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The History of American Wars from 1745 to 1918 Read The History Of American Wars From 1745 To 1918 Author T Harry Williams Jobs In Kingston.co.uk The History Of American Wars Traces American Involvement In War Through Nearly Two Centuries From The French And Indian War, The Revolution, The War Of 1812, The Mexican War, The Civil War, And The Spanish American War To World War I It Is An Authoritative Record Of The Significance Of War In The History Of The United States, A Final Testament To The Comprehensive Vision Of One Of This Century S Most Esteemed Historical Scholars.

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    The late Professor T Harry Williams has provided a comprehensive history of American wars from the French and Indian War through World War I His original intention to carry the history of American conflicts through the Vietnam War was halted by his death in 1979 Each war is given summary exposition along with interludes that cover military actions between wars What is particularly informative of Williams s work here is the coverage of the political leadership, policies, strategies, military organization and financing that o...

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