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City of Islands In A Foggy Archipelago Called The City Of Islands, Magic Drifts On The Air As Songs Twelve Year Old Mara Has Always Been Fascinated By The Spell Songs And Dreams Of Becoming A Great Mage Orphaned As A Little Girl, Mara Was Taken In By A Bone Mage Called Bindy But When Bindy Was Killed By A Rival, Mara Lost Both Her Home And Her Best Chance To Learn Magic.Now Mara Is A Servant For The Powerful Lady Of The Tides She Earns Her Keep By Diving In The Murky Ocean, Searching For Magical Treasures That Might Please The Lady Mara Still Yearns To Learn Magic, But It S Hard For A Poor, Orphaned Servant To Dream When The Path To Becoming A Mage Is Open To Only An Elite Few.Then One Day, While Diving For The Lady, Mara Finds The Skeletons Of Strange Hybrid Creatures A Lizard With Wings, A Horse With Horns, And Many , The Likes Of Which Have Not Existed In The City For Centuries The Entire Trove Of Bones Is Humming With A Powerful Spell Song.Mara Is Convinced The Bones Will Earn Her The Opportunity To Study Magic But Rather Than Rewarding Her Discovery, The Lady Gives Mara A Challenge To Learn Where The Magical Bones Came From By Sneaking Into The Winter Blade, An Island Fortress Ruled By The Very Same Sorcerer Who Killed Bindy Years Ago.What Mara Finds Will Reveal Chilling Truths About Her Own Past, As Well As Secrets About The History Of Her Beloved City That Are Dangerous And Magical Than She Had Ever Imagined.

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    I don t typically read a lot of middle grade, but after finishing Kali Wallace s CITY OF ISLANDS, I might just start This is a really charming yet suspenseful story about a girl finding her voice, her place, and her confidence in a world full of people who overlook and underestimate her The world building is inv...

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    I was so glad to read an early copy of Kali Wallace s latest book her first middle grade story I m a big fan of her writing and, with its world of islands, pirates and magic, this one was right up my street I loved the characters loved the fact that none of them are wholly good or bad And the heroine, Mara, has to navigate her way through an increasingly complicated ...

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    I m not sure why this book didn t do much for me Singing magic in a post mer world is a pretty compelling set up, but I think the sheer amount of neglect and abuse of children really bothered me In some ways that s the point, and I know there are pearl diving children in the world right now who are living Mara s life, but I found that appalling, and I found her frustrating as a character and I thought the all tied up in a bow ending was not believable The adults in this book are pretty unifor I m not sure why this book didn t do much for me Singing magic in a post mer world is a pretty...

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    Note I received an ARC of this book from the publisher at ALA Midwinter 2018.

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