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Our Life in Boxes I M Not A Scientist Or A Member Of Academia, Just An Old Guy Who S Been To A Few Places In The World I Now Have A College Degree Though It S In Business Management With A Concentration In Organizational Behavior The Best Educational Opportunities Came To Me, Though, As I Moved From A Small Town In Montana To My Current Place In Connecticut I Ve Learned Which End Of The Shovel To Use And What It Takes To Build A Small Town On A Desert Alongside The Red Sea I Know How To De Mine A Mine Field I Know What It S Like To Live In A Palace In Iraq I Used A Slide Rule To Calculate The Molecular Volume Of Any Element On The Chart Of Nuclides As I Prepared To Be A Reactor Operator In The US Navy In My Younger Days My IPhone Now Gives Me What I Want To Know From The Internet The Local People In The Countries I Visited Or Worked In Taught Me What I Did Not Receive From The Books Of My Formal Schooling The Catholic Church Gave Me The Perspective I Needed To Put All My Experiences Into Proper Context All This Was Not To Blow My Own Horn But To Lay The Foundation Of How I See What Is In Front Of Me Now

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