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Management Practices for Control of Erosion and Sediment from Construction Activities Prepared By The Management Practice For The Control Of Erosion And Sediment MPCES Standards Committee Of The Standards Development Council Of The Environmental And Water Resources Institute Of The American Society Of Civil EngineersManagement Practices For Control Of Erosion And Sediment From Construction Activities, Standard ANSI ASCE EWRI 66 17, Establishes Guidelines For Controlling Accelerated Erosion Caused By Human Activities At Construction Sites Uncontrolled Erosion Is Costly And Accompanied By A Host Of Financial, Legal, And Environmental Problems This Standard Provides Tools To Ensure That The Discharge Of Sediment Does Not Significantly Increase At A Construction Site Compared With Preconstruction Conditions.Standard 66 17 Offers Step By Step Guidance For State And Local Officials Looking To Establish Effective And Cost Conscious Programs To Manage Erosion And Sediment Topics IncludeSediment And Erosion Problems Associated With Construction Activities Regulations And Permitting At Federal, State, And Local Levels Processes Associated With Erosion And Sedimentation, And Concepts For Site Planning Concepts, Practices, And Standards For Erosion And Sediment Control, Including Water Conveyance Measures, Inlet And Outlet Protection, Temporary In Stream Measures, And Dewatering Practices Erosion And Sediment Control Plans, Including Plan Components, Preparation, Site Plan Development, And Evaluation Guidance For Specific Construction Situations, Including Road, Utility, Large And Small Commercial Or Industrial Developments, And Large And Small Scale Residential Developments Inspection And Maintenance And Enforcement.Appendixes Provide A Model Ordinance, A Summary Of U.S Regulations And Programs, Contacts For State Erosion And Sediment Control Regulatory Agencies, A Glossary, And A Reference List.Standard 66 17 Serves Federal, State, And Local Environmental Regulators, Building Code Officials, Construction Managers, And Site Owners With Straightforward Guidance To Minimize The Effects Of Erosion And Sediment Near Construction Sites.

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