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When We Were Magic A Moving, Darkly Funny Novel About Six Teens Whose Magic Goes Wildly Awry From Magic For Liars Author Sarah Gailey, Who Chuck Wendig Calls An Author To Watch Keeping Your Magic A Secret Is Hard Being In Love With Your Best Friend Is Harder Alexis Has Always Been Able To Rely On Two Things Her Best Friends, And The Magic Powers They All Share Their Secret Is What Brought Them Together, And Their Love For Each Other Is Unshakeable Even When That Love Is Complicated Complicated By Problems Like Jealousy, Or Insecurity, Or Lust Or Love That Unshakeable, Complicated Love Is One Of The Only Things That Doesn T Change On Prom Night When Accidental Magic Goes Sideways And A Boy Winds Up Dead, Alexis And Her Friends Come Together To Try To Right A Terrible Wrong Their First Attempt Fails And Their Second Attempt Fails Even Harder Left With The Remains Of Their Failed Spells And Consequences Than Anyone Could Have Predicted, Each Of Them Must Find A Way To Live With Their Part Of The Story

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    Sarah Gailey wrote books about a queer private investigator with an acerbic sense of humor and no magical powers Magic for Liars and queer librarians on horseback fighting fascism Upright Women Wanted and now queer teen witches involved in some murder It s like they know all my heart s desires or something huh

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    queer witches me match made in heavenside note you have no idea how fuckin happy i am right now all ive ever wanted was a unstoppable girl gang who kiss each other sometimes but are unashamedly themselves GOD IM SO EXCITED

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    in which a group of high school girls face up to the consequences of a disastrous magical accident resulting in a dead boy on prom night and also there are girl friendships and gay witches and also I love this author s short fiction hm yes

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    this book opens with a boy dying because his dick literally explodes, and a girl calling her magical, witch friends to help her hide the body i have a good feeling about this one Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram

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    queer witches and an accidental murder A.K.A sign me tf up __________________________ insta twitter blog booksirens duolingo

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    i trust sarah w my gay life this sounds delightful

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    review on my blog When We Were Magic was a book I was expecting to give 5 stars, but it ultimately didn t mesh well with me The premise had the potential to be a new favourite a full cast of women, diversity in sexuality and ethnicity, magic, tight knit, loyal, loving female friendships, and dark humour but the execution and misleading marketing made it a lacklustre read for me.Alexis and her five friends have one unique thing in common they all possess magical powers On prom night when Alexis accidentally murders the boy she s trying to sleep with, Iris, Paulie, Roya, Marceline, and Maryam come to her rescue However, the spell to remove his body backfires and they leave the prom afterparty with his body parts in duffle bags One by one, they destroy the pieces of his body, but the girls soon discover the magic has equal consequences and they begin losing parts of themselves.I was expecting this to a 5 star read because of the promise of a dark comedy in the same level of Heathers But, of course, it s American humour that isn t really funny to anyone other than that country s inhabitants It s dry, sarcastic, and not laughter inducing in the slightest Though, it definitely holds the same dark comedy qualities as something like Heathers possesses a girl in high school doing immoral things accompanied by the heartbreak of teen angst Think of the quote my teen angst has a body count When We Were Magic begins with Alexis killing a boy after she becomes frustrated with a condom, causing his dick to explode You read that right The book begins with our protagonist blowing someone s dick off Thus, a promise of hilarity and urban fantasy with characters who don t take themselves seriously was promised However, the remainder of the humour relied on being sarcastic instead of being genuinely funny The main character will say something like I want to hold her hand, but I don t Because that would be inappropriate So I definitely don t hold her hand Okay, I m holding her hand Anyway And that s the extent of the humour for the remainder of the book.The main reason I enjoyed When We Were Magic was the depiction of a loving, loyal group of friends These girls all love and support each other unconditionally, even after one of them kills another person It s the epitome of if my best friend killed someone, I d help them bury the body No questions asked I appreciated how they never had idiotic fights or clashed for no reason and stayed loyal no matter what Even when Alexis was insecure about their support with the disposing of the body, thinking there was no reason for them to help her, they reaffirmed they loved her unconditionally.I was only interested in this book because of the promised f f romance since I don t understand the appeal behind witches like everyone else The romance is best friends to lovers between Roya and Alexis, but it doesn t come into fruition until around 85%, which was incredibly disappointing I understand it wanted to focus on the friendship group, but the relationship and complication between the two were established in Chapter One, and then placed on pause until the very end Twitter marketing also suggested this was about friends who sometimes kiss each other , but Alexis kisses one of her other friends once and then decides to stop Again, false advertising.My main issue with the writing was the fact that it was in first person and addressed the audience for a failed comedic effect Whenever we get the first POV, I despise when the narrator refers directly to the reader with something like before you roll your eyes at me I find it cringeworthly, even though its purpose was surely to add humour to the story Though this is a personal preference and I find it difficult to enjoy anything written in this perspective, so take that as something I personally didn t enjoy instead of a fault in the narrative.Consequently, When We Were Magic was disappointing, but its merit is in the rich, wonderful diversity it brings to the Young Adult paranormal genre I d still recommend since others love witches and magic, but it s unfortunate it wasn t a hit for me.rep adopted sapphic main character with two dads, sapphic Afghani main character, f f romance, Muslim main character, sapphic main character, and sapphic minor character

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    The full review can be found at The Book Bratz Thank you so much Simon Pulse and NetGalley for the advanced copy of WHEN WE WERE MAGIC All thoughts and opinions are my own When We Were Magic was the first book I finished in 2020 and I am so happy it is This book is full of such a diverse cast of characters who love and support each other no matter what Plus this book and it s cover scream girl power This story is about a group of witches, like c mon All Alexis wanted to do on prom night was to lose her virginity, maybe it wasn t for the best reasons but that was her plan But when she is in the moment and her magic backfires causing a certain part of Josh explode which ends up killing him Alexis calls her best friends to the rescue Alexis, Roya, Pauli s, Iris, Marceline and Maryam all have one specific thing in common they are magic After a spell goes wrong and their backup plan fails even worse, they must find a way to deal with the problem But when their magic begins to punish them for the failed spells each girl must make it right.I expected When We Were Magic to go in one direction BUT it actually went in a whole other direction that I didn t think it was going to go I expected it to or less to just address the issue of Josh and whether the group of girls where going to be able to bring him back to life When We Were Magic was so much then that It address Alexis friendship with each other girls, her growing feelings for Roya and her own insecurities that she doesn t deserve the love and support that her friends are giving her.I really enjoyed Alexis s character and getting to be inside her head I loved her rationale on certain things and her side comments, it made her feel real to me in a way Through out the novel we see Alexis dealing with the fall out of her decision, the regret, trying to defend it and in the end the tough love that she gets from Maryam about the whole thing Throughout When We Were Magic we see her struggle with the idea that she doesn t deserves her friends help and how they are sacrificing so much for her when they don t need to be I saw a lot of myself when Alexis would think these things because I think the same exact way sometimes.I really enjoyed When We Were Magic and the dynamic of this witchy friend group I m sad to see that their story is over, but I feel like Sarah did a great job in wrapping it up and giving both Alexis and the reader the closure that was needed.If you are looking for a book with a diverse cast, queer girls and some steamy moments, magic and witches then this is the book for you

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    Wow really enjoyed this It was unique and interesting and very memorable Loved the female friendships It had a darkly humorous tone but was also psychologically complex It felt like magic was being used allegorically and maybe as connected to sexuality will have to think on that and look at other reviews to see if anyone agrees with me I do wish the magical elements had been explained a bit , but I feel like this was of a friendship coming of age coming out as queer book that was interwoven with magic supernatural elements Review on my blog Feb 21st Read of my reviews on JenRyland.com Let s be friends on Bookstagram Thanks to the publisher for providing an advance copy for review

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    There were so many things about this story I adored the importance of friendship and family, and the importance of being true to yourself Plus the wit and snark was awesome.Frtc

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