[Epub] ↠ Not Even God Is Ripe Enough: Yoruba Stories Author Bakare Gbadamosi – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk

10 thoughts on “Not Even God Is Ripe Enough: Yoruba Stories

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    Short charming Aesop like fables the lesson is often the title, though, TBF, sometimes there sthan one lesson per fablefor instance He Who Shits On the Road Will Meet Flies On His Return or The Pot That Boils Over Only Dirties Itself Each was about 2 3 pages and features lots of magical realism and a lot of talking animals marrying humans and saving children Fun

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    Funny stories.

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    Good stories, has somedarker twists and turns to some stories than what I was expecting.

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    This book is a keeper Each story is chock full of African proverbs that display the wisdom of experience of life An excellent read.

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