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Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa Download Beyond The Miracle Inside The New South Africa Allister Sparks Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In Beyond The Miracle, A Distinguished South African Journalist Provides A Wide Ranging And Unflinching Account Of The First Nine Years Of Democratic Government In South Africa Covering Both The New Regime S Proud Achievements And Its Disappointing Failures, Allister Sparks Looks To South Africa S Future, Asking Whether It Can Overcome Its History And Current Global Trends To Create A Truly Nonracial, Multicultural, And Multiparty Democracy.Sparks Sees South Africa As Facing Many Of The Same Challenges As The Rest Of The World, Especially A Widening Gap Between Rich And Poor, Exacerbated By The Forces Of Globalization While The Transition Government Has Done Much To Establish Democracy And Racial Equality In A Short Time, As Well As Bring Basic Services Such As Clean Water To Millions Who Did Not Have Them Before, Many Blacks Feel It Has Not Done Enough To Redress The Continuing Imbalance Of Wealth In The Country Many Whites, Meanwhile, Feel Disempowered And Confused About What Role They Have To Play As A Racial Minority In A Country They Used To Rule And Regard As Theirs By Divine Right Sparks Also Covers Other Burning Issues, Such As The HIV AIDS Epidemic, High Crime Rates, The Diamond Wars, The Congo Conflict, And The Zimbabwean Land Crisis.Writing Vividly And Often Quite Movingly, Sparks Draws On His Decades Of Journalistic Experience And His Recent Insider Access To Key Figures In The Liberation Government To Take Stock Of Where South Africa Has Been, Where It S Going, And Why The Rest Of The World Should Not Turn Away From This Country Where The First And Third Worlds Meet As Sparks Persuasively Argues, The Success Of Mandela S Vision Of A Peaceful Rainbow Nation Is Crucial Not Just For The Salvation Of Africa, But Also For The World Sparks, A Grandfather Of South African Journalism, Has Fired One Of The First Volleys In The 10 Year Assessment It Is An Even Handed Work, Almost Encyclopedic In Its Breadth Sparks Traverses All The Important Political Terrain Mail GuardianIt Is As Good A Guide To The New South Africa As Any Economist

10 thoughts on “Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa

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    A great overview of the myriad difficulties of starting a democracy Super intriguing and one of the few nonfiction books that I have not been able to put down Gives a great overview of South African history, the end of apartheid, or nationbuilding.

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    Unbelievably expert and well written historical account of South Africa at the cusp of democracy It also has a good eye to the future.

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    A great guide to all the current social and political issues facing this country by one of it s most famous journalists I highly recommend this to anyone traveling to South Africa.

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    This is a great book on the end of Apartheid in South Africa Sparks gives amazing insights.

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