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10 thoughts on “Ranger

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    This series has continued to evolve from a unique disaster, necessitating the main character to bug out , to quite an involved intrigue Very excited throughout with a shocking end I look forward to book 6.

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    Good bookRead all of the books in order to really enjoy Characters are realistic and get better and better Storyline continues to grow and develop.

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    Such a good series I hate that I only have one book left to read before I m caught up

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    At last, the final book This last book finds the town of Brandon struggling to survive with its complex line up of characters the good and the bad The forces from without Brandon are trying to take this tiny town of survivors and the fight seems hopeless.I liked the twists and turns and the surprise ending It all wraps up and the reader, who has gone thru all five of these books, will feel satisfied.I recommend this book.

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    Thought ProvokingWhat I started to read book 1 of this series I almost stopped reading and I thought I d try another author I am so glad I read all 5 books Mr Mann is a great author and his stories make one think and imagine what life would be like if our country and our citizens did not fight for our freedom I would highly recommend this author.

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    Great 5th Installment hope for Another great addition to the series One storyline arch ends butis left to continue on I hope this series continues More layers of the onion uncovered but still muchit seems.

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