The Waking Land ePUB É The Waking PDF \

The Waking Land ePUB É The Waking PDF \

The Waking Land (The Waking Land, #1) ❮Read❯ ➵ The Waking Land (The Waking Land, #1) ➸ Author Callie Bates – Lady Elanna Valtai is fiercely devoted to the King who raised her like a daughter But when he dies under mysterious circumstances, Elanna is accused of his murder and must flee for her life Returning Lady Elanna Valtai is fiercely devoted to the King who raised her like a daughter But when he dies under mysterious circumstances, Elanna is accused of his murder and must flee for her life Returning to the homeland of magical legends she has forsaken, Elanna is forced to reckon with her despised, estranged father, branded a traitor long ago Feeling a strange, deep connection to the natural world, she also must face the truth The Waking PDF \ about the forces she has always denied or disdained as superstition powers that suddenly stir within her But an all too human threat is drawing near, determined to exact vengeance Now Elanna has no choice but to lead a rebellion against the kingdom to which she once gave her allegiance Trapped between divided loyalties, she must summon the courage to confront a destiny that could tear her apart.

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  1. Robin Hobb Robin Hobb says:

    My resolve to avoid spoilers almost falters in the face of a book well worth talking about Let s see What can I say Buy this book when it comes out Read it, but write your name big in the front, because when you loan it out, it may not come back.Also, I think this is the first time I ve read a fantasy book that looks at Stockholm syndrome so well Yes, GRRM does it in A Song of Ice and Fire with Theon Greyjoy But I think that how Bates looks at it through her protagonist and the protagonist s slow awakening from it is well worth a mention.Must I say that there are strong female characters with agency Oh if you insist There are strong male characters with agency, too.I like that minor characters are glimpsed as doing things, and then those things blossom and are very important There are whole other novels going on in the background of this book.There is obviously to come in this story Jump on the wagon now, because I think Bates is an author well worth watching.

  2. Nicole Nicole says:

    I decided to read this book during finals period You know the book is no good when you find yourself preferring to study instead of reading it I don t have much to say about The Waking Land It had potential, lots of it A girl with magical powers that can wake the land, returning to her homeland to lead a rebellion As much as cliche this sounds, I actually enjoy these stuff However, I ended up bored most of the time because this book dragged a lot Now I know this is a debut and I shouldn t be harsh so I ll keep this review short.The characters We had many characters in this book Some were okay, others totally forgettable The main character, Elena, irritated me She s always lost and no I shouldn t do this, no I shouldn t go there. all of this was very repetitive and annoyed the hell out of me The characters were flat and I couldn t connect with any of them I only liked Sophie but still, not much The villains were the typical stereotypes, I m bad because I want power and I ll do anything to get it with no personality whatsoever beyond evil.The romance Oh, the romance It made me cringe This is supposed to be a YA fantasy, right Don t be fooled It has some graphics Now I don t know about you, but I don t like the girl to propose What I mean is asking Jahan if he s interested in marrying her maybe not so directly and they didn t even know each other for long I didn t feel any chemistry I didn t hate Jahan but I wasn t swooning She also wed the land Dafuq Story and plot It would ve been better if it was shorter It stretched a lot and the pacing was off The real action only started toward the end and by then, I had already lost interest If you skipped to the end, you would still understand everything A bad sign The plot didn t offer any surprises and I would ve said predictable, however, I couldn t even bring myself to guess what will happen It was just tiring Others might enjoy this book but it wasn t for me There are many plot holes and things that don t make sense The book was also confusing sometimes For example, when they escape, they don t cover their trail or do anything to misguide their pursuers Her friend was able to track them but the royal guard couldn t Wow.Writing and world building The writing was nothing impressive There s a lot of skin touching eye roll The same thoughts are repeated all the time While we read too much about the history, we still barely know anything about the world The world building was lacking So much information dropping I couldn t keep track of all the names and I didn t even try to because I had 0 interest in the story Now I ll be quoting a part of the book s descriptions I found on GR different editions A bold and gorgeous fantasy featuring a brilliant heroine on the cusp of womanhood, The Waking Land is the first of a trilogy that will delight fans of The Red Queen, Six of Crows, and Court of Thorns and Roses Now if by the comparison to Red Queen they mean both are bad then I agree Oh, the revolution Silly me.Common points with ACOTAR Annoying heroine Feyre annoyed me in ACOTAR but now she s alright Oh. You mean the spring court and the whole plants and shit like this But they are not similar in any way I haven t read Six of Crows yet but I know they have nothing in common In the lush and magical tradition of Naomi Novik s award winning Uprooted comes this riveting debut from brilliant young writer Callie Bates whose boundless imagination places her among the finest authors of fantasy fiction, including Sarah J Maas and Sabaa Tahir AM I SERIOUSLY READING THIS DONT YOU DARE COMPARE THIS TO MY BABY UPROOTED Uprooted certainly isn t fast paced but I enjoyed EVERY minute of it I loved the characters, the world, the story, everything Even though I m not her biggest fan, SJM nails the world building Something that was very lacking here.And Sabaa You mean AEITA I loved it, yes one of my favorite YA fantasy I also love Sabaa, she s very cool This book has nothing to do with these POPULAR books authors I guess this is the new way to promote every new book I can t guarantee that everyone won t be fooled, though ARC received via NetGalley

  3. destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] says:

    At five years old, Elanna Valtai is seized from her family at gunpoint and kidnapped by a powerful king who raises her as his own, in his palace, under one condition her father is never to come and reclaim her In her home land of Caeris, Elanna was loved and doted upon, warmly welcomed for her natural inclination to magic in the royal city of Laon, however, despite the king s growing affections for her, she is subjected to prejudices for her darker skin, her Caerisian blood, and her family name Worst of all, she must hide her magic at all costs, for the witch hunters would surely execute her if they found out her blood could wake the stones and the earth, and bring forth spirits of ancestors past.When the king is poisoned and his daughter takes her place as Queen, she accuses Elanna of regicide, and thus begins an adventure that leaves Elanna running for her life right into the arms of the family she was stolen from They ve got big plans for her and her magic, but will she be able to leave behind the life the kingdom gave her Where do I even begin I usually try to type up my RTCs in the order that I read the books, but I had to let The Waking Land cut to the front of the line because I just have so many feelings about this book I hope you guys are buckled in I ll start with the positives, because this book was not a total loss.What I liked First and foremost, Callie Bates has real potential as an author Her style is enjoyable and easy to read, she paints beautiful pictures without being too flowery and descriptive, and the plot itself was intriguing to me I always love a good story of magic and betrayal, and that s the central theme to this entire book There were a lot of really enjoyable side characters, such as Jahan, Rhia, Hugh, and Victoire.I actually found the main plot line to be fairly refreshing, with the whole idea that El s magic comes from the earth, and that she can see through the eyes of animals and trees and such The entire Caveadear ordeal reminded me a lot of the spiritual beliefs of some indigenous peoples, with the emphasis on the idea that the earth is a living, feeling entity that deserves respect and kindness, and is capable of feeling grief, rage, sorrow, etc Between that aspect, and the fact that the Caerisians have darker skin than the Ereni people, are called savages as an insult, and the back story that the Paladisan emperors essentially came in and forced them to forsake their religion, magic, homes, and destroyed their lands well, I saw huge similarities to how settlers affected the native people here in North America, and I actually really enjoyed the political nudge that I felt Callie Bates gave the whole book.What I didn t like The absolute worst thing about this book is that, no matter how I felt about anything else, Elanna is absolutely horrible She is one of the single most infuriating, self obsessed, arrogant, self contradicting, and obtuse narrators I have ever had the displeasure of reading about She has a nasty temper and constantly starts screaming at people for nothing It felt like at least once every few chapters, she would completely misunderstand someone, yell at them for a little bit, realize she misunderstood or was just wrong , and then she just moves on She never apologizes once for treating everyone around her like shit, and she continues to treat them terribly right to the very end of the book, yet intermingled with some of these incidents, she thinks to herself that these people are her family, her best friends, etc Well, lady, you sure have one hell of an odd way to show your affection to people.She spends the entire book contradicting herself at every possible turn She says she refuses to let anyone see her cry, yet cries constantly She says she never allows herself to indulge in her magic, but then immediately explains that she goes to this special, magical spot in Laon once every year to practice her magic She implies in the beginning of the book that she never knew she was magical as a kid until this one specific incident, but later describes that she played with magic a lot as a small child She acts stunned to find out she is the Caveadear which is basically a fancy sorcerer of the land , but says that her family and Hugh basically acknowledged from her toddler years that they knew she would be the Caveadear.The absolute worst part of her behavior is her attitude towards the Caerisians, and her family She fully remembers being pulled from them at gunpoint, and the king telling her father that, if he ever came to take her back home, she would be killed immediately rather than being raised as the king s daughter Any form of common sense would lead one to think El should blame the king for ripping their family apart, but instead, she decides to worship the ground the king walks on, and spends her entire childhood teen life hating her parents for not coming to get her When she first sees Hugh, one of her childhood best friends and her father s right hand man, she is absolutely awful to him She accuses him of lying every time he opens his mouth, and constantly asks him for explanations only to interrupt him with what she thinks actually happened which is wrong, literally every single time Characteristic of her own self contradicting behavior, though, in the span of about a day, she goes from hating and disbelieving him to being willing to die to save him because he is so important to her.Moving on from the focus on El as a character, there are some major issues with the story and writing itself, too The insta love in this book is ridiculously strong She literally spends a day or two with Jahan before becoming obsessed with him, and after five minute conversations through magical mirrors, accusing him of betraying them, and then changing her mind, she s suddenly considering marrying the guy partially out of love, and partially out of trying to avoid telling Finn view spoiler SPOILER who she s been betrothed to since childhood, hide spoiler

  4. Ben Alderson Ben Alderson says:

    I have so many thoughts..I will put them in a video..gah

  5. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Waking Land is a gorgeous new fantasy novel from debut author Callie Bates, and it was on my wishlist long before I had the opportunity to read it There are just certain types of stories, while not entirely groundbreaking or new to the genre, that are just irresistible to me, and this is one of them The book encompasses a lot of the elements I love, including a courageous heroine, an evocative magic system tied to the living earth, and a complex world built upon the political alliances and animosities between various kingdoms.Things get off to a rather intense start, with the prologue opening on the scene of an interrupted dinner party Our protagonist Elanna Valtai, five years old at this point, watches as her nurse is murdered in front of her eyes Meanwhile, King Antoine and the rest of his royal guards are storming the house downstairs, putting an end to her father s rebellion To ensure no attempted uprisings, Elanna s parents are banished back to their ancestral home of Caeris, while Elanna herself is seized as a hostage, to be raised in the king s household in Eren.Fourteen years pass For all that she is an outsider and the daughter of a known traitor, Elanna has been treated well by King Antoine, whom she regards and loves as a father She has not seen her real parents since the night of the party, and Eren has become the only place she feels at home In fact, she even has her future all planned out once she comes of age, the king will send her off to study botany, where she will hone her gift of working with plants.But then one day, King Antoine sickens and dies And unfortunately, his heir Princess Loyce has never accepted Elanna, always ridiculing her for her Caerisian heritage Worse, it has been ruled that the king died of poisoning, and being the botanical expert, Elanna is the number one suspect With no other choice left to her, our protagonist is forced to flee back to her homeland and reunite with her estranged blood kin It is there, however, where she discovers the truth about her birthright and the mysterious magical powers she always knew she had and with that knowledge, she must lead a rebellion against the very kingdom to which she once pledged her loyalty.While I realize this was not the most original plot, I didn t care books like The Waking Land are usually well represented in my reading repertoire despite their familiar elements, simply because I always know I ll have a good time with them and they remind me of why I love the genre Plus, there are certain aspects which were handled extremely well, like the world building and magic Under Bates deft touch, some of these well known tropes are transformed into something slightly different just enough to offer a bit of flavor without too much distraction Take Elanna s powers, for example Earth magic is certainly nothing new in fantasy, but nevertheless, I enjoyed how the story introduced fresh context for it by incorporating some unique history and lore Likewise, the conflicts between the kingdoms were interesting After all, it s rare to meet a heroine whose loyalties are torn in such a way, her dual roles of dutiful daughter vs brainwashed hostage giving the political landscape a whole new dynamic.Speaking of which, Elanna was a great character At nineteen, she is dealing with a lot of new adult type problems on top of being accused of regicide, so it s a bit of an emotional journey The occasional moment of angst aside though, I found her to be likeable and down to earth no pun intended Undoubtedly, the author s biggest challenge was to make Elanna s transition from one side to the other believable, and I think for the most part Bates succeeded Gradually, her protagonist s eyes are opened to see beyond her upbringing, letting her take control of her own life and decide for herself what she wants to do.In terms of criticisms, I only have a few, and none of them are deal breaking I felt the pacing was a little off in places, especially with the amount of filler in the middle There was also a romance plot that was emotionally flat and did little for me, its only saving grace being the fact that it probably wasn t meant to be a big part of the story I also wish that we d gotten to see of Elanna s powers in the first half of the novel, though in all fairness, the book ultimately makes up for that with an epic magical showdown in the ending.When all is said and done, I very much enjoyed this book The Waking Land is not out to reinvent the wheel as far as the premise or the story goes, but I was nonetheless delighted and satisfied with the way it turned out Callie Bates has concocted a magically captivating tale that will draw you in from the very first page, exactly the kind of fantasy novel I crave A strong protagonist, an entertaining plot, and a well crafted world are all reasons why this would make a great pick for any fantasy reader, especially if you enjoy a dash of enchantment and magic The author has a bright future ahead of her, and I look forward to her next project.

  6. Kelli Wilson Kelli Wilson says:

    3.5 I randomly came upon this as a recommended read in Google books I was very pleasantly surprised A nice love story, that was given time to build, not instant The story and the hard as hell path the heroine faces is stressful, but rewarding as a result It s not a terribly new concept of plot It s missing some additional depth from supporting characters But there is potential for that to develop in the next book Overall it s a decently done YA supernatural fantasy, that is generally somewhat fulfilling.

  7. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    The Waking Land by Callie Bates is a book I was allowed to read from NetGalley and I am so glad indeed This book is so rich in fantasy, world building, character depth, plot, and twists that I was totally enthralled in its wonders Elanna has earth magic, than anyone knows, in a time that magic is forbidden except in the far north where the land shifts and protects the people, the old ways, and the land itself Elanna is forced kidnapped from her family as a young child and is held by the King to make her father be submissive to the King She is raised by the King and told so many lies about her birth land that she believes them Then, the King is murdered and she is blamed The daughter of the King is now Queen and has always hated her Elanna meets a man that also knows magic and knows about hers but he wants her to go to her real father and she believes all the lies It is so action packed, so many twists, so much magic mixed in there, so much emotionI am not doing it justice here and only touching on the tip of the iceberg The Queen s men are after her, the witch hunters are after herShe has the power of the land, earth, and things of the earth She will need all of these if she can get the land to wake up It is so exciting to see how and when and with excellent

  8. Helen Helen says:

    This book wasn t a complete disaster I thought the world was intriguing and although it started out quite confusing, with all the different lands, emperors, kings and pretend kings, I ve never been one to be put off by complicated fantasy and so happily started compiling a mental list of all the places and names The magic system based on the natural world was fairly original if a little too simplistic for my taste Unfortunately, that s all the good stuff I can think to say about The Waking Land This is going to be one of the most ranty, possibly incoherent, reviews I ve ever written so consider yourself warned.Firstly, there were far too many pages dedicated to the main character s internal monologue, which just served to the detriment of the entire novel because she is, quite frankly, an idiot Elanna has the honour of being one of the most detestable characters I ve ever had the misfortune of reading about Too much time was given to the thoughts of a character I was never going to like, time that was taken away from the character dialogue and the development of the secondary characters who have the potential to be much interesting than the MC the author chose to afflict us with She is constantly raging about her hatred for her father because he abandoned her, despite the fact that she has a clear memory of the king pointing a gun at her head when she was taken hostage Would she rather her father had protested and watched her have her brains blown out She spends the beginning of the novel fiercely defending the king to his critics and then acts shocked when she later discovers that the king s goodness had been a lie and that he had been involved in a corruption scandal This is the same man who ruined her family and threatened to kill her, yet it s the fact that only five percent of his annual revenue goes to the poor that finally gets her to see the light And why the hell does she only remember the fact that he held a pistol to her face when it s convenient Not only has she spent her entire life resenting her parents for not rescuing her, but when her father does rescue her she runs away and attacks his men when they come after her There is literally no pleasing this woman The hell does she even have to complain about anyway She had everything she could have asked for at court sure, she was technically a hostage but she was never treated like one But, of course, she does a complete character u turn once reunited with her family She suddenly decides that she now idolises her father and is willing to die for her homeland of Caeris, a land she referred to as run by savages only a couple of pages ago I m all for character growth, but it has to be realistic and grounded I want to see a gradual transformation that actually makes sense, not this hot mess Her idiocy and constant u turns only get worse as the plot progresses After being framed for the king s murder, she plans to escape to a neighbouring kingdom, Ida, but when Jahan, the ambassador from Ida of all places, tries to leave the city with her, she starts screaming at him and accusing him of kidnapping Bitch, do the details even matter if you end up in the same place anyway Would you rather he just left you to be executed, because there is no way you re escaping that city on your own She s likely to fall down a drain hole or accidentally decapitate herself than successfully plot her way out of that city This girl couldn t plot her way out of a plastic bag There was also the time that a man so renowned for his cruel methods that he earned the nickname the butcher came to Elanna s family home looking for her and when her family covered for her by saying she wasn t there, she decides it s worth revealing herself to him simply in order to make a snarky response to something he d said Her actions brought a massive shitstorm upon her entire family for harbouring a fugitive and triggered an actual war, but what the hell At least Elanna got in that one liner She knows what s important.It wasn t just Elanna s actions that made zero sense, pretty much all the characters did things which completely defied all logical reason at some point When Elanna is finally taken against her will out of the city full of people trying to kill her, her friend from court, Victorie, decides to sneak along and leave with them Why would a wealthy noblewoman abandon her parents and the only life she s ever known to go on the run with a wanted criminal when she is so utterly useless She literally has nothing to contribute to this half baked escape attempt, so she s pretty much throwing away her entire life for nothing She was just there , and the whole thing felt so unrealistic and so contrived Yet the best example of character development that didn t make any sense was the fact that not one but two guys developed feelings for Elanna Out of an entire fantasy novel with magic and an earth that literally comes alive , this was the least plausible part of the plot All Elanna ever does is scowl in between making ignorant and prejudiced comments about other people There wasn t one conversation with either of them that was in the least bit interesting or witty The only funny part was when in response to somebody s stupid idea, Elanna said I don t suffer fools This must be one of the most hilarious and unintentionally ironic things I ve ever read Girl, if you can suffer yourself, you can suffer anyone There were so many other things the characters did that annoyed me that I soon stopped bothering to keep track of them, and it stopped me enjoying this novel I was glad when it ended so I never had to suffer through another of Elanna s internal monologues again This disaster of a character made even the queen of inconsistency herself, Celaena Sardothien, look almost semi decent Thank you to the publisher for sending me an advanced copy to review

  9. emma emma says:

    DNFing 7% I ve been trying to read this book for a month or so, and I just really can t get into the way it s written.

  10. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    An ambitious debut novel that I inhaled over two days, The Waking Land has a lot going for it a passionate heroine, complicated politics, lots of magic, and some colorful characters.It was also a rocky read in places, though I wonder how much of the confusing opening is due to the heroine being nineteen years old, which is not an age for emotional logic much less rational logic In that sense, Bates did a terrifically believable job, though view spoiler a teen having that much power has got to worry a lot of people, one would think, especially a teen who tends to go off half cocked without considering repercussions hide spoiler

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