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The Power of Desire: My Adventures with God Most Of Us Consider Ourselves Busy But You Might Want To Rethink Your Definition After Reading The Power Of Desire By Gallina Binelli What Binelli Has Accomplished In Her Lifetime And The Impetus For Her Moving Forward Brings A Whole New Level To Being Driven It S Difficult To Decide What Is Astonishing How She Has Tackled Each Obstacle In Her Path Or The Depth Of Her Desire To Know The Divine Force At Work In Her Life And The World Binelli Has Embraced Many Religions Or Spiritual Guides In Her Life, With Each Serving A Unique Purpose For A Period Of Time Her Journey Began At The Tender Age Of When She Opened Herself Up To A Greater Power As A Way To Cope With And Navigate The Trials Of Boarding School In A Country Far From Her MotherThrough The Next Eight Decades, Her Power Of Desire Drove Her Forward And Continues To Do So To This Day Don T Be Surprised If You Find Yourself On A New Path Following Your Own Power Of Desire After Reading Binelli S Book Margaret Moses, Founder, Youth With Promise The Story Is Of A Child Left Alone Deprived Of The Love Of A Family, Rebelled Against Fate And At The Age Of Questioned The Divine Justice A Meaningful Encounter Transformed The Rest Of Her Life The Experience Of This Period Opened A World Of Adventurous Challenges That Gave Courage And Enthusiasm To Go Through Seven Religions And Live In Four Continents And Eventually At The Age Of Write This Story

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