A Christmas Seduction ePUB õ A Christmas MOBI

A Christmas Seduction ePUB õ A Christmas MOBI

  • Kindle Edition
  • 177 pages
  • A Christmas Seduction
  • Rachel Van Dyken
  • English
  • 15 June 2016

10 thoughts on “A Christmas Seduction

  1. Jen Jen says:

    This was three short stories in one book by three different authors The stories are connected though and are about three brothers in one family and three sisters in a different family Their parents are good friends and the children have always gotten together for holidays and such The thing is they don't seem to like each other They pull pranks on one another that range from rodents to accidentally lighting someone on fire one year As they age though each individual starts to become attracted to the other Who will be the first couple to admit that they may have feelings that go beyond hate?This was a neat story line and the writing was good too My biggest complaint though was there was no sex I guess I may look shallow; but I am being honest When I saw the title A Christmas Seduction I expected some bedroom action LOL So even though the stories were amusing they didn't wow me The genre is Regency Romance and it is a holiday readIf you are looking for a light read around the holidays then this would be an enjoyable one to try out

  2. Kathy Kathy says:

    War The three Bright sisters have been at war with the three Ashbury brothers for all their lives Thrown together for summer and winter holidays they’ve been battling for as long as they can remember The stories open three years after their last visit as the sisters are arriving for a Christmas visit they’re making plans to finally win the warI debated how to review this set individually or as a whole I guess I’ll do a little of both To be honest all three stories are very similar Since each story focuses on a different set of relationships but all happening during the same timeevents I actually read them out of order which didn’t lessen my enjoyment at all I loved the idea for this collection enemies since childhood constantly pulling pranks on each other But I did feel that the jump from enemies to lovers was a little too uick in each story I would have liked to see a little feuding maybe? Some stories transitioned a little better than others But since they’re short stories it makes sense that relationship move uickly Taming the Earl by Kristin VaydenI ended up reading this one last but really enjoyed it and it was almost my favorite Probably my favorite couple of the three Lucas and Meredith have great chemistry and fun banter It was well written and really pulled me in even though I knew what was coming it still kept me engaged I would have loved this but the very end pushed the content for me Content Steamy not clean Wedding “night” undressing and nudity but fades to black Christmas Kisses by Nadine MillardI jumped to this one first because I love Ms Millard’s books Louisa and Hugh are a fun couple When they see their older siblings getting along they hatch a plan to keep the two apart Which ends up putting them together often causing them to view each other differently I liked this one thought it was fun The cleanest of all three so if you read any read this one Content Clean mild innuendo and kissing Mistletoe for Sara by Rachel VanDykenI was really looking forward to this one because Sara and Jackson had great chemistry from the previous story Sparks were flying Learning their past I also expected a little depth to their relationship It did seem things moved rather uickly from declaring their feelings to wanting sex basically instantly Ended up feeling that they fell in lust not love My least favorite of the three Content Not clean Nudity premarital sexforeplay was interrupted before consummated rest of closed doorSo overall I really liked the idea for the stories I liked the banter and tension before they realize their feelings I wish the conceptplot could be developed into just one full length novel While each storycouple was different they also felt very similar Similar setting events and relationship development I also wish they would have been a cleaner it would have been a five star otherwise

  3. Carisa Carisa says:

    Love it Short sweet stories of 3 sisters and 3 brothers who fall in love amidst pranks and besting each other What a better way to fall in love than with those who you know uite well

  4. Celestine Celestine says:

    All in the FamilyThis is a holiday story where three couples fall in love at an extended country party Three sisters and three brothers match up and each couple is the purview of a different author It was written seamlessly enough that the change in tone from author to author was negligible I was surprised by that but it helped the flow from one section of the anthology to the next immensely I liked the emotional tone and characters of the second story by Nadine Millard the best although the first story felt the most complete My only complaint was the age of the characters Two of the men were 31 and 29 but they seemed much much younger Ages and years of separation should have been better plotted

  5. Tori (Book Chick) Tori (Book Chick) says:

    I loved how all the stories intertwined Super fun read

  6. Michelle N Michelle N says:

    I love love loved this box set I am a huge fan of all 3 of these ladies They are without a doubt all in my top favorite authors of all times list They did a great job with this box set and it differs from all of the others that I've read because these 3 stories are all interwoven You are seeing the same story but from 3 or 6 different sides I feel that it adds a great uniueness to it Each of them Kristin Nadine and Rachel write so well that the story blends beautifully Sometimes you forget that you are actually reading 3 different authors I wish that I could give them each 5 stars for a total of 15 Great job ladies

  7. Lorrie Moar Lorrie Moar says:

    I love this Christmas story Three books in one about three brothers and three sisters falling in love and having fun while doing it during Christmas parties Love

  8. Dawn B Dawn B says:

    This is a classic trope boy and girl grow up around each other constantly fighting and teasing with all the classic pranks of letting loose frogs and spiking drinks with ink etc until they finally work out they've actually been sparring all this time because they're so fond of each other Yes you've probably read it before though at least this one has the twist of it being about three brothers and three sisters who've been teaming up to fight each other since they were childrenAs pointed out by another reviewer on this book does have some faults The apparent difference in ages between the sexes the brothers each seem to be about 4 or 5 years older than each of the sisters makes the initial premise of them playing together as children seem a bit unlikely Knowing what brothers are like though especially when than one gets together I don't have as much trouble as the other reviewer does thinking that they'd happily tease younger girls and that those girls would most certainly band together and fight back eually hard As for this teasing fighting continuing into adulthood the youngest of all one of the girls was I think 17 at their last meeting; again I could accept this because if it's all you've ever done around each other it's a very tough habit to break even when you're meant to be an adult and of course they were clearly all egging each other onBecause this is three books which all interlink each subseuent story happens in part during the time frame of the previous one and in part after it has ended so there is a certain amount of repetition of plot points I can't see any way the writers could have avoided that though and still linked the stories together so seamlessly and it certainly wasn't off putting to me at least There were also a few typos mostly of the missing word variety though nothing particularly startlingOn the whole regardless of all the above I enjoyed this It was a fun read The H's were appealing when flirting instead of fighting the h's weren't insipid little misses in any way at all and it made me laugh which for me is always a huge plus I've read a couple of Rachel Van Dykens books before which was why I initially gave this a try and I will certainly be checking out the other two writers particularly Kristin Vayden since her story was the one I enjoyed the most

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    Another brilliant book by Rachel I just can't wait for

  10. Rochelle Willis Rochelle Willis says:

    Great book there are 3 stories by 3 different authors and they deal with the Mayford Brothers and the Bright sisters The stories all interlock together so read them in order

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A Christmas Seduction[PDF / Epub] ☉ A Christmas Seduction By Rachel Van Dyken – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Sometimes all love needs is a little Christmas MagicStuck In a house with their childhood nemesis' The Earl of Ashbury and his brothers have no choice but to put on a brave face after all how many tim Sometimes all love needs is a little Christmas MagicStuck In a house with their childhood nemesis' The Earl of Ashbury and his A Christmas MOBI :å brothers have no choice but to put on a brave face after all how many times have the sisters who shall not be named nearly killed them They had a plan A good plan One of avoidance and possible fake illnesses if necessary Instead the minute the men set eyes on the women their plan changes from making war to love Each book is interconnected so no skipping aheadTaming the Earl Kristin VaydenChristmas Kisses Nadine MillardMistletoe for Sara Rachel Van Dyken.

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