The Elements of Editing PDF ¶ The Elements PDF/EPUB

The Elements of Editing PDF ¶ The Elements PDF/EPUB

10 thoughts on “The Elements of Editing

  1. Abby Abby says:

    I'd like to share what is possibly the most erotic paragraph ever to discuss copyeditingAn editor's only permanent alliance is with the audience the readership It is the editor's responsibility to hook that readership; to edify it entertain it stroke it shake it up—do whatever necessary to keep the medium hot and desirable for the people who support itHot and desirable Exactly how I like my edits Most of the book's technical recommendations are way out of date as it was published in the 1980s but there are still nuggets of salient advice for those of us who make our living fixing other people's writing Lent to me by my manager

  2. Trixy Lemell Trixy Lemell says:

    I wish I could find a current updated version of this book The Elements of Editing is perfectly edited Of all the books on writing I've read this one cuts the fat and is nothing but what I need There are no long winded stories and analogies that go on for paragraphs and pages Nope every page of this book had a post it for notes and the notes were straight forward Just think of when you read reviews that say They could of said it in half the pages Plotnik says it in half the pagesand it is still entertaining

  3. Angela Blount Angela Blount says:

    While I'm not particularly interested in ever becoming an editor I have done some work line editing and with the amount of writing I've been doing I soon hope to have dealings with someone bearing the earned title of 'Editor' Though a few sections of this book were hopelessly outdated The chapter on Information Retrieval in particular there was still a good bit of information to be gleaned in helping someone like me understand the process and motivations of my future editor As some authors and editors seem to have a tenuous relationship I'd prefer to go into the industry with empathy toward someone who is employed to improve the uality of my workI enjoyed the wit and general skill of the author in conveying a range of applicable information and scenarios as it kept the book from being as dry as I'd expected The chapter on troubleshooting was enlightening though I'm not sure that the laws mentioned are up to date The two page exhaustive definition of a book editor at the beginning of chapter 8 was an amusing bit I think anyone could appreciate And I was particularly grateful for the emphasis in understanding that an editor ultimately is an advocate for the readers not for the author What kind of person makes a good editor?“When hiring new staff I look for such useful attributes as genius charisma adaptability and disdain for high wages”What does an editor do?“An editor's job is to shape the expression of an author's thoughts not the thoughts themselves” All told I wish they would release an updated edition This could continue to be a valuable tool among those dealing with the literary industry

  4. Amy Amy says:

    This broad ranging handbook is mostly for journalistic editors but I found it helpful and interesting it's true that I'm intrigued by most discussions of editing and writing but I think anyone can appreciate the simplicity directness experience and humor with which this book was writtenI skimmed uickly through the chapters on copyright and libel many of the rules have probably changed since 1982 when this book was written but I found the section on electronic editing to be surprisingly up to date in places For instance Plotnik assures editors that computers will not push them out of existence because readers get tired of information overloadreaders will seek a level of selectivity clarity embellishment and warmth that brain cells seem better able to achieve than microprocessorsThe section on being a book editor was very enlightening and convinced me I have no interest in pursuing that job position though I wouldn't mind line editing for a book publishing company I have to admit though even if the rest of the book hadn't won me over my technical writer's heart would have been won by Plotnik's advice in the photography chapter Be sure to safeguard the instruction booklets that come with the camera These booklets used to be written in strange English 'Please to insert eyeball in viewfinder' Now with gentle prose and lavish illustrations they serve as well as any mentorAnd about editing Plotnik says An editor edits above all to communicate to readers Yes It's that simple And that difficult

  5. Ali Ali says:

    This is a great text when it comes to understanding the basic structure of editing If you are looking for something that talks about grammar mechanics this might not be the right book Very little time is spent on actual grammar Rather the book breaks down some key journalism terms while presenting a few cautionary talesNotes A discussion on the various forms of defamation and libel This book discusses who is unable to seek damages against a media outlet based on their occupation Though presidents judges or servers of the public congress etc may enjoy absolute privilege from defamation the press only has ualified privilege when reporting uotes from such figures No damages can be awarded if defamatory material can be proved in front of a jury

  6. Max Mulholland Max Mulholland says:

    The edition I read was from 1982 so in terms of technology it's well outdated Still this succinctly written non fiction account of the editing process for books and magazines has tips on relationships between writer and editor and commentary on important points in the editing process which are relevant even in today's technologically updated world From a historical perspective the chapters on now antiuated printing and photography practices were interesting Overall it's a nice journey into by gone editing practices with some helpful tips that are still applicable today

  7. Daniel Taylor Daniel Taylor says:

    Despite being published in 1982 much of this 156 page book remains relevant today Arthur Plotnik is an outstanding writer with a skill at using words in unexpected ways that get his meaning across while delighting and surprising the reader Some of the chapters are out of date but others are indispensable and filled with advice unseen anywhere else

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    Super outdated But identifies the ideal background of an editor as a voracious reader of classical literature and the Great Books Explains a lot

  9. Andrew Austin Andrew Austin says:

    Outdated at this point I wanted to learn about editing but I learned about editors instead Not what I wanted

  10. Love Jonson Love Jonson says:

    The bones are still good but much is adorably antiuated

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