Guantanamo: America's War on Human Rights Kindle ↠

Guantanamo: America's War on Human Rights Kindle ↠

8 thoughts on “Guantanamo: America's War on Human Rights

  1. Jon Jon says:

    Absolutely dispicable the treatment these people are getting Caged like animals with no legal rights probably in most cases for being in the wrong place at the wrong time And they think of themselves as a civilised countryperhaps things might slowly be changing though

  2. Daniel Smith Daniel Smith says:

    Guantanamo The War on Human Rights is a novel by David Rose Guantanamo gives regular civilians a better idea of what happens at the max security prison camp The prisoners lives and treatment is exposed through interviews and analysis The system of processing that occurs to each detainee is also documented and mistreatment and abuse is revealed through that system as well Rose also exposes how the interrogation system is flawed as well He explains how many interpreters and interrogators are untrained and not experienced in the job that they must face Also Rose discusses how the US government made an uneducated decision when it came to creating Guantanamo and running the camp the way that it is run today He concludes through all of these points that Guantanamo wasn't worth being created due to the fact that not much information was collected and most of the detainees were proven innocent I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars on a 5 star rating system The book was interesting and engaging but I felt like it left me wanting after reading it However the book still was interesting enough and gave me a different perspective on an interesting current event

  3. Chinook Chinook says:

    This was well written examining just how George W Bush was an asshole made America into a bully and destroyed the ideas of democracy and freedom Read it if you want to get angry or if you happen to find it in a guesthouse in Malaysia

  4. Emilie Emilie says:

    As an insight into Guantanamo and its injustices and generally the resurgence of torture as an intelligence 'techniue' it is a helpful and well researched read I'd recommend it But I also felt that as an analysis of where Guantanamo fits in the wider landscape of US foreign policy it was weirdly lacking it seemed to paint Guantanamo as wholly anomalous and uniuely bad even at the same time as it acknowledged that detainees faced even worse treatment at other US sites leaving it feeling strangely decontextualised at times

  5. Brittany Stubbs Brittany Stubbs says:

    I find some fault in the last chapter that tends towards opinions against the Bush administration rather than concrete fact but this book is EXCELLENT I read it in two days Awful topic but a necessary read in order to prevent this from happening again

  6. Heather Heather says:

    If you want to read anything this year read this book It will change your perspective

  7. Juliet Juliet says:

    Confirms your worst fears of the situation in Guantanamo and the depths of incompetence and cruelty of those responsible Chilling

  8. Fianna Whitman Fianna Whitman says:

    This is a well written and honest account of life inside Guantanamo It's a pity that this is probably one of those books that only college students will end up reading

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Guantanamo: America's War on Human Rights [KINDLE] ❆ Guantanamo: America's War on Human Rights By David Rose – A vivid and damning account of America's controversial interrogation camp Praised as a tour de force deconstruction of Bush's supermax gulag San Diego Union Tribune when first published Guantanamo mak A vivid and damning War on PDF ´ account of America's controversial interrogation camp Praised as a tour de force deconstruction of Bush's supermax gulag San Diego Union Tribune when first published Guantanamo makes shocking allegations about the infamous US detention camp in Cuba Award Guantanamo: America's PDF or winning journalist David Rose argues that the camp not only constitutes a grotesue abuse of human rights but is also ineffective as a tool for combating terrorism Through firsthand research in Cuba government documents and dozens of interviews with guards intelligence officials America's War on eBook ↠ military lawyers and former detainees Rose sheds light on Gitmo's ugly inner workings He reveals that contrary to the Bush administration's claims the prisoners at Guantanamo are not the hardest of the hard core Al aeda terrorists ruthless men involved in a plot to kill thousands of ordinary Americans And he provides solid evidence that the brutal interrogations that supposedly justify the camp's existence have yielded very little useful intelligence.