Midnight Sun PDF/EPUB å Hardcover

Midnight Sun PDF/EPUB å Hardcover

Midnight Sun [EPUB] ✰ Midnight Sun ✶ Stephenie Meyer – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight an iconic love story was born But until now fans have heard only Bella's side of the story At last readers can experience Edward's version in the long When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight an iconic love story was born But until now fans have heard only Bella's side of the story At last readers can experience Edward's version in the long awaited companion novel Midnight SunThis unforgettable tale as told through Edward's eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire As we learn fascinating details about Edward's past and the complexity of his inner thoughts we understand why this is the defining struggle of his life How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into danger.

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  1. Angelica Angelica says:

    I have never in my 23 years of life been excited to read a book and I am not ashamed I loved reading this but I didn't necessarily love this book But bear with me I will explainThis book isn't perfect and I didn't expect it to be It has many of the major criticized flaws of Twilight has in terms of instalove and uestionable romance  It is a Twilight novel after all and if you're one of those people that absolutely hate sparkly vampires and all that comes with them this is not the book for you This book was written for the Twihards It was written for everyone that had been eagerly awaiting this installment for a decade For those of us who recognize Twilight's flaws but love it nonetheless So if you know that you're going to hate it don't read it for the lolz and ruin it for those of us who care about it Please That's all I askThat said Midnight Sun is 'technically' better than Twilight Meyer's prose has grown and greatly improved in the past 15 years since Twilight first came out Many of us have laughed at infamous Twilight lines such as “Aro laughed Ha ha ha he giggled”Which is a misuote by the way It's actually  “Aro started to laugh “Ha ha ha” he chuckled” In New Moon chapter 21Thankfully we've grown past that mess in Midnight Sun The writing was surprisingly actually of my favorite parts of this bookWhen it comes to plot this is literally the same as Twilight Don't go expecting a new story because you won't get one What you will get is a new version of it with far detail and development than we see in the original novel Meyer took the opportunity in this book to expand and develop a lot of things that were left vague before and I really appreciate that The vampire world seems bigger here the characters seem like they could possibly with some effort be real peopleCharacter wise I really liked this book and consider it a good contribution to the Twilight Saga I am extremely biased as I have always been #TeamEdward but I genuinely enjoyed the look into Edward's thoughts He is still a vampire stalker but he is also shockingly self aware and not nearly as perfect as Bella thinks Seeing him through Bella's POV made Edward seem distant and otherworldly and entirely without flaw Seeing his own mind shows he's a flawed complex mess of a person It makes him a bit human than beforeShockingly the biggest surprise for me in this book was Bella herself as she too appears human in this book than in Twilight Don't get me wrong Bella is still the most special of all special snowflakes but through Edward's eyes you see she actually has a personality There are conversations between the two characters that are only alluded to and skipped over in Twilight which were fully fleshed out in this book Perhaps it's because in Twilight Bella was too infatuated with Edward to pay attention to small trivial conversations In Midnight Sun Edward is so infatuated with Bella that he considers all those trivial conversations vital to her character Either way Bella's personality her likes and dislikes get explored here in a way that wasn't in the original novel It makes her less blandAll the other characters are also shown in greater depth in this book mostly the Cullen clan This is because Edward can read their minds and therefore see their true selves and hidden motives while Bella's POV was blinded by their beauty and perceived perfection Emmett was my favorite because he was the only one aware of the fact that Edward was clearly crazyI will say this though it sucks that all the human characters lowkey suck I mean they sucked in Twilight too we just didn't realize how much All of Bella's friends are lying jealous horrible people and it sucks that Meyer chose to portray them like that for the sake of making Bella appear even special Even Rosalie who has a genuinely horrifying tragic backstory of being used and abused and left for dead is reduced to a horrible jealous mean girl and I didn't like thatIn the end this book was good and I highly recommend it to any Twilight fan Keep in mind that this is literally the plot of the original Twilight Don't expect anything new or innovative just a fresh perspective That said I promise you this perspective will not disappoint Still I must admit there were points in which the book felt overly long I kept waiting for certain things to happen and would get annoyed when I realized how early on in the story I still was despite having read so many pages this is a 658 page 240k word novel But  I attribute this to knowing all the major plot points from Twilight I was waiting for things to occur waiting for my favorite scenes to come up and waiting finally for the action to happenIt is one of the reasons why my rating cannot be higher than what I gave it This book could never measure up to Twilight for me My love for that book is based on an emotional attachment to the story rather than the uality or general readability of the novel Unfortunately I have no such attachment to this book While I liked this book I know that had this not been a Twilight novel a part of the saga that I have loved for so long I would not have found it nearly as enjoyableAnd yet having read this I somehow feel complete I have been waiting for this book for a decade and I am so happy that I could finally get my hands on it I can die happy in knowing that my last impression of Twilight wasn't that awful  Life and Death gender bent nonsense Seriously Life and Death was a trash novel  Midnight Sun on the other hand was everything I expected it to be#TeamEdwardFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr || Pinterest

  2. chan ☆ chan ☆ says:

    i would like to thank not only god but mormon jesus for bestowing this gift upon me in the year of our lord 2020let's all stand for 672 pages of murderous horny edward reviewi had no idea going into this book what i wanted it to be i read the original 12 leaked chapters back in the day and just like everyone else i craved an entire tome but i am so glad that we didn't get the release 12 years ago the wait was undoubtedly worth itthis book delivered every unanswered uestion every charming moment with side characters every aching piece of internal dialogue from edward we get to see edward at his most depraved his most happy his most anxious we get to experience him falling in love and it all made so much sense if you find yourself wondering upon reread of twilight why the two fall so uickly i feel like this book answers that uestion and for all detractors of edward i think we get a really convincing look at his attitude toward his relationship with bella ie consent respect kingin short it was everything that a fan could hope for my adoration for this book is without end and my love for this series much like edward's love for bella is eternal also if you love the twilight series i think it's important to know that the real uileute Tribe hasn't received any compensation from either Stephenie Meyer or the seriesmoviesmerch despite their culture and legends being misappropriated in the books currently the Tribe is trying to move some of their buildings such as their Tribal school to higher ground because they are in a tsunami zone here's a link to understand to donate

  3. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    Just did my BookTube Reading Vlog all about this GORGEOUS addition to the Twilight family Click the link to check it out And Now for my reactions I'M HYPERVENTILATING MY TEENAGE SELF IS DYING NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME UPDATE Publication Daaaay I might have the book at home but I can't wait that long Fck itGoodbye money Hello audiobookAnother UpdateThis book made my heart happy It was everything I had hoped for in Edward's perspective

  4. Mirta (secretlifeofapotterheadgirl) Mirta (secretlifeofapotterheadgirl) says:

    Publication Day My 13th self OMG I CAN’T WAITMy now self sipping coffee and scrolling Goodreads I’m just here for the dramaMy 13th self OMG IT'S HAPPENING I LUV EDWARD CULLEN SO MUCH111My now self We won't read this book My 13th self Are you crazy?????My now self Edward is a stalker My 13th self NOOOOO HE'S PERFECTTTTTTTTTTT11 My now self He's a Tamlin My 13th self He's a what?? My now self A Tamlin My 13th self I don't care I want to be Bella and marry Edward11 My now self Bella is awful she's a poor version of a character She exist to marry Edward She had no other goals My 13th self YOU OWN ME Mt now self Ok but I will write the status update At least this will be fun My 13th self TEAM EDWARDDDDDDDD111 My now self My 13th self Do you still have our bite me necklace?

  5. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    Wanna know if this book is worth it? I got youHere are my thoughts all the cringy Edward moments and new infos

  6. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI was still a teenager when I first read TWILIGHT and now I am well not a teenager obviously Beware kiddos who follow me one day you too will be one of the olds Since that first initial read I've reread TWILIGHT a handful of times and each time I've felt a little differently about it as my thoughts about feminism young adult fiction and romances slowly changed and evolved with my own self identification over time I eventually settled on a sort of affectionate resignation No TWILIGHT won't be winning any female empowerment awards and it's all too easy to make fun of whether it's vampire baseball sparkling in the sunlight or the infamous misuse of the word nattering But it was a book written by a woman for young girls that somehow became overwhelmingly popular and a cultural phenomenon and women really didn't get to have a lot of things like that Most things in pop culture are created by dudes from the perspective of the male gaze so it was refreshing to see a romance novel become so inescapably popular that it gained a firm toehold in the fantasyparanormal literary canon foreverEven if the heroine was a klutz with zero self preservationI actually read the original version of MIDNIGHT SUN back when it was still available to read for free on Stephenie Meyer's website I remember when she first announced the project she got so much backlash for it and everyone said she was greedymilking the cash cowetc and yet radio silence when every other romance author decided to copy her and write POVs from their own abusive heroes' perspectives I remember there was a lot of drama because someone had leaked the chapters and they were circulating the internet and Meyer was mad and said something like I'm not going to write this any because if I did I'd let James win and kill off all the Cullens And in a final so there she had posted a PDF version of the leaked chapters on her own website Which yikes Not yikes to Meyer but just yikes because I honestly felt so bad for her at the time getting all that hate and then someone screwing her over like that I'd probably want to red wedding my own characters too at that point So I read the 12 chapters on Meyers' website and went on with my lifeUntil our year of 2020 when Meyer announced to the world that she would FINALLY be publishing MIDNIGHT SUN the rewrite that nobody asked for Or um wait actually I think LIFE AND DEATH was probably the rewrite that nobody asked for Anyway people took in this news and basically lumped in with the general craziness of 2020 but they also had Thoughts I had Thoughts Namely1 Ummm okay that's great and all but WHAT ABOUT THE HOST SEUELS2 And why does that cover make me so uncomfortable? It looks soooo sexual3 There is no way that this is going to be good but I am a trash can we all know that I'm a trash can and TWILIGHT was my shit back in the day so we all know I'm totes mcgoats reading this4 I REGRET NOTHING5 Does this mean that vampires are FINALLY becoming popular again?6 Just kidding That was a trick uestion because we all know vampires never leftAnyway I finally got my hands on this book and managed to read it in a day with some skimming and all I can say is HOLY HELL WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT WHAT A CREEPS MCDEEPS EDWARD IS Like yikes If you thought he was problematic and patriarchal in the firsts four books grab a blowtorch and some mace because he takes stalking and problematic behavior to serial killer heights Where it's methodically breaking down how he would go about meticulously snapping the necks and killing everyone in his biology lab in order to get to Bella while her blood is still warm or stealing what I believe was her house key some kind of key while sniffing her hair and then OILING HER WINDOW TO MAKE IT EASIER TO SNEAK INTO TO WATCH HER SLEEP Edward is the King of Creepy And what makes it worse is that he knows what he is doing is creepy and he literally does not careAnother thing that I found really funny in this book is how Stephenie Meyer really tries to give us a reason as to 1 why every single heterosexual man with a functional penis pants after Bella in the books and 2 belatedly and retroactively tries to infuse her with a personality What results is that we are treated through Edward's psychic powers of the inner monologues of EVERY MAN in this book who finds Bella attractive and told over and over again how dazzling how stunning she is that she leaves boys literally unable to think while speaking with her and she doesn't even know it Bella dramatically understates her own worth and Edward finds this so charming compelling and appealing that he has taken it upon himself to act as appraiser Which is gross But gross is a recurring theme in this book just as another recurring theme in this book is every attractive woman who actually knows she's attractive being repeatedly looked down upon rejected and shamedWoo feminismThrough Edward's eyes we're told how selfless and good Bella is They have a conversation that definitely wasn't in the first book and felt about twenty pages long I think it was actually ten in which Edward asks Bella all of her favorite things and she answers so we learn her favorite flower dahlia candy black licorice and sour patch is she an old lady?? and ALL OF HER FAVORITE BOOKS which we already kind of knew about from the previous four books but now in addition to the Jane Eyres and Jane Austens we're informed that she loves Robin McKinley and the Dragonriders of Pern series and oh yes Agatha Christie She's BRANCHED OUTI must say this book felt about a thousand times longer than it actually was In addition to the long odes to Bella courtesy of Edward's being psychic we're also treated to long and waxing odes of how rich attractive and amazing Edward is courtesy of his being psychic One creepy thing in this book which I'm really not seeing mentioned in the reviews of this book is how Edward allegedly looks seventeen and yet a number of older women adult women in this book are panting after him and fantasizing over him EVEN THOUGH HE IS A TEENAGER I'm sorry that's gross That's just as gross as a one hundred and four year old man panting after a teenagerWhich is another thing that makes this book creepy Being inside Edward's head we find out just how uneual their relationship is Edward holds two medical degrees and is over a century old and yet he doesn't like women of his own age and doesn't like women who have sexual agency they seem to make him feel some weird mix of scorn and shame Instead he goes to a high school where he sneers at the biology teacher for not knowing as much as he does with his sniff two medical degrees and tunes in to his fellow high school students like he's watching a soap opera on the radio Like why?? If I was an immortal psychic vampire high school is the literally last place I would go I'd be on a remote island somewhere with my own personal library or travel the world I certainly would not be looking at lab slides and writing out prophase anaphase interphaseTWILIGHT works because it's written allegedly from the perspective of a teenage girl who doesn't feel like she fits in who feels like she's mature for her peers who feels like she sacrifices endlessly and nobody knows it and she doesn't want people to know it but also she does She whines about attention while craving it and even though she's annoying she is also a perfect stand in for the walking irrational paradox that many teenage girls and boys and people are It works And how many of us told that things will get better in college haven't innocently fantasized about a dashing older man or woman who would sweep us away from high school and tell us we're special and also a secret princess or heiress or faerie ueen or whatever? Everyone wants to be special especially people who are not So even though TWILIGHT doesn't really make sense and Edward is ridiculous and toxic AF the fantasy is appealing because it taps into Bella's desire to be seen and yes specialMIDNIGHT SUN however doesn't work because it rips the sparkly tablecloth off that fantasy revealing the horrors underneath Edward is dangerous He's a stalker he's a bit of a psychopath he has anger issues he's jealous he's possessive and he's one hundred and four years old and in love with a teenager and because of that discrepancy he feels like he knows what he wants better than she does because he's an adult and she's the irrational and naive teenager In this book it's no longer romantic; it's creepy As we see Edward not through Bella's rosy lenses but through Edward's own we realize just how creepy he is So if this was an attempt to rationalize and humanize Edward's behaviors it failed because it only served to make him 10x creepier But if this was Meyer's attempt to be like ha ha you want dark?? I'll give you DARK then she succeeded because man Edward is super scary and I want no part of him Team Jacob all the way thanks At least he's her own ageThe only thing this book really succeeded at was filling in some of the bizarre plot holes from TWILIGHT such as why the tracker didn't recognize what Bella was right away at the baseball game and why between Alice's mind reading and Edward's psychic powers Bella ended up having so much bad shit happen to her in this first book anyway I didn't ask for MIDNIGHT SUN and I'm not really sure it adds anything of real value to the series apart from doubling down on the Edward is Creepy vibes from the previous book while trying to ret con Bella's vapid schoolmarmish character based on criticism from the first four books Only one of those things was successful though and I don't think it was the one that the author was going for sadly15 to 2 stars

  7. TheBibliotheque ♡ TheBibliotheque ♡ says:

    Supermassive black hole starts playing

  8. Christy Christy says:

    5 stars “For just a second I saw Persephone pomegranate in hand Dooming herself to the underworld Is that who I was? Hades himself coveting springtime stealing it condemning it to endless night” Midnight Sun is a book I’ve been waiting for for over 12 years and let me tell you it was so worth the wait I honestly thought this day would never come and as soon as I saw the book was available I preordered the hardback for my collection and the audiobook I listened to all 25 hours of this and the narration was AMAZING Jake Abel did a fantastic job voicing Edward I can’t recommend the audiobook enoughI loved being in Edward Cullen’s head Absolutely loved it Yes this is a Twilight retelling but this is much longer than Twilight and so much was expanded on I loved getting from the Cullen’s and with Edward being able to read minds and all you really did get to see from so many of the other characters in this book Plus just knowing Edward's side of things and what he was really thinking was truly a treat I also have to say I think Stephenie Meyer's writing has only gotten stronger with time If you’re a diehard fan of the Twilight Saga like me I highly recommend giving this one a go

  9. _ngallagher _ngallagher says:

    Posted my reading vlog surrounding this book You can watch for my full thoughts

  10. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Is COVID 19 making authors finish their projects? Maybe George RR Martin is next? Megan Whalen Turner? Patrick Rothfuss? Searching for silver lining very hard hereI never even cared about this but life as it is now I might actually partake in some sparkly icicle camp Too bad it's not going to cover Breaking Dawn’s most freaky events amirite? #icicleoflovehttpswwwtheguardiancombooks202

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