Lola's Luck: My Life Among the California Gypsies eBook

Lola's Luck: My Life Among the California Gypsies eBook

Lola's Luck: My Life Among the California Gypsies [Download] ➾ Lola's Luck: My Life Among the California Gypsies By Carol Miller – A wild and bittersweet adventure into a world none but Machvaia Gypsies know Susan Sarandon Gypsies in America are hidden With estimates between fifty thousand and over a million the Gypsy population A wild and bittersweet My Life ePUB ☆ adventure into a world none but Machvaia Gypsies know Susan Sarandon Gypsies in America are hidden With estimates between fifty thousand and over a million the Gypsy population is as mysterious as their ways and vast amounts of misinformation swirl around them Lola's Luck peers behind the curtain past the paisley Lola's Luck: eBook  walls and twinkling lights to find an expert advisor on love business and marriage Lola's Luck introduces a remarkable woman who drew a young anthropologist into her colorful society changing her life A true story of luck kinship love and an entire world hidden from view Lola's Luck is a stunning personal memoir of life among Luck: My Life Kindle ´ the Gypsies of America Here is a fresh response to the stereotypes that surround a traditional culture trying to keep itself alive in the face of American values In the end it is Lola's story the story of the world that is riveting Hand on hip heart as big as the widest space a Gypsy yes Luck: My Life Among the Epub / and a ueen.

  • Paperback
  • 225 pages
  • Lola's Luck: My Life Among the California Gypsies
  • Carol Miller
  • English
  • 13 March 2014
  • 9781934848005

10 thoughts on “Lola's Luck: My Life Among the California Gypsies

  1. Julie Julie says:

    It's not this book's faultI've just been reading so many GREAT books that this one was pale in comparison On another day who knows I might have really liked it Carol Miller tells of completing her thesis on gypsies and all of the things that happen during her research she immerses herself in their culture including having an affair with a married gypsy I just got a little bored with the retelling of her story While some of the characters were colorful the telling was no so much The Seattle Times raved about this bookI wasn't as impressed as they were

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    I read this when I was writing my first novel I wanted details about gypsy culture Some understandings outside of the dictionary the stories of friends or the Internet This author offered a closer view of one family Miller's spirit and recall of cultural details white and Machvaian were addicting I identified with her dilemma heavily from my days studying anthropological ethnography in university Those advanced courses cast a new light of comprehension on the entire book for meReading about her willful penetration into the lives of an exclusive culture made me cringe but also feel sad for her experience In total I'm sure that Miller looks back and regrets nothing and in the same way I only remember this novel fondly as summertime immersion in a New Mexico library's rose garden Some lines are better to cross than stand there staring at the rest of your lifeI throughly enjoyed this thanks for writing it

  3. Alice Alice says:

    Gypsy Philosophy of Living LifeAn American student working on her master's degree in Anthropology decides to study the culture of the American Gypsies She starts with a local gypsy fortune teller who allows her to hang around but is otherwise unhelpful Later another older and flamboyant woman enters and immediately inserts herself into the the student's life with joy and flare as she arranges a car ride home This is Lola a amazing person who is not only the entry into gypsy culture but also a great friend and lifelong guide Here the book becomes three parts a record of gypsy beliefs rituals and culture; a great story about Lola a woman who is truly alive; and a personal story about a young American woman lost between two cultures and a obsessive love affairThis is a great read although some would condemn some of the choices made It is the failures and suffering that finally lead to wisdom And in between the harshness of life Lola's philosophy is a fine approach I am pleased to have met Lola through this book

  4. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    I understand this book was meant to be about the gypsies and not about the author's struggles or self realization But she annoyed me throughout the book and left a sour taste in my mouth Perhaps it was the part that came near the end of the book where she stated she couldn't be like her lover's wife she couldn't destroy her health her safety or the lives of her children But a major part of the book is her doing just that The story of her relationship with her Machvaia lover is essential to her understanding of the Gypsies she is attempting to study only in the way he interacts with both the Gypsies and the outside world I would have liked knowing about Lola and the other characters than the author's reactions to a situation she got herself into

  5. Erica Erica says:

    A memoir about the author’s experiences with an extended Machvaia gypsy family in Seattle and California starting in the 1960’s I would have liked this book better if it had some structure to it chapters on the author’s background Lola’s background the gypsy notion of luck and its relation to weather and health rituals like the Saint’s Day celebrations and funerals or the gender roles and the way they expand and confine women’s roles in gypsy society All this information is in the book but it has to be winnowed out from the true focus and unfortunately the least appealing part the author’s affair with one of her married informants

  6. Linda Linda says:

    The title drew me in I thought I might learn some enlightening details about this exotic vilified and closed community If you have ever encountered then they can be facsinating Instead I got a rambling account of a very young naive anthropologist's foray into one gypsy family who never uite accepted her and most certainly did not give her much information She basically used them to live a fantasy of escaping her previous life Far too much of the book is about her 13 year affair with one married gypsy man Overly romanticized and shallow I say skip it

  7. Bhan13 Bhan13 says:

    Initially I was disappointed with this book because I had expected that since the author is an anthropologist it would be academic thorough and organized As a memoir of a lengthy involvement with and immersion in another culture it was okay it could have used some tidying up from an editor In general I love hearing the voice of an Outsider it is what make Traveller's Tales so interesting

  8. Monty Monty says:

    This memoir is not the best literature but was well worth reading for the information about some west coast Roma and for the candid way the author revealed her life in relationship with her Roma friends Frankly other than a few times where the story dragged I couldn't put the book down

  9. Drew Drew says:

    This is a fascinating tale of life among America's Rom gypsy culture It's also the story of an anthropologist who went native a cautionary tale of trying to be something you're not I heartily recommend this book

  10. Britta Stumpp Britta Stumpp says:

    A book about Gypsies in America I ordered it through ILLiad I love Interlibrary Loans ;0

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