Across the Winding River eBook ã Across the PDF/EPUB

Across the Winding River eBook ã Across the PDF/EPUB

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  1. Karren Sandercock Karren Sandercock says:

    Beth Cohen’s dad Max is 90 and living in an aged care home and one day he asked his daughter to find a box containing his mementos from his time serving as a medic during WW II Of course she has a look at the contents of the box and she discovers a photo of her dad with a pretty pregnant woman and the lady isn’t her mother?1944 Max finished his dental training; he decided to serve his country and joined the army as a medic While stationed in Germany he met a young married woman called Margarethe they had a very short romantic relationship after the war ended he tried to find her he couldn’t he had no idea what happened to Metta and her baby Older Max had one wish; he would like Beth to find out what happened to Metta and her baby After 60 years Beth doesn’t like her chances of finding them and her dad doesn’t even know her last nameJohanna Patterson is Metta’s older sister during WW II engineer in Germany she designed and flew planes Post war Germany was a total mess people lost contact with each other during the chaos and it was difficult to find someone missing Both Max and Johanna separately spent over two years trying to find Margarethe and they had no luck eventually they had no choice and moved on with their lives All three main characters stories are connected you have Max who knows his time is running out and he wants closure Beth who has recently divorced and wants to make the most of her time that she has left with her dad and let him rest in peace knowing what happened to his first love Metta Johanna has married again; she no longer lives in Germany and after 60 years still wants to find her beloved sisterAcross The Winding River's plot is based around Max Metta’s and Johanna’s experiences during WW II; it’s a gripping dual timeline story about war love loss sacrifice destiny persistence and years later still desperately needing to find closure I enjoyed really enjoyed the book Aimie K Ruyan's books never disappoint and fours stars from me I have shared my review on Goodreads NetGalley Twitter Australian Kobo and my blog

  2. Ink Drinker Ink Drinker says:

    A women finds an old photograph in her father's WWII memorabilia and that is where the mystery begins I found it helpful to read the author's notes before I started the book because the book has three timelines and three POV's so can be difficult to keep it all straight at times Reading the author’s notes helped simplify the complexity of the story for me This is a story about family love and loyalty There are many characters and throughout the story you become invested in them all It is a complex and entertaining story based on facts that kept me engaged to the endI would recommend this book if you like WWII genre you won’t be disappointedThank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an ARC in exchange for my review#NetGalley #AcrosstheWindingRiver

  3. Gina Gina says:

    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and I would like to take a moment to thank the publisher and the author for allowing me the opportunity to read this book and leave an unbiased reviewNow that I have the particulars out of the way I am happy to say that this is one fantastic book I loved it start to finishLoosely based on fact this story deftly weaves the connection between three separate point of views and three timelines and it never gets confusion Instead it's like a finely woven piece of cloth that never frays or disappointsOne of the best characters is also one of the main characters whose name is Max In the current time Max is about 90 years old The book includes his reflections of his time many years prior when he was an American Jewish dentist who became a medic in WWII some 60 years agoWhile in Germany Max meets and falls for Margerethe A resistance fighter something about her draws Max and the two fall in loveDue to Aimie K Ruynan's amazing writing ability you will be transported in time back to WWII in Germany You will feel every single emotion available to mankind and it will leave you with very deep feelingsIn the current time Max has asked his daughter Beth to retrieve something from storage a box filled with items he wants to see one time Like many veterans what Max went through during the War is something he does not speak about However Max has kept in touch with the friends he made during the war people who know what went on and they share the heartaches and triumphs when they speak with each otherWe learn that Max joined the war after his beloved mother gave him her blessing to do so following the news that her family in Latvia and so Max's life is changed foreverA great author and a great read

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    A brilliantly plotted and delightfully written family drama about strength secrets and sacrifice SUMMARYBeth Cohen wants to make the most of the time she has left with her elderly father Max He asks his daughter is to go through the long forgotten box of memorabilia from his days as a medic on the Western front Among the war times souvenirs Beth finds a surprising photograph of her father with an adoring beautiful stranger It’s a picture worth a thousand uestions and a journey into the past When Max Blumenthal meets Margarethe the German wife of a Nazi officer his world shifts Margarethe is actually a member of the resistance and their meeting in 1944 in Hürtgen Forest Germany put them both at risk After only one meeting Max is willing to sacrifice everything to be with Margarethe He even secures travel papers for her allowing her to seek amnesty and safety at a border crossingJohanna Schiller is an aeronautical engineer and works for the German aerospace center designing faster safer and agile planes She is one of only two women test pilots at the center In order to keep her job Johanna must prove her heritage in order to receive her honorary Aryan status But politics were changing and for Johanna building deadlier planes to protect German was one thing Creating them to serve Hitler was uite anotherREVIEWAcross the Winding River is a sterling family drama that flows between WWII and the present time It is a brilliantly plotted and delightfully woven story told through three narratives While a slightly challenging read the intersecting narratives makes the story of war love courage and sacrifice powerful My favorite part of the book is authors Aimie Runyan’s portrayal of three women of substance I was particularly enad with Johanna in 1944 and her ceiling shattering career Beth and Margarethe‘s characters also showed strength fortitude and intelligence This portrayal of strong women is exactly what is needed in literature today to serve as role models and counter the stereotypical victim role for women One of the most intriguing aspects of Across the Winding River was that it was inspired by a true story Runyan’s Author’s Notes provides a wealth of information about the basis for story and about Johanna’s character I am extremely appreciative when a historical fiction author takes the time to distinguish between the facts and fiction in the story Runyan does a fabulous job writing to celebrate history’s unsung heroines She is the author of four previous historical novels including Daughters of the Night Sky Girls on the Line Promised to the Crown and Duty to the CrownThanks to Netgalley and Lake Union for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Publisher Lake UnionPublished August 1 2020Review wwwbluestockingreviewscom

  5. Alayne Emmett Alayne Emmett says:

    I loved this book it was wonderful to read I just couldn’t put it down The chapters were short and split into different time lines present day and 1942 1944 It was interesting and at times sad It was the first book I’ve read by this author but I have already downloaded of her books from kindle unlimited A book you can lose yourself in

  6. Erin Erin says:

    Find this and other reviews at can’t remember what I expected going into Aimie K Runyan’s Across the Winding River but the novel surpassed my expectations and surprised me in a variety of waysI am a historical fiction reader and usually appreciate the historical storylines of dual narratives than the modern ones Across the Winding River however proved an exception thanks to the emotional arc Runyan gifted Beth The vulnerability she exudes pulls on the heartstrings and resonates with an authenticity I’ve rarely seen in my reading The thought and care Runyan crafted in this story gave it something special a fact which balanced my natural appreciation for the war era elements of the narrativeJohanna also captured my attention She is a strong and engaging character in her own right but what impressed me was Runyan’s ability to avoid repetition The author tackled women in wartime aviation in her 2018 release Daughters of the Night Sky Runyan’s admiration for this groundbreaking generation is obvious but her ability to channel her esteem into another facet of their accomplishments so completely protected the individuality of both Johanna and Katya even in the eyes of those familiar with her earlier workI’d be remiss in my commentary if I failed to mention Max Some might overlook his arc alongside Beth and Johanna but the resilience he exhibits despite circumstance and his natural affability is truly extraordinary There is a sort of innocence lost element to his experiences and I liked how Runyan chose to illustrate a man who was forever marked by his journey but refused to be broken by itFinally I want to note Metta’s contribution to the narrative Her story plays out in the background of the novel and while I liked what she represents for each of the narrators I can’t deny falling in love with what she symbolizes on the larger scale The intangibility of her voice is a beautiful ode the stories the war obscured and I found Runyan’s acknowledgment of that reality heart wrenchingly beautiful

  7. Sharon Huether Sharon Huether says:

    Beth Cohen's father Max a WWII veteran living in a nursing home What Beth knew of her fathers past was in the old photos he had in a box There was a photo of him and a blond German womana mystery woman Beth wanted to know As the story unfolds there is a time line form 1944 1945 to the present day It's hard for her father to talk of this mystery woman There was a child one the way After the war he had tried to find her and the child but with no successMax meets a woman at the nursing home a Mrs Patterson During their conversation she told Max about her missing sister in Germany This woman Metta was one and the samethe one he was looking forThrough searching the child was found; now an adult David Bauer Beth had a brother When David came to the United States and Met Max He looked so much like Max when Max was youngerFinally Max was at peace finding his sonI won this free book from Goodreads First reads

  8. ABookwormWithWine ABookwormWithWine says:

    Calling all World War II and historical fiction lovers Have I got a book for you Across the Winding River by Aimie K Runyan is such a magnificent story spanning three different timelines and many decades There are three viewpoints in this book Beth in present day 2007 her father Max set during the war and shortly afterwards and Johanna who is an engineer and test pilot for Nazi Germany I absolutely loved how Runyan intertwined all of the stories together and my jaw dropped open than once during the book Since we're dealing with war Across the Winding River is definitely not all sunshine and roses so I was very happy that the author infused it with so much humor I loved that so many parts made me laugh while it was also serious heartbreaking and inspirational as well I also thought it was really cool that there was a character based in the Luftwaffe since that is something I know very little about Two characters one being Johanna are very loosely based on actual women who worked there which was so incredibly interesting I loved the author's note at the back so be sure not to skip that eitherI actually ended up listening to the audio of Across the Winding River and it is truly something you don't want to miss Thanks to this being under the Publishing umbrella which means the audio is Brilliance Audio I was able to get the Kindle version plus audiobook from Kindle Unlimited and I absolutely loved the audio It is narrated by Kathleen Gati Lisa Flanagan and Michael Crouch and they all did such an amazing job It helped me feel like I was right there with the characters and I would gladly listen to this book all over again thanks to them I thought that Runyan did such an amazing job with the complex novel that is Across the Winding River and it made for an addicting read especially with the addition of the mystery I loved so many of the characters and even though she wasn't a POV Johanna's sister Metta was a huge part of this story as well and I loved her so much I can't believe I haven't read a book by this author before but I cannot wait to get to her backlist nowThank you to the author publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advance review copy of this book All opinions and thoughts are my own

  9. Pamela Pamela says:

    Captivating Riveting Emotive Atmospheric Wonderfully narrated I throughly recommend the audio version 'Across the Winding River' is five stars all the way in my estimate Tastefully and authentically writtentold from multifaceted perspectives not often represented in historical fiction The story toggles between present day and WWII and is set in both Germany and San Diego I was fully vested in the storyline atmospheric details all the characters and the human element of moralistic hard choices one is pressed to make during times of war Highly recommended especially as an audio presentation I can easily give this one all the stars Note There is one brief sex scene but it is decorous not graphic in description And there is 2 or maybe 3 non vulgar expletives

  10. Karen Levay Karen Levay says:

    I enjoyed the story a lot and had a real emotional reaction at times The real thing that took away from the plot are several events that just seem unrealistic If I put them aside then I’d rate this book a good 4

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Across the Winding River [Download] ➶ Across the Winding River Author Aimie K. Runyan – A woman unlocks the mystery of her father’s wartime past in a moving novel about secrets sacrifice and the power of love by the bestselling author of Daughters of the Night SkyBeth Cohen wants to ma A woman unlocks the mystery of her father’s wartime past in a moving novel about secrets sacrifice and the power of love by the bestselling author of Daughters of the Night SkyBeth Cohen wants to make the most of the months she has left with her elderly father Max His only reuest of his daughter is to go through the long forgotten box of memorabilia from his days as a medic on the western front Then among his wartime souvenirs Beth finds Across the PDF/EPUB ² a photograph of her father with an adoring and beautiful stranger—a photograph worth a thousand uestionsIt was when Max was drawn into the underground resistance by the fearless German wife of a Nazi officer Together she and Max were willing to risk everything for what they believed was right Ahead of them lay a dangerous romance a dream of escape and a destiny over which neither had controlBut Max isn’t alone in his haunting remembrances of war In a nearby private care home is a fragile German born woman with her own past to share Only when the two women meet does Beth realize how much to her father there is to know all the ways in which his heart still breaks and the closure he needs to heal it.