The Chronicles of the Virago Book 1 The Novus PDF/EPUB

The Chronicles of the Virago Book 1 The Novus PDF/EPUB

The Chronicles of the Virago Book 1 The Novus [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Chronicles of the Virago Book 1 The Novus ⚣ Michael Bialys – Makenna Grace Gold is just your average 12 year old girl That is until she is told that she must protect her newborn brother and sister to safeguard the future of the world Armed with a mysterious wea Makenna Grace Gold is just your of the PDF ↠ average year old girl That is until she is told that she must protect her newborn The Chronicles Kindle - brother and sister to safeguard the future of the world Armed with a mysterious weapon three Fairy mentors and a wisecracking earthworm named Fluffy Chronicles of the PDF ✓ Makenna must battle the forces of evil and became a defender for hope Can Makenna truly be ‘The Virago’.

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  1. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    The latest episode of Some Good Book News is up and it features an amazing update from Michael Bialys I'm so happy to be a part of his book journey The Written Review Makenna Grace Gold is about to leave her boring old life behind for the craziness of big sisterhood This entails many many new responsibilities baby sitting extra chores around the house oh and saving the world from death destruction and annihilation She was the Protector The Defender of DefendersShe was the Virago Pretty typical stuff right? The Dark One is the embodiment of evil He desires nothing than to see this world forever plunged into darkness and despair Her twin siblings are the key to the Dark One's power and it's up to her to protect them from any and all harm The problem? Makenna is only twelve years old You? You're the protector the Warrier of Warrors the Defender the Virago? WonderfulDoes he possibly think some common skater girl could defeat us? Au contraire mon ami what the Big Bads don't realize is that this common skater girl is not on her own with the help of three fairies her new best friend and her swordskateboard she will become a force to reckon with The only thing that kinda sucks is her sidekick Harry Potter gets an owl and I get a worm Overall this was a uick fun read The storyline was engaging and honestly the wise cracking worm was my favorite character he was named Fluffy FLUFFY This book did feel a bit predictable and this is partly due to how often I've read this genre but it bugs me a bit when the Chosen One is incredibly beautifulbelovedfastsmartstrong right awayI like to watch my characters struggle and grow rather than being given a weapon and being able to wield it perfectly Or have everyone fawn over themAlso some of the text did fall into the cliche area one of my pet peeves For example Why should I trust you? she called outI don't have time to explain Just trust me please? Honestly In the time it takes for characters to say 'no time to explain' they literally could've given a halfway decent explanationThat being said I think most middle schoolers would enjoy this novel it is fast paced and action packed Makenna is a brave kid and I love Stephen her completely human tag a long companion AND of course this book has Fluffy and I adore him He deserves his own series Thanks Fluffy she said blowing him a kissIf a worm could blush he would have With thanks to the author for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  2. Debra Starr-rockoff Debra Starr-rockoff says:

    Great book for my girls A female heroine fantasy reality and current relatable setting make this a wonderful book to read for all preteen girls Looking forward to the seuel

  3. Patrick Hodges Patrick Hodges says:

    It's been awhile since I read an MG book so when I read the premise for this story I very eagerly snatched it up and read it in only two sittingsMakenna is a typical 12 year old girl just trying to survive middle school while anxiously awaiting the arrival of twin siblings As dark forces swirl around her Makenna soon realizes thanks to three very persistent fairies that she is a Virago the latest of many heroic champions destined to protect the future from those who would destroy it a future that lies in the delicate hands of her newborn siblingsThis was a delightful romp and it has much that preteen girls would enjoy action a heroic girl a cute boy of course and clearly defined bad guys I look forward to reading what Michael Bialys has in store for our intrepid heroine

  4. Terri Terri says:

    The Chronicles of the ViragoBy Michael K BialysPublishAmericaISBN 1424133653Reviewed by Terry South for uality Book ReviewsThe stories main character is Makenna who is your typical 12 year old girl The setting isPasadena CaliforniaIt all begins when Makenna is approached one evening by three fairies who tell her she is to protect her twin siblings from evil forces The fairies arm her with an Armasword which is a powerful mystical weapon Upon their visit they also tell her that she is the chosen one the protector which they call the Virago Her twin brother and sister are born with a gift of goodness and Makenna must protect them from evil this is her uest and so the journey beginsIn this fantasy an earthworm reveals the evil force by name and that name is Sir Seaton It is he who will be on his own uest to locate and destroy the twins preventing them from defeating pure evil in the future Will Makenna discover Sir Seaton among the many disguises? Will she fail or prevail? This is contemporary fantasy at its finest A rich captivating story between good and evil with a picturesue ending where good prevails It is both enchanting and a stimulating read for young readers and offers vivid accounts and memorable characters The story will excite your children and spark their imaginations all while teaching family values Your daughters will be cheering for Makenna and your sons will be captivated and thrilled with the story filled within the pagesThis is a must for children and highly recommended It was a delightful pleasure reviewing this title and look forward to the next in the series

  5. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToocomMakenna Gold is a normal average twelve year old girl living in Southern California So why on earth would fairies appear in her room in the middle of the night with flaming swords no less? Well it turns out that Makenna has been chosen as the Protector the Defender the Warrior of Warriors the Virago Her brand new twin brother and sister are a gift of pure Goodness to the world and it is now Makenna's job to protect them from the pure Evil Unfortunately no one can tell her exactly who or what it is that she should be looking out for Pure Evil has friends everywhere but so does Goodness and none of them wear name tags or signs Between helping with the babies protecting them trying to at least appear to be a normal kid and figuring out who is an enemy and who is a friend Makenna than has her hands full While the flow of the book is somewhat stilted at times it also has some pretty funny moments Evil's minions are Miss Creante and Miss Chevious for example Parts of it were particularly fun for me because it takes place right by where I live And I can say with certainty that anyone who has ever driven around here wouldn't be remotely surprised at the location of the Highway to Hell It may be a little rough going to begin with but once the storyauthor hits their stride the book is off and running It's a uick and entertaining read and looks to be a fun series

  6. Michael Bialys Michael Bialys says:

    you Dream it You can write itActually when writing this book I literally dreamt it then wrote it

  7. Makenna Makenna says:

    One Of my Favorite books Must Read it is awesome

  8. Michael Bialys Michael Bialys says:

    KIRKUS REVIEWIn this debut middle grade fantasy a girl must protect her newborn twin siblings from evil forcesTwelve year old Makenna Grace Gold of the Los Angeles area can’t wait for school tomorrow She’s trying to fall asleep but is excited about the Science Fair where she’ll present homemade sugar crystals Just as Makenna drifts off a trio of fairies appears in her bedroom cousins Bree and Dee Delphine and “Marigold Frith Fairy Prelate” They’ve come to initiate Makenna as The Virago Warrior of Warriors From braids of light and hope they summon the Ancient Weapon which looks like a sword as it bonds with Makenna The girl wakes assuming that she’s dreaming and the fairies explain that her new brother and sister will be born tomorrow They are hope incarnate and Makenna must protect them against villainous forces namely Sir Seaton war profiteer and head of Natasi Industries He sends his beautiful but deadly associates Ms Chevious and Ms Creante from their London headuarters to collect the twins Luckily Makenna can focus the power of the Ancient Weapon as she chooses and she does so through her new lowrider skateboard In his novel Bialys introduces a spunky protagonist who’s fun to root for as she deals with rival classmate and skating champ Heather Stern; the twins’ creepy nanny Ms Revel; and later reptilian demons Aside from the fairies Makenna gets help from Fluffy a talking worm and Stephen Levine a dreamy Canadian transfer student The author reveals that some characters aren’t who they initially appear to be which should keep middle grade audiences alert He also educates as he connects the Virago legacy to King Arthur the monarch’s sword Excalibur and the story of David who felled Goliath with a slingshot The notion that children can change the world by channeling their passion through an object has broad appeal in reality and further potential as a narrative device The finale featuring an actual Highway to Hell should amuse anyone who’s driven in Los Angeles The overall likability of this series opener should secure readership for the seuelThis zany adventure flaunts a heart of gold and a plucky heroinePub Date March 21st 2018ISBN 978 0 692 06098 8Page count 124ppPublisher SelfProgram Kirkus IndieReview Posted Online May 18th 2018

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