose yourself in As conflicted as I was about Baru’s character I did very much want to see her succeed I just didn’t know the costs I didn’t realize how deep I was in until it was too late Sure The Traitor Baru Cormorant might not have been the easiest read but I have to give it credit where it counts As I’m sitting here with this tight clenching feeling at the pit of my stomach trying not to scream I can’t help but think well a book that makes me feel like this has to mean something right I didn’t love everything about the book but no doubt about it I loved everything it made me feel

  4. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    As a philosopher once wrote “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster And if you gaze long enough into an abyss the abyss will gaze back into you”This uote reflects the entire premise of The Traitor Baru Cormorant perhaps the best book I’ve ever hated It’s unsettling and unpleasant and still weighs on me — and it is objectively a very good book It takes guts to create such a protagonist or perhaps an antagonist as Baru Cormorant the cold calculating and painfully unlikeable person who has to remind herself that she is not the only player in the game of politics and that other people are than just game pieces “What do you want”“I want to understand where power comes from” she said without any hesitation “And how it can best be used” It’s a realistic fantasy I guess what you’d call “hard” fantasy centered around power manipulation machinations politics economy and colonialism with an accountant for the main character It’s detailed and tense and immensely clever It’s a story of trying to reach an impossible goal of subversion from within all while trying to remember what exactly is supposed to make you any different from the monsters you are fighting Does the end justify the means Will the damn abyss really gaze back into you “Your error is fundamental to the human psyche you have allowed yourself to believe that others are mechanisms static and solvable whereas you are an agent” And yet my first words after I finished it were I hate it I hate it because it made me feel awful unsettled uncomfortable disgusted And that is also exactly why a few minutes later I said actually maybe I love it “This is the truth You will know because it hurts” Baru was born on a small island of Taranoke annexed by a large neighboring Empire in a takeover that brings technological advancements better roads running water sanitation schools better medicine and dentistry — and a plague and a new value system rooted in virulent and violent homophobia and eugenics with the devotion to eliminating all the “unhygienic mating” The goal is absorption and assimilation the seamless expansion of the Empire and its ways the erasure of non Empire identities and customs complete control over minds and bodies the early indoctrination of capable children in the annexed territories into the Empire ways of thinking dangling the possibility of advancement in the ranks of meritocracy based technocracy “That’s the intent of Masuerade education isn’t it” He shrugged eyes averted “To remake” The steamroller of a large and powerful economic and political entity seems unstoppable “The island of her childhood was gone It had died in pus and desperation while she took lessons behind white walls” Baru was given to the system handpicked really at the age of seven The system gave her a stellar education and helped develop her mathematical savant skills — and taught her to fear her natural desires and slaughtered thousands of her compatriots and cost the life of one of her fathers And that’s when Baru decided to forgo any loyalty to the Empire and to work her way up through the meritocratic ranks to obtain the power that ultimately would allow her to bring the system down from within “Perhaps the death of fathers could be outlawedPerhaps doctrines could be rewritten“I want to be powerful” she said”“I am a part of this but I do not have to love it I only have to play my role Survive long enough to gather power Gather enough power to make a difference”“While she had waited behind the walls of the school her home had been conuered The soldiers of the invasion the paper money and the sailcloth the pigpen diseases had won The old divisions of harborside and plainsmen exploited before she was even old enough to understand themHad she been conuered tooNo No She would play their game learn their secrets But mother Pinion was wrong It would only be a mask She would come home with the answers of rule and find a way to ease the yoke” The uestion is how much are you willing to sacrifice for your goal How much of yourself and importantly how much of the others Does the end really justify the means At which point to your actions in the name of the greater good make you indistinguishable from the monsters you are fighting When you are complicit in the actions of those you consider monstrous what does that make you Can you destroy one country in the name of a nebulous goal to save another and still be different from those you are supposed to fight With the cold choices that you make are you exercising supreme self control or falling into the role that the entity you’re fighting against wants you to play Are you the puppeteer or really just a deluded puppet “It's not what the Masuerade does to you that you should you fear she wanted to tell Ake It's what the Masuerade convinces you to do to yourself” “I am maimed she thinks I will fail this test It will all have been for nothingAnd then mutinously if I pass will it then have been for something” This book is subtly brutal Not the usual brutality that you think about the gore and battles and executions although all of those are present here in heaps — but the mental moral kind There’s nothing happy in here nothing that serves as a lovely payoff in the end nothing that optimistically affirms that pain and sacrifice and treachery and hard dubious choices were worth it It’s difficult and bleak and reserved and measured and emotionally subdued a choice made very deliberately I think It destroyed me and broke my heart just a bitAnd really although it made me feel like crap and therefore made me hate it I still loved it uneasily and reluctantly45 stars

  5. Bradley Bradley says:

    I'm going to have to make a new shelf for the growing number of economi punk titles that have been coming out I can't believe how many of them there are or why I get drawn so hard and fast into these kinds of tales I can easily list one economist protagonist for each of my fingers and no one is surprised than me that I'm digging itI'm digging it hardCan we have math geniuses make great heroes Why yes of course you can SF has a very long history of doing just that But how about Fantasy Why yes yes indeed it looks like crossovers are happening all over the place and everyone is heartily enriched by the trendTake this novel which grabbed me from the get go and didn't let go throughout its fantastically dark and emotional passage Our heroine is a savant hand picked and groomed to be an elite tool of an empire that has good aspects as well as being uite ruthlessly evil bringing progress and some of the most repressive social regimes that even a southern baptist hate group might blanche at And yet the Masuerade brings schools and medicine and stability uniting so many disparate cultures while eventually homogenizing them all at the same time Baru Cormorant vows to free her home from within the bowels of the beast with the tools of the same empire she wants to escapeGreat set up It's obviously a tragedy from go The growth and setbacks the challenges and the successes and the failures get tightly woven together until we truly believe we've got the real measure of Baru I really like her I like her even through to the end of the novel I may not approve or condone anything that happens at all That doesn't really matter There is evil and there is good in everything and everyone Even the most atrocious of social norms become background to the overriding immediacy of what everyone is going through at the momentI wanted everyone to succeed so badly that I could taste it I was holding three or four impossible things in my head at the same time and I rejoiced in the grand tale that it was spinning Yes It was a novel about betrayal But who's betrayal and how many times will it occur The uestion goes so deep and is spread so wide across the plains of the story that I was left in mute wonderI LOVE THIS NOVEL It is so well crafted It is disturbing and full of purpose It is full of meaning It remained such a grand and epic tale of love and striving and hope with perfectly executed waves of storytelling that I never once wanted to put this book down The undercurrent was deep and swift and oh so nasty I felt almost like I was in one of the great Shakespearian tragedies It held me by the neck and forced me to watch on as so much of humanity was sacrificed for ever increasing tiers of need and hopeJust Wow Economics Try the underpinnings and execution of a revolution instead because that was the core action of the novel The theme on the other hand is one that will reverberate long after I've read the pagesTo think this was a debut novel AmazingOF course there are other very disturbing and important topics I probably should bring up Homophobia is institutionalized in a rather grotesue fashion among other vile things but what I was most impressed about was the author's unflinching courage to lay it bare like he did Spoiler alert view spoilerBaru Cormorant's deepest secret and hope was all wrapped up in her desire for other women and this than anything else the Masuerade repressed was the core of her own rebellion She has to fight for the success of the people who would repress her This is a very dark very painful kind of story to tell Being a traitor is all wrapped up in this idea just as much as breaking free of the empire or creating the honeypot that betrays everything and everyone one last time The twisting of this knife really killed me hide spoiler

  6. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    So I was buddy reading this with my lovelies in my Machalo group but some had to put it aside and some are still reading I have so many friends that loved this and I’m super happy for them But it just wasn’t for me I enjoyed some parts but mostly I was bored and had to skim here and there That’s ending was rough though I don’t think I will read the second book Anyway happy reading peeps Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  7. Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ says:

    If you're a fan of political intrigue fierce female characters this is a book for youBaru Cormorant is an idealistic intelligent woman compelled from a young age to dominate the intricate games of power between reigning territories save her precious island home the uniue culture that raised herIt can be uite difficult to find such a lovely balance of politics characterization plot twists and imagination but I think Seth Dickinson's debut is a beautiful blend of all of the above I have every intention of reading this again before The Monster Baru Cormorant releases in 2018 because there is just that much to take in The book is rich with political workings playing out left right and centerI would really recommend taking your time with this one so you have the proper opportunity to absorb all the details get a solid idea of who is who and really stay present for the journey Often when I read I don't focus too much on guessing what will happen maybe because I'm wrong a lot but some books are meant to keep your mind reeling with the possibilities This is one of those books The depth of intelligence it takes to craft stories like this always blows me away Dickinson's writing is a perfect fit being both refreshing in its descriptive style respectful of the nature of the storyI must caution Fantasy readers this book is not heavily characterized by its use of magic or fantastical elements Its main focus is Baru's development the complex political relationships that exist between regions of power I loved the set up of this plot as I feel it falls into a less explored corner within the Fantasy genre However I wanted to mention it in my review because I believe having the wrong expectation could affect some readers' ability to appreciate the book for what it is Definitely enjoyed this read cannot wait to see what is in store from Dickinson after how absolutely disastrous that ending was for my heart This review and other reviews of mine can be found on Book Nest

  8. Paul Paul says:

    Reread in April of 2019I reread this book on audio in 2019 I enjoyed it this time around but I still couldn't connect with the second half of the book that is mostly political intrigue For some reason I completely zone out during all the meetings that Baru has with the rebels I talk about the reread some in my wrap up video rating from a 1 to a 2Original ReviewThis book is a rollar coaster of a ride and not in a good way This book went from something I wasn’t feeling to something I liked to something I hated to something I uit to something I gave another shot and finally to something I disliked Initially DNF'd at 65% but then finished itThe Traitor Baru Cormorant is a fantasy novel that likes to focus on the big picture It is a book about a woman that is in charge and not a coming of age story Because of this we get a very bird’s eye view on the tactics that Baru uses to gain power This is an extremely tactical heavy book that focuses on the grand strategy of the economy and the alliances between Duchys The explanations and descriptions of large scale conflicts that would take many chapters in other books are paired down to a few pages in this book This is considered a geopolitical fantasy bookBaru is the main accountant of an entire continent and she knows that money rules all Baru’s past is a broken past where her father was killed for being with her other father and her homeland’s culture was replaced by a new sterile empire that doesn’t accept same sex relationships Baru being gay herself and angry that her father was killed for his relationship with her other father decides to try to bring down the The Empire of Masks from within so she takes the accountant job Baru must use her intelligence to navigate the landscape of the Aurdwynn continent that has many small rulers that own their own land Using her position as the main accountant she seizes power and tries to reshape Aurdwynn how she sees fitBasically imagine if the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve was sent to Afghanistan to try to fix Afghanistan’s many faction issues by using economic principalsThere are some great ideas in this book I absolutely love the idea of conuest by culture instead of weapons I found this idea to be refreshing in the fantasy market I also liked the basic premise of this story uite a bit a girl wanting to work within the empire she hates to become powerful enough to bring it down I also really liked the tactics she used as far as economical strategies to seize power I found the struggle of her being a gay woman of color and of a civilization that is looked down upon to be fascinating because the empire she is trying to gain power in hates her type of people Lastly I like that Baru was an intelligent character that showed she was intelligent by thinking up ingenious strategies and tacticsThe bottom line is that I just didn’t care for this book much though My first main issue is that these type of books that feature a top down approach to storytelling just aren’t relatable to me When the main character is someone that starts the book in a high position of powerOK 50 pages in but still there just isn’t much of a struggle for me to connect to Sure her background is bad but it is told in such a rushed way that I couldn’t feel any empathy towards Baru In fact there were maybe 2 scenes in the entire book that I felt any kind of emotion towards BaruThe book feels like the wikipedia article of a longer book series There are so many rulers places and cultural names thrown at the reader but with very little substance to actually hang these names in your memory It is only giving you this large overview seen through the eyes of Baru but most of the time I felt like I was treading water keeping up with who is who I never really got a chance to get comfortable with these characters and make mental references of their character in my mind I wanted scenes that explored who Baru was underneath her mask The private scenes between Baru and Tain Huher closest ally and love interest were great but they were just so fewI just did not like the way this book was written My biggest issue was the lack of describing who was talking in conversations So we get thrown two dozen names within about 10 pages and we get no mental reference of an interesting scene involving these characters so when we finally do have a scene with Baru talking to ruler 1 out of 12 the author decides to rely heavily on pronouns to describe who is talking Not only that many dialogue sentences have no he said she said or character said What ended up happening is that I was flipping back to the previous page to try to remember who Baru was even talking to This was extremely annoying Now other readers that have a stronger focus while reading might not struggle with this issue and my average intelligence might have had an issue keeping up with who was who but I still can’t imagine any editor allowing the state of these scenes to be released like thisThere was such a lack of description during scenes that I found it very hard to get lost in the reading The picture in my minds eye was so sparse I guess the best way to explain the way this was written is to take WWII Individual stories of individual soldiers struggling in the war are interesting to me Reading about Stalingrad or one particular battle is interesting to me and I feel like I’m learning strong details The Traitor Baru Cormorant is akin to reading an overview of the entirety of World War II from the perspective of the general responsible for an entire theater of operation It is a story of people playing chess and not the story of an individual chess piece and I enjoy stories of the knight or the rook over the story of the “white side” This one wasn’t for me but a lot of people seem to love it Pick it up check it out and see if you like the writing style before you buy it15 Plot – 3GoodCharacters – 1WeakSettingWorld Building – 2OKWriting Style – 1WeakHeart Mind Aspect – 1Weak

  9. Spencer Orey Spencer Orey says:

    I don't know how Dickinson pulled this off It's a readable book with a great character and it's also heartbreakingly smart about colonialism and power I found Baru's awful choices compelling especially in the first third as she works to excel in order to someday to overthrow the empire from the inside My favorite part was her using economic tricks and the general scenario of her as an extra powerful accountant I didn't like the latter half as much though it held my interest and sure set book 2 up for grand things I hope the seuels will get back to Baru's brutal tactics of measured economic devastation since they were so clever that I felt smarter just reading themI could go on and on about all of the things I loved This book deals super well with the standardizing violence of empire and the ambivalent gains you get from being conuered Baru's home island of Taranoke gets its lovely 3 parent family structure dismantled and demonized The homophobia of the empire is a constant scary evil threat and the book does an incredible job overall of showing how the objective science of the empire has a ton of unobjective biases built into it But Baru also makes sure that the people around her understand that getting access to warm water and dentistry saves a lot of livesI'm picky about audiobooks I listened to this one and thought Christine Marshall did a fantastic job with the narration

  10. Mayim de Vries Mayim de Vries says:

    This is a book about female Machiavelli armed with ledgers Also a lesbianI could probably end my review here but there is much to Baru Cormorant Apparently everything I need to drop everything I do and absolutely disregard my carefully planned reading schedule is three words “epic geopolitical fantasy” While the book is undoubtedly epic and downright geopolitical it simultaneously is dystopian than a fantasy so if you expect your books to dazzle you with a complex magic system and loads of adventurous action the tale of Baru might not be for youWhat Dickinson did first was creating a fantasy version of Jihad vs McWorld His McWorld is called the Empire of Masks aka the Masuerade; it is an empire styling itself as a republic Because empires are hungry creatures the Masuerade is bent on conuering the world but because it disguises itself as a republic the conuest is not done through the military might but rather through economic means and technological advantage just like it happens in our global village Earth Only when the economic hegemony is ensured cultural monism follows enforced through education and institutions of the state All from behind a mask Terror is faceless and is disguised as service “The mask is for acts of service The soldier wears a mask on his patrol The mathematician wears a mask defending her proof In Parliament they are all masked because they are vessels for the will of the Republic And on the Faceless Throne the Emperor sits masked forever”The Imperial Republic had been born in revolt against a degenerate aristocracy This gave birth to a whole philosophy of Incrasticism and hygienic behaviour in this world hygiene is coupled with sin in a most terrifying way developed further on scientific grounds Incrastic eugenics means total integrated control from the basic mechanisms of heredity up through the ideological and intellectual movements of the entire empire In practice it means that people are bread like cattle children of impermissible racial mixture are seized unlicensed marriages are punished by sterilization and sometimes a reparatory childbearing is applied because the sate dictates the shape and colour of progeny The rules of heredity and eugenics ueasy invasive deeply frightening There are prisons and judges terrible conditioning cells for homosexuals as well as infidel spouses and the most perfect specimen of the Masuerade is a remora living human automaton conditioned to take pleasure in obedienceMasuerade is terrifying because is doesn’t want to rule the political or economy only no To the contrary they aspire to control the smallest details of human life organise and regulate the most intimate sphere of human existence Who do you love who and when do you want to marry who do you want to have se with what should be the shape and structure of your family Why Because this is how the Masuerade grinds the whole communities and nations down and then remakes them anew through its teachers and scholars and doctors and officers and clerks and frowning social hygienists ready to diagnose degeneracy It is patient thorough and methodical in erasing the cultural heritage of those who were conuered languages traditions religions the whole lot is erased as if it has never been there “I only have to play my role Survive long enough to gather power Gather enough power to make a difference”In this terrible world Dickinson places a small island of Taranoke where the Masuerade comes with their conuest of banknotes and dentists and heredity This is where Baru lives with her mother and two fathers Polyamorous families are an anathema to the Masuerade so one of Baru’s fathers is taken away Then other calamities follow and Baru with her mind akin to uicksilver doesn’t know why but feels that she should because understanding gives her power over things She wants to understand what is going on so she can stop it from ever happening again Baru wants to fight back And if the Masuerade cannot be stopped by war or treaty she resolves to change it from within In order to achieve this she decides to learn to rule as her home have been ruledAnd because the Masuerade is a meritocracy through and through Baru is found and then taken under protection of somebody who might and might not be a simple merchant She excels at school and flies through final exams But instead of going to Falcrest the Empire’s heart she is sent to another place Aurdwynn a country that has been conuered some time ago but still is ripe with rebellion and strife like a boiling cauldron This is Baru’s mission her whole future depends on bringing another nation into submission uickly Baru understands that power is this distant axis around which the Empire of Masks and the world turns That what happened to her father to her whole nation to the whole world happened not out of cruelty or hate which paradoxically would be easier to comprehend but because the Masuerade was too vast and too set on its destiny to rule everything to care for the small tragedies of its growth And whereas she is presented as an accountant and while it is true that most of her war is fought wth money through banks and taxes and ledgers she is also in the process of learning that if she wants to understand real power she has to learn to manage all its formsShe thought her mission would be all be complicated figures and simple duties but it’s the opposite “Money is only one kind of power Faith is power too Love is power Slaughter and madness are both roads to power Certainly symbols are power”Baru learns about them all And let me warn you Seth Dickinson does not coddle his protagonist; Baru’s path is brutal beyond the mundane bodily hurt And as she plays the game of dukes and nations as she learns the dance of occupation the rules of betrayal and realignment and fills her ledger with the transactions of power she also discovers that not everything can be planned not all can be avoided and that sometimes the pieces will rearrange themselves and play her in turn She also learns about the real source and fulcrum of power in the Masuerade where migrations and conuests transfers of wealth or culture or plague across decades and leagues are plotted out with the cold assurance that it is all scientific and good Will Baru be victorious will she persevere Will her mask eat her face away Will she be strong enough to betray her own betrayal I do not know but I have high hopes for The Monster Baru CormorantI'd like to thank Mary for bringing this little gem to my attention

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The Traitor Baru Cormorant❰PDF❯ ✅ The Traitor Baru Cormorant Author Seth Dickinson – Alternate Cover Edition can be found here Tomorrow on the beach Baru Cormorant will look up and see red sails on the horizonThe Empire of Masks is coming armed with coin and ink doctrine and compass s Alternate Cover Edition can be found here Tomorrow on the beach Baru Cormorant will look up and see red sails on the horizonThe Empire of Masks is coming armed with coin and ink doctrine and compass soap and lies They will conuer Baru’s island rewrite her culture criminalize her customs and dispose of one of her fathers But Baru is patient She'll swallow her hate join the Masuerade and claw her way high enough up the rungs of power to set her people freeTo test her loyalty the Masuerade will send The Traitor PDF \ Baru to bring order to distant Aurdwynn a snakepit of rebels informants and seditious dukes But Baru is a savant in games of power as ruthless in her tactics as she is fixated on her goals In the calculus of her schemes all ledgers must be balanced and the price of liberation paid in full The Traitor Baru Cormorant is the critically acclaimed debut novel from Seth Dickinson one of the rising new stars in fantasy.

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Since his debut Seths fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld Lightspeed Analog and nearly every other major science fiction and fantasy market Hes a lapsed student of social neuroscience where he studied the role of racial bias in police shootings and the writer of much of the lore and fictional flavor for Bungie Studios smash hit Destiny In his spare time he works on the collaborati.