Escape to Witch Mountain MOBI ó Escape to MOBI

Escape to Witch Mountain MOBI ó Escape to MOBI

Escape to Witch Mountain [PDF / Epub] ✅ Escape to Witch Mountain Author Alexander Key – Some terrifying experience has blocked Tony and Tia's memory of the past But because they have supernatural powers they are sure that they come from another world and that their people still exist som Some terrifying experience has blocked Tony and Tia's memory of the past But because they have supernatural powers they are sure that they come from another world and that their people still exist somewhere Then Tony and Tia find that they must escape from men who want to use their special powers for evil They begin a desperate Escape to MOBI :å search to find their true home which leads them to the strange and mysterious Witch Mountain.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 180 pages
  • Escape to Witch Mountain
  • Alexander Key
  • English
  • 03 March 2014
  • 9780671545574

About the Author: Alexander Key

Librarian noteThere is than one author in the GoodReads database with this nameAn American science fiction writer most of whose books were aimed at a juvenile audience He became a nationally known illustrator before he became an author After he began writing novels for young people he moved his family to the North Carolina mountains and most of Escape to MOBI :å his books include that wild and rugged lan.

10 thoughts on “Escape to Witch Mountain

  1. Deborah Markus Deborah Markus says:

    I grew up with this book and have loved it all my life so it’s hard for me to tell how well it’s aged I can say that it was a lot of fun to reread in the Harry Potter era A few pages in I started checking “hero” characteristics off in my mindHere Take this handy uiz – maybe you have what it takes to be a heroAre you an orphan? At the beginning of Escape Tony and his sister Tia have just suffered the loss of the grandmotherly woman who’s cared for them as long as they can remember She wasn’t really a relative but she was nice to them But now she’s dead And so far as they know they have no blood ties Are you a good kid who’s surrounded by people who misunderstand and are inclined to assume the worst about you? Tony “has a bad reputation for fighting” though all he ever does is fend off bullies Tia is accused of theft when really she only broke into a building in order to rescue a trapped kitten Do you have any unusual physical characteristics? No lightning bolts here but Tony and Tia’s “pale hair” contrasts sharply with their “olive skins” and “dark blue eyes that were almost black” Also Tia is mute although she can “talk” to her brother – see belowAny magical powers to report? Heck yeah Telekinesis telepathy – you know the usual Okay and some unusual Tony can get an accurate picture in his head of any place he hears about even if he’s never been there in his life; Tia has total recall going all the way back to her toddler yearsIf “yes” to the above do your magical powers manifest in morally upstanding ways? Tia can effortlessly open any lock but only if it’s “right” for her to do so She could never open a locked door if she was trying to steal money for instance but she can get through one in order to save trapped kittens no one else can hear Tony can play his harmonica so beautifully even wild animals are charmed And this music amps his telekinetic abilitiesNot to get too personal but can you uite literally speak another species’ language? See above re Tia and kittehs Also bears Pretty much any animal in factHave you always felt well kind of different from the people around you? Tony and Tia have sensed all their lives that this world isn’t truly their own Boy howdy are they rightMight there be a community of people just like you out there somewhere and are you trying to find them so you can live your life without feeling like such a weirdo all the time? Yes and yes Got a nemesis? Big time The scariest thing about Lucas Deranian is that he doesn’t want to kill Tony and Tia He wants to own themOkay pencils down please The uiz is over If you enjoyed it I recommend this story as a good old fashioned adventure And if you’re old enough to remember the movie – the book is nothing like it It’s much serious and intense

  2. Megan Megan says:

    When I was a kid the movie Escape to Witch Mountain and its seuel Return from Witch Mountain was on television all the time I remember watching it with my brother endlessly and recently I bought the DVD I had never realized it was based on a book Opening this up was like settling into my grandmother's recliner with this and Tom Corbett Space Cadet novels I was uite well read as a child thanks to my grandpa's old stash It has all the feel of that type of novel especially since my copy through inter library loan was uite oldThis little book is completely fascinating and not at all condescending to its audience It's straightforward not cutesy and admirably not campy It's a great complement to the movie

  3. MattA MattA says:

    I read this book aloud to my 10 year old daughter She loved it I thought it just OK at best Key is a serviceable if not inspired wordsmith The story was rather one dimensional I would have found it enjoyable if the book had focused on the character of the kids and their gradual uncovering of their abilities and less on the mechanics of the chase

  4. Serethiel ☽ ✨ Serethiel ☽ ✨ says:

    I read this once a super long time ago It wasn't my favorite but that's mainly 'cause this genre just isn't my thing

  5. AYL 010 AYL 010 says:

    Something I've noticed is that if someone has a really low average rating a one star review doesn't really mean anything I don't like dwelling on my 1 reviews but my original review scroll all the way down for it doesn't really express my feelings any and my rant below is crazy and I want to review this in a non rant y moodSo let's get to it shall we?I got this book as a reward from a reading challenge and I picked it up because the synopsis sounded really interesting It sounded intriguing and I was sure I would fall in love with the characters And since I am very opinionated and like reading books where the characters seem to leap off the pages I took it home and read it immediatelyI really need to learn not to trust my instinctsThis book didn't do any of thoseI know Tony and Tia are young for their situation but they are too trusting and to jubilant to recruit a chaperone They act exactly like what they are children lost and trying to find their way back uestioning literally every adult that comes their way Father o'day is too good randomly helping some random kids who broke in He is too softhearted for his own good and not in a good way He is the euivalent of cardboard bland boring and uninterestingAnother thing I want to say the plot is the classic science fiction one people discover that they are different and that they are being hunted I wouldn't have minded if the plot also wasn't way too straight forward Perhaps if it had a plot twist I would've given it a three stars two stars at least but all the tension building up toward the end is erased with a single turn on the road I mean literally literally The main villain has bad taste in cars and doesn't stand a chance in mountain car chasesAlso Tony and Tia's difference and the reason why their kin didn't inhabit a different place is never solved The author skits around these moments and it is really frustrating Again another fascinating opportunity that was totally missed Alexander Key opened so many doors with his idea and topic but either he is a complete idiot or he didn't want to pursue those in case it went wrong And that is never a good idea on how to write a bookIf you think this is worthy of your attention why not? Just remember never to get near me because you are probably dog poop the euivalent of this book If you think this book is for you again learn how to stay awayHope this review helpsRant Aheadthis is pure trash trash worse than the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and polluting toolike WHy WAS THIS eVEn puBLihsED?Tony and TIa are boringI hope they all fall in a hole and dieFather o'day IS SO underwritten i can'tstupid charactersstupid plotI HATE THIS BOOKuegvdvfvfvnfbbvdfhhdalefydgithe side characters are complete IDIOTSand how do they even believe them???? the people in this book are too good and stupid and confused to be intetErestingTHIs is The TyPE OF BoOK tHaT MAkES me HAte ReadInG Original ReviewTony and Tia two orphans who never belong in the orphanages they'd been to discover they are Castaways and need to escape to Witch MountainThis book is horrible This is actually the worst book I've ever read in my whole life The climax is just so anticlimactic I mean chum when you stalk someone up the mountain only an idiot would seriously lose the race JUST BECAUSE the road was too narrow Jeez next time make sure you buy a jeep instead Go complain to your car companyThis book deserves less than the one star I gave it I didn't not like it I HATED HATED it This is a horrible book that doesn't deserve your attentionBottom line If you're planning to read this book DON'TBy the way I threw my copy in the trash can and THAT's where it belongs not some random bookshelf in a library

  6. Amy Sturgis Amy Sturgis says:

    After learning that author Alexander Key had been inspired by the Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon a true unsolved mystery in my backyard here in the Blue Ridge Mountains to create the Witch Mountain of the title I knew I had to read this classic work of juvenile science fiction I'm glad I didOrphaned Tony and Tia know their abilities such as telekinesis and communicating witho animals make them special and they know the man falsely claiming to be their uncle has evil intentions toward them The majority of the novel is an extended chase seuence but along the way the siblings encounter some of the worst of humanity including the jaded indifference of the city and the fearful suspicion of the country All they need is one trustworthy adult to believe and help them in their uest to find their peopleNot only did I enjoy how this handled the humanity through the eyes of extraterrestrials trope but I also appreciated the themes of open mindedness moral courage and compassion that this stressed A friend of mine told me that reading this novel as a child helped to foster her lifelong love of science fiction and fantasy and I easily can see why this would be the case I can think of no better compliment for any bookAnd Father O'Day rocks Do you think the Lord on high is so frail that this little planet with it's greedy little people is all that He can do? Bah Go tell the rest of your kind there are marvels in Creation far beyond their narrow dreaming Enough said

  7. Olivermagnus Olivermagnus says:

    Tony and Tia are orphans that have no memory of their past But because they have supernatural powers they are sure that they come from a strange place Tony is an expert in telekinesis and Tia's strengths include the ability to unlock any door by touch and communicate with animals They also can talk to each other via ultrasonic speechWhen Lucas Deranian shows up claiming to be their uncle they start to get suspicious With the help of Catholic priest Father O'Day they escape New York and head to the Blue Ridge Mountains The stress of outwitting Deranian has started to bring back some old memories and they think they will find their missing family once they get thereThis is a uick fun read for children written in 1968 so I'm not going to judge it the way I would a modern YA fantasy for older children The story is simple and effort is put into the trip to Witch Mountain rather than exploring the children's abilities It brought back some nice memories of sitting in the living room watching the movie with my daughter back in the 1980s

  8. Christopher Christopher says:

    Escape to Witch Mountain has always been among my favorite Disney live action films so when I saw this book at my local library I had to give it a try I expected to like it but I ended up simply adoring it It's without a uestion one of the best books I've ever read; the plot is simple but not simplistic and the element of suspense was terrific Most of all Escape to Witch Mountain touches on deep themes such as sense of belonging hating people without justification and even stewardship of the planet Its profound uestions will haunt you long after the book's end As you can already tell I highly recommend this book Read it as soon as you get the chanceSide note if you've watched the movie there are some major differences But unlike other instances when I've both read a book and watched the film adaptation I don't necessarily hate the differences Yes I prefer the book but the movie keeps the mood intact; I appreciate both

  9. Wendi Wanders Wendi Wanders says:

    Very fun read clean short juvenile read Imaginative Strong on plot Weak on character development Short anti communist theme amusingly contradicted seemingly without irony by short diatribe about evils of owning property or needing money to buy things Two orphaned children with olive skin pale hair and mysterious abilities try to discover who they are and where they belong while avoiding devilish bad guys The kids are helped by a roguish Catholic priest a former Nam vet with a strong faith deep goodness and a strong right arm as well He is the only character in the book who has any dimension to him at all

  10. Sara Sara says:

    Funny how it is with these Goodreads recommendations If you read this you'll also like this And I look at the books and think oh yeh I read these This is one that looks oh so familiar cover and all I think I got it AFTER the movie from the 70's came out Considering the cover that would be logical I think I liked the movie better Could be wrong on that one but I remember really liking the movie and really wanting to be Tia

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