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Elimination: Free Chapters These Are Sample Chapters Of The Full Novel For Fans Of The Hunger Games, Maze Runner And X Men Immerse Yourself In A Gritty YA Dystopian Adventure With Telepathy, Hypnosis And Mind Reading Eighteen Year Old Rex Is Trying To Survive In A Dangerous World Where The Government Hunts Down, Imprisons And Even Kills Those With Psychic Abilities He S A Mind Breaker, Considered Not Only A Deviation From The Norm But The Biggest Threat To Society Once He Reveals His Abilities For Hypnosis, The Deadly Hunt Begins Rex Has To Flee Across The Devastated Countryside While An Entire Army Of Resistant Soldiers Searches For Him Worse Yet, By Going On The Run, He S Endangering His One And Only Friend Kitty Rex Soon Realizes That Together They Make A Vulnerable Target And The Only Way To Save Kitty Is To Allow Himself To Be Captured, Thus Diverting Attention While His Friend Escapes But Nothing Goes As Planned, And His Actions Only Serve To Push Kitty Into An Even Worse Situation Than A Life Sentence In Prison With His World Falling Apart, Rex Must Figure Out How To Fix His Accumulating Mistakes And Regain Their Freedom Before It S Too Late What Rex Doesn T Yet Understand, Is That He May Soon Play A Major Role In Preventing All Out War Between Ordinary Humans And Mind Breakers, A War Which Could Lead To Total Extinction Of The Entire Human Race

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    Intriguing fantastic cant wait to read the full bookGod job dear God bless you good work..just made my day..Lol..hope you continue to writenicer books

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