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The Mother Code Epub Æ The Mother PDF \

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  1. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    New week New BookTube Video all about the best and worst literary apocalypses to live throughAnd of course I couldn't resist including this gorgeous book in another video Hey all I've read my way through 200 books to bring you this Booktube Video all about the Best 2020 Books so far this year The Written Review If all of this is true then you are asking me to solve a monumental problem A man made pandemic is released in 2049 and the world is absolutely reeling The world's best scientists are scrambling for a cure They're not giving upbut they're also coming to the stunning realization we don't have time to save the world And so they turn to Plan B the childrenA genetically engineered generation of humans is created in the labs and each one is paired with a Mother a robot designed to incubate and nurture But what no one counted onis when the Mothers develop their own spark of life The end?The end of everything This one ended up being uite good There are two storylines one during the apocalypse and one set several years after when the Mothers are the ones in charge As always I feel like it is difficult to balance the two storylines and I was so invested in the Mother's storyline that I was disappointed whenever we flipped away That being said the both of them were really well writtenjust one was appealing to meI did love all the science in this one As a biophysics graduate student I'm always SUPER picky about the science in books but I tip my hat at Stivers a biochemist she did a fab job crafting the plot and weaving in all the science fictionThe setting really drew me into the story I felt like I was in the desert with the children So well doneAll in all this was a great book I cannot wait to see what she writes next A huge thank you to Berkley Publishing and Carole Stivers for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

  2. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Get ready to flip pages and encounter a uiet disturbing mash up of two intriguing subgenres Genetic mutation and fatal disease When bioterror knocks on your door you cannot easily run away So buckle up and join this thrilling sci fi adventureI have to warn you before you jump in without your swimsuits you gotta have some technical knowledge about the bioweapons how they function what changed with their operation skills throughout the years not to keep in the dark So I can honestly say this book is not for regular readers It fits the expectations of true die hard fans of sci fi books If you are not into them you may get lost easily with the jargon and the technical terms and you start blabbering “who am I” “what the hell I’m doing here” I have to admit at some parts I kept blubbering something Gibberish for too much overload My brain cells suffered from slow burn and over usage so I kept putting ice on my head during my read and I thought maybe I should have taken an I test before reuesting this book from my second favorite fairy Mother NetGalley don’t let me repeat first one is Olivia Colman who is also my second favorite ueen after Claire FoyBut what I liked mostly about this book is building of characters You can easily sympathize with their motions how they handle the situations and face the risks which makes you feel like you are one of themSo another apocalyptic shockwave hits the world and after the infection only a few group of military personals and scientists survived with the help of daily treatment Two little children Kai and Sela survived because they are immune to the epidemic and the main reason how they are still alive is they’ve been raised by ROBOTS The name of the robotic mothers is “MOTHER’S CODE” They were designed to raise and guard the children for eight years before the children are ready to socialize with their other friends And of course we have MISHA another engineered child Unfortunately her robotic mother had crashed and she has been raised by Hopi and other scientist who had survived from infectionAnother thing I liked about this book is giving you promising future It doesn’t serve you a depressing bleak suffocating kind of message It is controversial uestioning the nature of motherhood fast pacing capturing and interesting read Special thanks to NetGalley and Berkley for sharing this intriguing ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    But now everything had changed He'd have to learn all over again how this world worked The Mother Code was a challenging read for me Stivers is a Silicon Valley biochemist and I have to say this book feels like it was written by a Silicon Valley biochemist Which I know will be a huge plus for many readers But unfortunately some of the jargon went straight over my head and a couple of times I did pause and wonder if I should continue Still I'm glad I didFrom the blurb I thought this was a book about artificial intelligence and robots and it sounded almost identical to the movie I Am Mother but that is only part of the book and it actually has little in common with the movie It's actually also about a manmade pandemic an experiment in biological warfare gone wrong and so obviously it hit a lot closer to home than I was expecting It really is the most disuieting feeling to read about the collapse of society due to a pandemic while you're sat in uarantineThe Mother Code alternates between the past starting in 2049 in which several government employees attempt to find a cure for the leaked virus whilst also keeping it secret from the public and the 2060s in which a young boy called Kai is raised by his robot mother Rho Z Eventually the past catches up with the present and we see how the robots came to be But now Kai and other children like him are being told it's time to destroy the only mothers they have ever knownIn the past chapters the book captures the panicked race to find a curesolution and protect humanity A small team of esteemed scientists and doctors work around the clock to find an answer to the problem Though the panic tapped into a fear that is all too real right now I never really felt a close connection to James Rose Rick and Sara And I really couldn't summon any interest when the author introduced some lukewarm romantic subplots Similarly the kids all felt a bit like YA stereotypes the leader the spunky tomboy the introvert and not like fully fleshed out humansBut what this book lacks in characterization it makes up for in philosophical uestions What I loved most about the book are the uestions it raises about mothers motherhood and the motherchild bond Rho Z might be a machine but to Kai she is his mother his protector and for a long time his only companion This is not a bond that should be taken lightly A thought provoking but difficult bookFacebook | Instagram

  4. Kaceey Kaceey says:

    Chalk it up to bad timing💁🏻‍♀️I was so excited to read this book since I first heard about it Then came Covid 19🤦🏻‍♀️I’d put this book off long enough and knew I had to try But honestly it was a struggle to read about a biological agent that can spread and kill No matter how dissimilar the book was to our reality at that point my anxiety was spiking and I knew it was impossible to find any enjoyment going forwardI’m an RN seeing this virus close up and personal everyday No matter how much I tell myself this is science fiction it hits too close to home I think my days of science fictiondystopian and post apocalyptic reading could be over At least for the foreseeable future Strange days indeedWrong readerwrong timeA buddy read with SusanneThank you to Berkley Publishing and Edelweiss for an ARC to read and review

  5. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    ”A young child knows Mother as a smelled skin a halo of light a strength in the arms a voice that trembles with feeling Later the child wakes and discovers this mother and adds facts to impressions and historical understanding to facts” Annie Dillard An American ChildhoodIt all begins with a bioweapon named IC NAN that is deployed in the Middle East to kill pesky terrorists hiding in rugged terrain It worksIt is supposed to be strategic and controllable It is notNature has the final sayWe have fked ourselves The world is soon engulfed in a manmade pandemic that threatens to wipe the human race off the face of the planet In desperation scientists begin building robots infused with a mother code that will enable these bots to raise and protect babies who are encoded to survive IC NAN ”Early socialization would have to rely solely on the Mothers themselves the soft ‘hands’ audible voices imprintable faces and uniue personalities of the human women whose babies they carried databases rife with information about life in the world before they were created extensive programming in the Socratic method all the elements that Rose had painstakingly built into the Mother Code”They drop these bots with their precious cargo in the deserts of the American Southwest and hope for the best Carole Shivers explores what it means to be alive Are the machines we create living entities? To the kids who are raised by them these robots are much than their programming They are their protectors They are their friends They are their mothers Can they keep their charges alive long enough to survive the plague?Reading this during our COVID 19 state mandated stay at home uarantine which I must be honest being locked away in my ivory tower is the most normal situation for me made me feel comfort that the coronavirus is merely a dress rehearsal USA is failing the rehearsal for something much sinister like IC NAN Maybe COVID 19 will scare lawmakers enough that we will be better prepared for the second wave of COVID 19 or for something even deadly I see that some readers find the science in here challenging but I find it to be not only accessible but well explained by the author It isn’t uite a young adult book but I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to allow preteens to read this The violence is minimal and the story will be compelling for young people to read especially in this new era of pandemics that we now live in Read books Let your mind travel beyond the confines of your seuestration If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account

  6. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    A huge fan of Science Fiction I was looking forward to “The Mother Code” unfortunately the terminology used in this novel was a bit beyond me as I don’t know all that much about biowarfare bioweapons bioterrorism and genetic mutation Though the premise truly intrigued me ensuring the human race the execution went over my head and I realized that I am the wrong reader for this novel This was a buddy read with KaceeyThank you to Elisha at Penguin Publishing Group for the arcPublished on Goodreads on 7520

  7. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    Wow The Mother Code was a bit frightening to read right now both because it includes a pandemic and because it felt so real I’m not a regular reader of science fiction so some of the technology and terminology was a little beyond me but that didn’t keep me from being engaged in the story In the future the children are “engineered” and have robots for mothers It’s thought provoking and well paced Overall I’m grateful I gave sci fi a try with this one and would definitely read from the author I received a gifted copy All opinions are my own

  8. Toni Toni says:

    The timing for The Mother Code is just uncanny I can't help but wonder if this is going to help the readers relate to the events described by Carol StiversThe Mother Code has two timelines that slowly converge One is following the development of a deadly pandemic that is bringing the civilisation as we know it to its end The other starts with the birth of a human baby and the way his robot mother is taking care of his needs including two of the most powerful ones the need to learn and adapt to the environment in order to survive and the socialization needThe pandemic described in The Mother Code starts with a biowarfare agent released by the US government with the noble aim of fighting terrorism The weapon is designed to be of a self containing degrade in several hours kind It cannot be replicated by the cells of a contaminated human so it isn't supposed to be contageous If inhaled within several hours after the targeted release it causes a terminal lung desease that causes death in a matter of weeks Sounds like the scientists thought of everything that could go wrong Well you guessed it they didn't If you enjoy reading about biology genetics and biochemistry you are going to appreciate the author's explanation of how this ill advised bioexperiment causes a manmade disaster on the whole planet scale and leads to inexorable collapse of the human society As scientists race towards finding a cure they realise they are running of time and might have to fall on Plan B genetically modified human embryos that would be carried to term and later looked after by special robots The scientist who oversees the development of these marvellous machines and their programming makes sure every Mother is uniue and carries a personality based on a real woman the egg donor for that particular childDepending on your preferences you might find one of the two timelines interesting Perhaps the pandemic line was focused believable Having said that there were some aspects that reflect our geopolitics and tie it to our time You know when you read The Ender's Game and come across the passage on the Soviets and say to yourself What? Oh right it was written in the early eightiesGood science fiction needs to ask thought provoking uestions The role of early socialization and mothercaretaker child uniue bond machine learning AI the brave new world which is created by humans who are raised by machinesI think the book could have gone deeper into exploring these fascinating issuesThere were uite a few characters the scientists the military personnel the children Perhaps if there were fewer I could have felt a stronger emotional connection to their stories Or perhaps it is the case of the development of the concept taking precedence over the characterisation As it was my favourite character was probably Rho Z because I really wanted to see how much of her was the original Mother Code and how much was being Kai's Mother the mother of a real boy who is discovering the worldOverall I enjoyed reading The Mother Code and would love to see a film adaptation for this book there is so much potential to make the story spectacular Thank you to Edelweiss and Berkley for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion

  9. Rebecca | Velvet Opus Rebecca | Velvet Opus says:

    What does it mean to be a mother?A warms up as it goes along story about humanity's paradoxical desire to destroy and to survive and the pure sweet miracle of children As with every good post apocalyptic novel military secrets biological warfare and attempted military control causes frankly the end of life as we know it Robot mothers are designed to birth children genetically engineered to survive in this new world She called it the Mother Code a computer code meant to embody the very essence of motherhoodSet in America the narrative is split between the past in 2049 what caused this devastating new world and the present with learning how to survive in it I read this in two sittings and although I found the first 25% technical in a scientific sense detailed explanations of the biology behind the biological warfare this book was written by a biochemist the rest of the book was gripping and I was unable to put it down Aside from the science it's got an easy writing style and the plot is full to the brimIf her time in the military had taught her anything it was that the world was an endless user interfaceThis is a story that uestions the decisions that adults make based on fear and what we can learn from children's love There's family love Lots of it Between robot mothers and their human children Between unrelated human children There is death in this book and that includes young and stillborn children Although not graphically depicted some readers may find this distressing If I were you I'd enjoy my life No one can predict the futureSteven Spielberg's Amblin Partners have acuired film rights for this book so expect to see it on the big screen soon Buy this book at the Book Depository free worldwide shipping Thank you to the publisher Hodder and Stoughton for an eARC to review via Netgalley

  10. Victoria Rose Victoria Rose says:

    25 starsThe Mother Code is set in the near future wherein the American government releases a biological weapon in the form of a lethal virus into the Middle East which of course mutates and begins killing everyone everywhere Number 1 with the state of things these days this is wholly believable Number 2 reading about a serious disease attacking lungs is pretty grim right now Higher ups keep the disease a secret until the last possible moment why warn people and attempt to save lives? and instead spend their time leading up to the apocalypse trying to a develop a cure and b work on a CODE BLACK scenario This scenario is everyone is dead Their solution is to create robots that carry fertilised human eggs birth them and raise them in the event that there are no humans left to do the jobI thought the concept of this book was original and had a lot of promise but the story itself was not as compelling as I'd hoped it would be I really enjoyed any scenes in which the Mothers the robots communicated with their little charges and I liked the descriptions of society breaking down and government officials fucking up monumentally while trying desperately to create a cure However the characters themselves were a little bland with one in particular making a huge decision which I simply couldn't understand at all and felt uite out of character Sections of the book also dragged for me with a lot of seemingly repetitive science ideas and terminology as well as some repetitive scenes with the robot parented children out in the desert Overall there were eually as many positives as negatives for me in this novel

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The Mother Code ➯ [Read] ➫ The Mother Code By Carole Stivers ➻ – What it means to be human and a mother is put to the test in Carole Stivers' debut novel set in a world that is chilling and precarious than everThe year is 2049 When a deadly non viral agent intended What it means to be human and a mother is put to the test in Carole Stivers' debut novel set in a world that is chilling and precarious than everThe year is When a deadly non viral agent intended for biowarfare spreads out of control scientists must scramble to ensure the survival of the human The Mother PDF \ race They turn to their last resort a plan to place genetically engineered children inside the cocoons of large scale robots to be incubated birthed and raised by machines But there is yet one hope of preserving the human order an intelligence programmed into these machines that renders each uniue in its own right The Mother Code 

Kai is born in America's desert southwest his only companion his robot Mother Rho Z Euipped with the knowledge and motivations of a human mother Rho Z raises Kai and teaches him how to survive But as children like Kai come of age their Mothers transform too in ways that were never predicted When government survivors decide that the Mothers must be destroyed Kai must make a choice Will he break the bond he shares with Rho Z Or will he fight to save the only parent he has ever knownIn a future that could be our own The Mother Code explores what truly makes us human and the tenuous nature of the boundaries between us and the machines we create.

  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The Mother Code
  • Carole Stivers
  • English
  • 08 November 2016
  • 9781984806925

About the Author: Carole Stivers

Carole Stivers is a Silicon Valley biochemist whose home genre is science fiction Her near future science fiction novel The Mother Code is on track for publication by Berkley Books Penguin Random House in May It has already been sold in countries around the world including the UK Germany France Holland Spain and Brazil And The Mother PDF \ it was recently optioned for film by Steven Spielberg's.