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The Birthday Girl From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Alex Eliza Comes A Return To Adult Fiction, Centered Around A Mysterious Woman S Birthday Celebration And What It Reveals About Her PastEllie De Florent Stinson Is Celebrating Her Fortieth Birthday With A Grand Celebration In Her Fabulous House In Palm SpringsAt Forty, It Appears Ellie Has Everything She Ever Wanted A Handsome Husband An Accomplished, College Age Stepdaughter A Beautiful Ten Year Old Girl Two Adorable And Rambunctious Six Year Old Twin Boys Lush, Well Appointed Homes In Los Angeles, Park City, And Palm Springs A Thriving Career As A Well Known Fashion Designer Of Casual Women S Wear And A Glamorous Circle Of FriendsExcept Everything Is Not Quite As Perfect As It Looks On The Outside Ellie Is Keeping Many Secrets This Isn T The First Of Her Birthday Parties That Hasn T Gone As Planned Something Happened On The Night Of Her Sweet Sixteenth Something She S Tried Hard To ForgetBut Hiding The Skeletons Of Her Past Comes At A Cost, And All Of Ellie S Secrets Come To Light On The Night Of Her Fabulous Birthday Party In The Desert Where Everyone Who Matters In Her Life Shows Up, Invited Or Not Old And New, Friends And Frenemies, Stepdaughters And Business Partners, Ex Wives And Ex Husbands Congregate, And The Glittering Facade Of Her Life Crumbles In One Eventful Night Beautifully Paced And Full Of Surprises, The Birthday Girli Is An Enthralling Tale Of A Life Lived In Shadow, And Its Unavoidable Consequences

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    2.75 rounded upLife in the fast lane Surely make you lose your mindLife in the fast lane, yeahEager for action and hot for the gameThe coming attraction, the drop of a nameThey knew all the right peopleThey took all the right pillsThey threw outrageous partiesThey paid heavenly bills The EaglesA birthday celebration in Palm Springs Hollywood style The best of the best for Ellie s friends, to show off her wealth and prestige But behind it all, she is worried about her company, worried her husband may be having an affair but then again, whose husband isn t having an affair, she wonders , and worried that a blast from her past is coming to her birthday celebration But come on, she invited this person, so why be so shocked Nothing is going as planned and this reminds her of her sixteenth birthday which also did not go as planned So, what happens when the people who matter most in your life show up, and the things in your past, you kept buried, find their way to the surface So, while reading this book, I was thinking what s the big deal The premise sounded good but fell flat for me This book was meh just meh for me This just did not work for me at all There was the mystery of her past and how it affects her future, but I found there to be no suspense whatsoever The big reveal was okay but the build up to it felt as if I was on a slow ride to nowhere Told in two timelines one in the past when she was a teenager living a completely different life As a teenager she was poor and grew up in a trailer who shoplifted with her best friend to keep up with the fashions of the time The other takes place in the present during her lavish birthday party in Palm Springs.I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    I received this book for free as part of an Instagram tour Storygram Tours specifically I did to promote the book.I give this book 3.5 stars which rounds up to 4 I was really looking forward to reading this book because I love Melissa de la Cruz s books However, this book wasn t as good as I expected it to be As a thriller mystery, the book falls kind of flat There wasn t much suspense For a lot of the book I was waiting around for something big to happen Nothing super thrilling happened until the very end I was also expecting something to happen at her party but nothing really did The big surprise happened in her past the book is told in alternating timelines One thing I did like were the descriptions Melissa de la Cruz knows how to write about rich people and their lifestyle I ve read many of her books and that is a constant throughout a lot of them I loved reading the descriptions of all the rich people at Ellie s birthday party They were hilarious it was like watching a reality tv show Overall, this book isn t that surprising or thrilling but still has entertainment value It s a quick read, so if you want something short and entertaining to read, then go for it

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    1 1 2 stars.I won t roast this book any than I have to my rating will suffice This book was too pretentious, superficial, and quite predictable for me I did not enjoy it and would ve given it one star, but there s a small twist towards the end of the book that made me question that rating a tad I think some people would enjoy this book, but the reader would have to escape reality for the time being until it s finished.

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    Find reviews at Carlene Inspired.The Birthday Girl is Melissa de la Cruz dream thriller, written after purchasing her own home in the Palm Springs area A twisty suspense that spans one woman s life, from 16 to 40, as she climbs the hamster wheel of fashion and wealth Her 40th birthday party is her it moment, the party everyone will be talking about She s taken everyone s birthdays and one upped them, only she made the mistake of inviting absolutely everyone Her businesses sale is pending, her husband is acting distant, her eldest daughter has a secret, and there seem to be an awful lot of people arriving that she wouldn t consider herself close to A certain guest, a man from her past, has sent in his RSVP and with his attendance comes a slew of memories, taking her back to a time she doesn t speak of What happened one fateful birthday evening is best left buried, until it isn t I really wanted to like this book the premise was great, the characters are clever, there s just the right amount of suspense Ultimately though, The Birthday Girl was just meh The characters pasts and presents are so different, it s astonishing to think only 20 something years had past and that much had changed Then there s the birthday party, for so much to happen in one evening, for everyone to be there, was unbelievable I went from intrigued and really captivated, to wanting to skim, bored by the mixed in drama that took away from the mystery In particular, there is one scene that involved papers being served and I just rolled my eyes Yes, life is dramatic and yes this is a fiction, but this was a stretch on how life events unfold Twisted and busy, The Birthday Girl is a long awaited release from the popular Melissa de la Cruz While it was a miss for me, I can see other readers devouring this suspenseful mystery.ARC provided.

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    Lately, I kept craving for some mystery thriller Now, I got one to look forward to Many thanks to Edelweiss, Dutton Penguin Publishing Group for the ARC to review.

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    3.5 RTC

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    Told on a birthday, in dual timelines one present day the other 24 years ago , this story focuses on Ellie, self made entrepreneur, wife, mother and now 40 year old She s having a few crises surfacing, from her daughter Sam reappearing back home from Stanford under mysterious circumstances, a business that needs a deal to go through to avert bankruptcy, two men from her long ago and best forgotten past, dropping into her birthday party and worries that her husband is being unfaithful The first third takes the reader back to a time when Ellie was sixteen and living in poverty in Portland She and her BFF have each other and some usual and unusual high school lives There s a lot of moneyed angst and conspicuous consumption in the present day timeline Both serve to set the scene and lay the foundation for Ellie s worries and anxieties It felt a bit overwrought but it moves along quickly enough What most helped was that we meet Ellie s friends who seem true and she has genuine affection for them The middle third gets into the main of the mystery and the tension builds as Ellie s trying to handle it all and is worried about her past and present lives colliding I liked the past timeline most here and found I was trying to figure out which girl Ellie was and what happened Quite the page turner.The final third of the book was my favourite, as the past comes to a head and so does all the build up of Ellie s and which girl she was worry about what both men from her past appearing now means It all resolved neatly and I found I was surprised I think I d been expecting a messier end or some sort of fallout but that wasn t the point here There s gratitude, hope and contentment which is, all things considered, a nice place to end up.This is my first read by de La Cruz I d read another Recommended Many thanks to the publisher for an Advanced Reader s Copy.

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    Two milestone birthdays, one ends in murder and one ends in truth For twenty four years Ellie has tried to escape her youth After one horrific night she vows to leave that life behind and create a new one Ellie s 40th birthday has been in the works for a year All of the social elite have been invited, the 9 course meal has been set, the entertainment booked and Vanity magazine will be there to document Ellie s fabulous life Once the guests start arriving Ellie s life begins unraveling Is her husband cheating Did her daughter get kicked out of Stanford Is Ellie s company bankrupt What happened that night twenty four years ago The book s chapters alternate between present day and the past Melissa de la Cruz weaves the past with the present effortlessly The characters are realistic and relatable Part murder, part high school drama, part money, secrets and lies this book has it all even a twist A story about running from your past and realizing that sometimes you can t I devoured this book in two sittings Highly recommend

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    I could have read this novel in one sitting but was doing as a tandem read with a friend so had to slow down a bit I ve read some of this authors middle grade and YA hello guilty pleasures and was so excited when she was at Book Expo with an adult read this year Plus she was SUPER nice In June I read A LOT of heavier reads historical fiction so I wanted a darker and twister thriller to escape with THE BIRTHDAY GIRL was the PERFECT choice It had darkness, intrigue and characters that you cared about from page 1.The novel tells the story of Elle a woman who from the outside has it all love, children, money, beauty and all that glitters But behind the perfection is a sinister cloud 24 years ago something happened to Elle that affected her and her whole life The novel jumps from Elle present day celebrating her 40th birthday with a party fit for the Queen she is and to two young friends embarking on adulthood Mish and Leo 24 years earlier Mish and Leo are from a trailer park, both girls have fathers who are in and out of prison, mothers who push them and ambition to be better than their circumstances Mish gets an All American boyfriend and seems to be on an upswing but does he really love her or will she always be second best to Leo full name Eleanor and for Leo will she ever be able to tell Mish a secret that could ruin their lives The girls are best friends but look like sisters When jealousy and tragedy change their lives forever how will this affect their future And in present day, how does Elle reconcile that night to stop putting on a persona and jut live When a voice from the past comes into the present how will she keep up her life I loved it and think it was the perfect book at a perfect time

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