[PDF / Epub] ☃ I want it ALL By Alex Cooper – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk

I want it ALL His Partner, Chuck, Who Was , Was Shorter, About Feet Inches Like Rick, He Was Covered With Hair, But He Did Not Have Rick S Burliness Though He Worked Out A Bit, He Was Just A Little Chubby, And He Had A Little Bit Of Man Boob His Brown Hair Was Cut Short About A Centimeter From His Scalp, And His Face Bore A Beard And Mustache Though He Was Chubbier Than Rick, The Body Hair Still Made Up For It I Knew They Lived Together, And Where They Lived Because I Had Seen Them At Their House A Couple Of Times They Lived Just Outside Of Town I Would Sometimes Take Walks Around Town At Dusk Or Early Nightfall, And Than Enough Times, I Could Distinctly Hear The Bestial Roars And Grunts Of Pleasure Amid The Smacking Of Flesh That Could Only Mean That They Were Engaging In The Extreme Hardcore Rough Fucking That I Fantasized About All The Time

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