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The Play A Brand New Standalone Novel In The New York Times Bestselling Briar U Series What I Learned After Last Year S Distractions Cost My Hockey Team Our Entire Season No Screwing Up No Screwing, Period As The New Team Captain, I Need A New Philosophy Hockey And School Now, Women Later Which Means That I, Hunter Davenport, Am Officially Going Celibate No Matter How Hard That Makes Things.But There S Nothing In The Rulebook That Says I Can T Be Friends With A Woman And I Won T Lie My New Classmate Demi Davis Is One Cool Chick Her Smart Mouth Is Hot As Hell, And So Is The Rest Of Her, But The Fact That She S Got A Boyfriend Eliminates The Temptation To Touch Her.Except Three Months Into Our Friendship, Demi Is Single And Looking For A Rebound.And She S Making A Play For Me.Avoiding Her Is Impossible We Re Paired Up On A Yearlong School Project, But I M Confident I Can Resist Her We D Never Work, Anyway Our Backgrounds Are Too Different, Our Goals Aren T Aligned, And Her Parents Hate My Guts.Hooking Up Is A Very Bad Idea Now I Just Have To Convince My Body And My Heart.

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    Oct 9, 2019 I think I m going to have to sit with this book for a bit before I rate it On the one hand, I adore Hunter and Demi s friendship and their sloooooow slide to a relationship On the other, some of the details of this book frustrated me and feel off, somehow Mar 14, 2019 I WAS RIGHT This is officially Hunter s book announced on Elle s IG.Feb 21, 2019 It s definitely not about Rupi or Hazel Elle has said we ve never met the girl in The Play It s someone new.Feb 10, 2019 My best guess is that the guy in this book will be Hunter Davenport the freshman Dean works with in The Score Fitzy and Summer s roommate in The Chase or Brooks Weston Summer s friend from prep school mentioned in The Chase Jake Connolly s roommate in The Risk I am leaning toward Hunter based on nothing but a hunch and possibly the tagline I could be wrong, and I m cool with that.Feb 6, 2019 I m only about 20% into The Risk, but I already know I want this one, and I am DYING to know who our main characters will be I have some ideas

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    THE PLAY is the third full length new adult, romance book in Elle Kennedy s Briar U series But can be read as a complete stand alone Spoken in Dual POV s MY REVIEW AND OTHERS can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS 4 SEMI YUP YUP STARS OMG I was so excited when this hit my kindle Other than work, life went on hold After their last disastrous hockey season which all went up in smoke last year, which we read about in The Risk all Hunter wanted to do was put it behind him and vowed to just focus on the game, making it his top priority and thus proving that he s perfect captain material, and to do that entailed he d go celibate until the end game Meaning no girls and a never ending case of blue balls The guys voted me captain I take that responsibility seriously, and I know from personal experience that I have the tendency to let women mess with my head Screwing around got me a broken wrist last year ENTER DEMI..She s Hunters partner in a research project for the year In Hunters eyes she won t be a distraction because for starters she s in a long term relationship and only has eyes for her boyfriend whom she s been dating since the eighth grade, making her off limits and all loved up Which is perfect for Hunter because girls are completely off limits.BUTAll bets are off when Demi s relationship ends and she s wanting a rebound..Nothing ..Nothing less And who better to approach than Hunter She s the player he never saw coming Hunter turns down all her advances, he enjoys their unique, easy going, friendship and doesn t want anything to get in the way of that.SHE UPS THE ANTEBut how long can he stay a monk for when he s attracted to her I m going to tease my friend and hopefully convince him to break his vow. I promised myself I wouldn t hook up this year, and the temptation to break that vow for Demi is overwhelming These two were just perfect for each other, their banter, their sexual chemistry sizzled off the pages, Demi deserved to know how she really should be treated and Hunter was the right man for the job Get ready for all those swoony feels because they are ready to be felt

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    The Play was the perfect NA college novel A friends to lovers romance that was lighthearted, fun, cute and sweet.Honestly, The Play was the perfect example for why I enjoy Elle Kennedy s NA romances so much Lots of jocks, good looking, smart, kind, and funny guys who enjoy college, parties and girls, but also work their asses off on the ice, and off lol And the women are feisty, sassy and smart, and know how to keep the hockey players jocks on their toes.Demi and Hunter were the ultimate couple for a friends to lovers story They had chemistry and fun together They understood and supported each other academically as well as in RL All that stood in their way of MORE was Demi s pesky ex boyfriend and Hunter s celibacy And I must admit, he ROCKED it Way to go Hunter I m also incredibly happy that Hunter finally got his HEA, and even so about his wonderful relationship with the three girls in his life, including Summer There was no leftover friction or conflict about what happened in The Chase One less cliche to worry about.The story went its merry way, a bit predictable but I didn t really care All I cared about was Demi and Hunter, and how much I adored them On top of it, the overall low drama storyline was perfect for getting me out of my semi book slump Because even though I wasn t WOWed by the story, I got exactly what I hoped for An entertaining and light hearted NA sports romance A book I enjoyed reading from beginning to end That kept me captivated, and engaged I honestly couldn t have asked for .ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author The moment our mouths make contact, a hot shiver rolls through me and settles between my legs My dick is thick, heavy against my thigh Motherfucker This kiss is everything THE PLAY is by far my favorite installment of the Briar U series Since the first book, I have been anxiously waiting to get my hands on Hunter Davenport s story I knew that it was not going to disappoint, and I m happy to confirm it was well worth the wait This book was everything I love in a good sports romantic comedy It was funny, sexy, and had main characters who were lovable and had super hot chemistry.Hunter has placed himself on hiatus from sex He s now the captain of Briar U s hockey team and there is no way he wants his man whorish tendencies of the past to mess with the team s chance at making it to the championship It hasn t been easy but he s determined to make hockey his top priority Hunter ends up becoming good friends with Demi Davis, his beautiful partner in his abnormal psych class These two have easy and hilarious banter While Hunter may be attracted to Demi, the fact that she has a boyfriend makes her easily off limits to him But once Demi s relationship ends with her no good cheating ex, the sexual tension that s been building between them becomes nearly impossible to ignore.To Demi s utter frustration, Hunter is holding firm to his vow of celibacy She s tried to seduce him into becoming her sexy rebound but it seems she can t break through his iron will, until one night Hunter is no longer able to control his need for Demi As these two embark on a sexy friends with benefits relationship, old insecurities and fears start to weave their way up front and center Is this only the best sex of their lives or could there be potential for something far greater Here are my overall ratings Hero 5Heroine 5Plot 5Angst 4.5Steam 4.5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 THE PLAY releases on October 7th Those of you who love Elle Kennedy s hysterically funny and off the charts steam hockey romances will not be disappointed.

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    I Loved This The Play might be my new favorite of the Briar U series I freaking adored Hunter and Demi Thanks to the author for generously providing me an ARC to review.

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    I love Elle Kennedy s writing style and I adore her sports series The Off Campus series, is definitely one of my favorites and this spin off is turning out to be one as well I had a blast finally reading Hunter s story and I happy to say that Elle found the perfect girl for him Those of you, who have read the previous book, know all about the fuck up that was last season Hunter, being the team captain of Briar U , is taking things very seriously and personally So he vowed that there would be no distractions, and his solutioncelibacy I must say, that Hunter really did do his best, his balls were as blue as a smurf, yet he persevered Things were pretty much going his way.until he met Demi that is Demi is Hunter s new partner in a class project She is absolutely awesome She beautiful, smart and funny but most importantly, she has a boyfriend She is perfectly safe for Hunter to be friends with, and so they do They become very good friends But what happens when the boyfriend is no longer around and Demi starts opening her eyes to all that is Hunter All bets are off And so the chase begins It was awesome seeing things from a different view for once Usually, we have a man chasing the woman, but this time it was the woman doing the chasing and I must sayshe really did give it her all I has a wonderful time reading this book, though I do advice to read the others in this series, before starting this one I really can t wait to read Connor s story I have a feeling his book is gonna top all the others for me He is already a personal favorite I highly recommend this series An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review

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    LIVE STARS You can t go wrong with Elle Kennedy, I love her books so much and this one is another fantastic read I adore this series and the characters The Play is refreshing and I loved the connection between the characters Everything felt realistic and I liked how things started The romance was one of the best parts in the story Demi and Hunter stole my heart, I enjoyed their sexual tension I had a smile most of the time If you are looking for a captivating story with some funny and sexy moments that will make you swoon and smile this is the book you need

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    Ever since I was introduced to Hunter Davenport in The Chase and how he got his heart broken I couldn t wait to get his book I felt so bad for him and how he behaved in The Risk showed he needed a change In behavior and what he wanted to do in life.In The Play Hunter is celibate and very dedicated to succeeding while focusing on his main goal which is hockey It s going great also when he gets paired up with Demi for Psych class doing a project Their bantering is awesome and so funny I enjoyed every scene with them because they worked so well together As partners on the class project and as friends.Demi has a long time boyfriend which helps Hunter in only seeing Demi as a friend and nothing else When Demi suddenly finds herself single she sets her eyes on Hunter Well, she already had eyes on him prior to being single, acknowledging him as attractive and a great guy but now she wants and can act on it since she s a single woman This results in some laugh out load moments and of course hot as hell scenes Hunter has definitely got his work cut out for him with Demi.The Play is the final book in the Briar U series and it ended with a bang Hunter and Demi are fabulous together and the perfect couple The right woman for Hunter who had to go through so much to find the right woman and love I know this is the final book but damn a Conor book would be amazing news Here s to hoping this isn t the end.4 Semi Monk Stars I received an ARC

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    4.5 STARS You re a fun date This isn t a date She tips her head in challenge Then why are you giving me the Penis Eyes I m not I know Penis Eyes when I see em Elle Kennedy knows how to hit the spot just right when it comes to her addictive NA Sports romance She s able to combine quirky humor with deliciously steamy romance and create page turning books that seems to get better with each new one in this series I know I said this when I finished the The Risk, but I really mean it now when I say that this was my favorite in the series Hunter has been a character that s been on my radar since The Chase My heart went out for the guy after he lost the girl he was interested in to his buddy who swore up and down that he wasn t interested in her We got to see Hunter spiral from that let down and turn into a quite an indiscriminate manwhore The guy went through a stage where any woman that looked his way was game, and it almost cost him than he bargained for Now he s determined to rid himself of temptation by saying no to sex Sex is what got him in trouble so sex is what he ll cut out The answer Celibacy The problem It s easier said than done.When Demi and Hunter first meet in class, Demi thinks he s just like every other hot jock vapid and vain But when an assignment together forces them together, she soon discovers that there s many layers to Hunter than meet the eye He s sweet, funny, and soon becomes a friend and confidant So who better to turn to when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her and needs a rebound to move on Her new buddy, of course Unfortunately Hunter is a lot stubborn when it comes to his celibacy that she thought This guy is funny And he s much cooler than I d thought, definitely not the arrogant asshole I expected him to be I m not gonna lie Hunter Davenport is growing on me. This was such a fun story I love a strong and confident heroine, and Demi was definitely that She s sassy, with a fiery temper, and a super sharp mind I couldn t help but like her immediately This is not a girl that plays game or doesn t speak her mind She says what she means and she means what she says You can t help but appreciate that Hunter was wonderfully multi layered You get to peel back the layers and truly see what makes him tick, and when you begin to get to the true depths of him, you can t help but love the guy There s just something so wonderfully endearing about him I think I loved the friendship between him and Demi almost as much as their budding romance I loved that Demi wasn t afraid to push his buttons to get what she wanted but she didn t play games with him either She s extremely straight forward in what she wants.The romance was a perfectly paced slow burn These two start off as friends with fiery chemistry and it soon turns into something neither of them saw coming I loved seeing the gang from the previous books and catching up with Garrett, Dean and Logan Then there s my favorite crazy duo, Hollis and Rupi, and all of the other wonderful secondary characters I m keeping my fingers crossed that we get Connor s book next I seriously can t get enough of this series ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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