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Fornication: The Red Hot Chili Peppers Story Fornication How Can A Band That Started As A Joke Become Of One Music S Most Unstoppable Forces These Sonic Soulmates Have Endured Death, Addictions, An Unstable Line Up And Have Still Managed To Produce Some Of The Most Vital Rock N Roll Of The Past Three Decades Full Description

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    About halfway through but not sure if its worth going further The glorification of self centred people producing music that doesn t grab me with lyrics that seem to be aimed at adolescent boys I made it through the lead singers autobiography and maybe that was enough.Ok, finished it Over all it came across as being overly sycohphantic but of course the target ...

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    Alcune informazioni ripetute e riprese da Scar Tissue , altre notizie particolari e interessanti, bellissime le foto contenute che ripercorrono tutta la storia dei peperoncini.Rimane pi bella l autobiografia di Kiedis, ma a un fan anche questo volume non pu mancare.

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    it was ok this book the begging was lot of info because i didn t know that the ass player went to high school with slash fro GR but in the middle of the book got boring for me.

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