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Hayes of the Twenty-third: The Civil War Volunteer Officer PDF Hayes Of The Twenty Third The Civil War Volunteer Officer Author T Harry Williams Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Rutherford B Hayes Became President Of The United States After The Disputed Election Of 1876 But For Hayes The Golden Years Were Not The Four He Spent In The White House But The Four He Served As A Unit Commander In The Civil War It Was As Though He Had Encountered In The War A Largeness Of The Human Spirit, Courage, Generosity, Sacrifice, That Disappeared In The Peace No Matter How High He Went, He Would Always Be Colonel Hayes Of The Twenty Third Ohio Volunteer Regiment From 1861 To 1865 This Is The Exciting Story Of His Part In The Western Virginia Campaign, Chasing The Confederate John Morgan Up And Down The Ohio, And Fighting Under Phil Sheridan In The Shenandoah Valley.

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    This unusual book is an overview of the Civil War history of a man who really wasn t famous during the war, but who became President later Rutherford B Hayes commanded a unit which missed most of the major battles of the Civil War, but which was in some interesting fights nonetheless The 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry fought mainly in what is now West Virginia, as well as in the Shenandoah Valley Hayes was a good officer, but not a great one, and so the book tells a story about a man who never would have been famous just from his military experience Because he was later elected to high office, though, his story has been preserved.The book provides helpful insights into the less famous battles, and ...

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    A typically great Williams book, though I admit it dragged a little when Hayes and the 23rd were mired deep in the mountains of West Virginia Picks up during the Shenandoah Campaign of 1864.

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    Interesting part of the Civil War that is often overlook and the part Rutherford Hayes play in it.

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    Rutherford B Hayes he wanted to be remembered as the Colonel of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry regiment during the Civil War than President of the US.This book, basically a history of the 23rd and Hayes from 1861 1865, was written 50 years ago by the acclaimed historian T.Harry Williams who draws upon Hayes diaries and letters and the Official Records as well as scores of other primary source and secondary source materials.I get the impression that Williams thought Hayes a good man and a good general but was not above pointing out Hayes flaws That is was struck me about the story very even handed.Williams made a point of stating that in the heat of battle different people will observe the same events differently It s up to the historian to try and sift through all of the stories and arrive at an approximation of the trut...

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