Audio CD ¾ Presumed Guilty PDF å

Audio CD ¾ Presumed Guilty PDF å

Presumed Guilty ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Presumed Guilty Author José Báez – Presumed Guilty exposes shocking never before revealed exclusive information from the trial of the century and the verdict that shocked the nationWhen Caylee Anthony was reported missing in Orlando Fl Presumed Guilty exposes shocking never before revealed exclusive information from the trial of the century and the verdict that shocked the nationWhen Caylee Anthony was reported missing in Orlando Florida in July the public spent the next three years following the investigation and the eventual trial of her mother Casey Anthony On July the case that captured headlines worldwide exploded when against all odds defense attorney Jose Baez delivered one of the biggest legal upsets in American history a not guilty verdictIn this tell all Baez shares secrets the defense knew but has not disclosed to anyone until now and frankly reveals his experiences throughout the entire case—discovering the evidence meeting Casey Anthony for the first time being with George and Cindy Anthony day after day leading defense strategy meetings and spending weeks in the judge's chambers Presumed Guilty shows how Baez a struggling high school dropout became one of the nation's most high profile defense attorneys through his tireless efforts to seek justice for one of the country's most vilified murder suspects.

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  1. Jaidee Jaidee says:

    45 unintentionally fascinating stars 2017 Honorable Mention Read Two days before we were leaving for our country home I had a night where I was having difficulty sleeping I turned to our Canadian true crime network and there was a new documentary on the Casey Anthony fiasco that happened from 2008 until 2012 in Orlando At the time I followed the case peripherally and like most of us simply accepted the spoon feeding the media gave us around this tragic case that became a circus and witch hunt This documentary was able to describe in a bit of detail why Ms Anthony was found not guilty by trial and the lack of real evidence by the prosecutionI wanted to find out about this woman who was a manipulative pathological liar who appeared to be so unlikable callous and unconcerned about her missing two year old I wanted to find out if I watched enough news casts read enough articles and sifted through all the nonsense in the blogsphere if I could determine if she got away with murder or was she just a very difficult woman with personality issues that ran into some very bad luckI thought who would know her best but her criminal defense lawyer and decided to read this one instead of the one by the prosecution I learned very little about Ms Anthony but I learned so much about this man his struggles and what it took to defend the most hated woman in AmericaI do not think that this is what Mr Baez intended but this was my experience I learned a great deal about the man his psychological processes his many blind spots his narcissism his defense mechanisms his fears his intellect and the high cost he paid in defending this notorious womanDo I believe all that he says in this book? Not at all He contradicts himself his emotions rapidly fluctuate his defense mechanisms are revved up and he protests too much about how he was mistreated maligned misunderstood disliked and yet his motivations were totally altruistic public serving a savior defending the falsely accused Yet despite his many character flaws I do believe that he was dedicated tireless and tenacious I can see how this case ate up his financial and emotional resources and left little for his wife and children I can see how his self delusions were helpful to Ms Anthony and saving her life I found this to be a fascinating psychological ride not because of what he says but what he doesn't say what he exaggerates who he maligns and how the overarching theme is that he trumpets that through my intellect and hard work that I am able to get to the heart of the matter I feel that he may have been a bit obsessed and perhaps a bit in love with Ms Anthony but that is pure conjecture on my partThis was a very illuminating and exciting ride and yet I am no closer to understanding Casey Anthony and whether or not she murdered her daughterRest in peace little Caylee and I am sorry that you were born into the most dysfunctional of families

  2. Amy Amy says:

    What I find incredibly frustrating about this book is on other review sites people are reviewing the case or taking the opportunity to voice their opinions on the verdict rather than giving a review based on the merits of the book For what this book was a look at the defense's side of the Casey Anthony trial it was as enjoyable read as Ashton's earlier released book from the prosecutions point of viewJose Baez details some of the experiences he had taking on this case media leaks of discovery before it had reached the hands of the defense intense media speculation about his personal and professional life sometimes an uncooperative police department a client with a history of lies and dealing with a dysfunctional family as well as rehashing some of his experiences inside of the court roomJose gives a timeline from his involvement in the case when he was first called in some attempts to sabotage his involvement other attempts to uestion his client without an attorney present and what it was like dealing with the Anthony familyI had read the discovery on this case and watched the trial in its entirety so there were no big surprises here except for the point in which the drowning of Caylee was revealed to him the fact that all parties involved were made aware of the allegations of sexual abuse before opening statements and where Casey was those days after the trial Everything else was pretty much a matter of public record through Florida's Sunshine law dealing with the release of court documents If you are interested in law from a strategic point of view you will find this as interesting as Ashton's book If you are interested in the role media played in this case I think you will find this book interesting as well If you are however apart of the Nancy Grace crowd you will hate this book and perceive every word written on the page to be a lie so don't bother reading it will just piss you off Overall it was a fast read pretty interesting covered a lot of ground that I find particularly fascinating law legal defense legal rule media's role in high profile cases and showed Jose Baez as he is a defense attorney that won one of the most high profile cases to date

  3. Jerry Tepas Jerry Tepas says:

    First of all let me say that I was one of the hundreds of thousands of people who knewjust knew that Casey was GUILTY Mayby not of killing her on purpose but killing her on accident and then hiding it I read this book to see if Jose would release any sordid secrets we didn't know aboutWellhe did just that But it wasnt Casey's secrets he revealed We all wondered WHY HOW could the jury vote not guilty are they idiots? Didnt they hear what the news was saying? There are a million things in this book that we did NOT hear You can read about the evidence that was suppressed by police and prosecution and testimony that was either objected to or not reported by the media Trust meyou will ask yourself again ang again why haven't I heard this before? Or did I miss like 3 weeks of testimonybecause this was not something that I remember Thank God that jury was seuestered We were misled people Simple as that I absolutely now know WHY the jury voted the way they did Even if after you read thisand you still dont think this was just a horrible accidentthen at least you have to come away with the knowledge that the State didn't prove their burden But I will tell you now that I really do believe it was as tragic as an accident that could happen to my child I probably would have handled it alot different but an accident it was and it happened to a young woman who was messed up but loved that baby We need to start thinking for ourselvesthat is all I am sayingAnd thank you to the jury for doing your American duty whether you voted guilty or notyou made us proud Thank you for all of your sacrifices and for being strongAnd SHAME on anyone who says otherwise

  4. Patty Abrams Patty Abrams says:

    I already read the book written by the prosecutor and clearly Casey Anthony was guilty Now I have read the book by Mr Baez about the defense and have changed my mind I think he laid his case out clearly and convincingly If only the media had covered this side of the story many people would not be so hard on Casey I came away from this book believing that something happened to Caylee when Casey's father was in charge of the child and he held some sway over Casey to keep her uiet about it She finally told her attorney and I think she was innocent Thank you Jose Baez for this well written book

  5. Cindy Cindy says:

    Very interesting read Having come from 15 years experience as a criminal law paralegal for the prosecution I had to get past some of the defense attorney's natural prejudice against the prosecution and use my bs filter to actually just look at the facts I have to say my opinion of the case was drastically changed It's maddening to see how much we are manipulated by the media and it shows how little responsibility the media has for reporting the truth fairly and accurately Again because of my legal experience I don't think cases should be reported until the facts are known and have been verified Speculation ruins the justice system

  6. Dysmonia Kuiper Dysmonia Kuiper says:

    I also read the prosecutor's one of them anyway Jeff Ashton book on the case Imperfect Justice because I have no life; and I read it first because it came out first And by the way I get all my books from the library with the exception of hand me downs andor gifts from friends so neither prosecutor Jeff Ashton nor defense attorney Jose Baez made any money off my poor reading habits Anyway my thought on Ashton's book according to what I wrote at the time was surprisingly good I feel the same about Baez's book However I liked Presumed Guilty a lot than Imperfect Justice and not for any bias I have regarding the defendant the case or the players Simply by the nature of his position Baez is better able to weave an interesting story whether or not it is true And I don't have an opinion as to whether or not his book is honest He can say whatever he wants about his personal experiences and feelings Ashton can say whatever he wants about the same and there's no way to know what really happened The facts of the case remain the same and I'm certainly not checking public records myself to verify any of those I may read sensational drivel but I don't care THAT much But anyway yes Baez's inside scoop on Casey Anthony and the media and the crazy way the case was handled is all interesting and readable One biased comment I will make is I can completely believe the misconduct and duplicity of law enforcement That doesn't surprise me one bit and I have no doubt that a person can be crucified with little evidence The cops do what they wantAt the end of the book Baez states that the defense team's victory champagne toast in the restaurant across the street from the courthouse was to the United States Constitution I hope that's true Because whatever did or didn't happen Casey Anthony was found not guilty by a jury of her peers and that is the legal system we choose to live in Reasonable doubt seems to me to be pretty easy to prove I have nothing but respect for the jurors and I don't know why the public is so angry at some chick whose kid died She didn't kill YOUR kid Move on

  7. Jenn Jenn says:

    I thought the writing could have flowed a little better and there were several grammar mistakes However I found it informative and truthful I would like to say it was shocking to learn how the investigation was conducted but I am not I think it is a must read if you uestion how the jurors came to their conclusion and to open your mind about the American Justice system

  8. Mary Mary says:

    Jose Baez dropped a bombshell in his opening statement when he revealed the defense's theory that Caylee Anthony drowned in her family's swimming pool At that point those of us following the trial were either disgusted or intrigued but we were unified in our eagerness to hear Baez's book provides in the form of narratives detailing his conversations with Casey her family the prosecution team and even forensic experts In addition Baez brings back all the characters surrounding the trial to perplex and entertain us the good ol' boy Cheney Mason; the long suffering Judge Belvin Perry; and the high drama ueen Nancy Grace to name a few On comPresumed Guilty Casey Anthony the Inside Story has been getting scathing one star reviews since before it was even released I suggest reading Baez's account along with the comparatively well received Imperfect Justice Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton a member of the state's team Objective discourse on anything surrounding Casey and her trial is non existent; but then aren't the biased accounts fun to read anyway?

  9. Kim Kim says:

    I didn't want to read this book I fought it forever I was one of those ones that was bound and determined that casey was guilty she outta be fried with the key thrown away but I read ashtons book and I figured i'd give this one a shot curiosity if nothing else Baez himself annoys me he annoyed me during the trial and he continued to annoy me almost from the first word in the book he's very self pompous he blamed everyone and anything that wasn't himself on anything that went wrong during the trial the book was one gigantic bash at everyone who was against him from the bounty hunter to george anthony to the Judge his number one bashing target? Ashton of course he did mention a few favoritism positivity things towards Burdick but often ininuated that she was crooked too get off your high horse its clear this book was written to thumb his nose at all the people who bashed him unfortunately to me he came across as whiney and greater than he was annoyance total annoyance with him in this book i threw the book three times that being said the behind the scenes look at the defense and Casey and some things that didn't come out during the trial and the hidden private conversations assuming they are true were pretty eye opening it gave me pause and even has me doubting a little if she is guilty or notthe style of writing was obviously amateur but i wasn't expecting literary greatness out of someone who's never published anything before i gave this one 4 starsit was a mix between 3 and 4 if i had to judge on the author i'd have picked 1 star but the book kept me reading and got me thinking and explained behind the scenes than Ashtons did so it got a 4 star

  10. Shaun Shaun says:

    This book was written by Jose Baez the defense lawyer in the infamous Casey Anthony murder trial It's a rebuttal of sorts for a book called Imperfect Justice that was written by one of the prosecution attorneys Jeff AshtonIronically I found this book to be credible While much too long I think Baez eventually gets to the point Many people believed that Casey had murdered her daughter primarily because they disliked her primarily because she was a pathological liar who failed to even report her daughter missingHad the prosecution not been so cocky they would have seen that their motive sucked I think we all believe that mothers are capable of killing their babies But they don't simply do it so they can go out and party And because the police were so convinced that Anthony had done the deed they did not fully investigate other possibilities They assumed that because she was a liar she must be guilty It was interesting to read the case and even the evidence presented from the two sides independently as I imagine that it sort of reflects what a jury hears Personally though I didn't like Casey I do not think I would have voted to convict eitherMy main complaint with this book is that it was about 150 pages longer than it should have been I also felt at times Baez pursued possibilities that may have introduced reasonable doubt but that not even he believed to be the truth He also took uite a few shots at Ashton Again having read Ashton's book I kind of agreed with what he said but I felt it made him look petty and weakened his argument

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