At Mother's Request: A True Story of Money, Murder and

At Mother's Request: A True Story of Money, Murder and

At Mother's Request: A True Story of Money, Murder and Betrayal [EPUB] ✽ At Mother's Request: A True Story of Money, Murder and Betrayal ❂ Jonathan Coleman – Amazing PDF Epub, At Mother's Request: A True Story of Money, Murder and Betrayal author Jonathan Coleman This is the best favorite book with over 586 readers online here. Amazing PDF Epub, At Mother's Request: A True Request: A MOBI ñ Story of Money, Murder and Betrayal author Jonathan Coleman This is the best favorite book with over readers online here.

10 thoughts on “At Mother's Request: A True Story of Money, Murder and Betrayal

  1. ♥ Marlene♥ ♥ Marlene♥ says:

    This is another book I bought through UK while I was buying some books for my dad for father's dayNo idea why I picked this one Probably because it was on my wish listThe way I add books to that list is mostly based on reviews although nowadays you cannot trust 5 star ratings any and on my fellow true crime readershere on goodreads but also the ones on like Dan Bogaty or KimThis is a huge paperback and I read the first 2 pages to check if I liked the writing style and yes I do pdate In the beginning of this book You get to know Franklin Bradshaw and his wife Berenice I thought they were a very interesting pair to say the leastThen we got to know the children a bit and only then it dawned on me Francis their youngest daughter married someone and became Francis Schreuder and I knew I had already read a very good book about her and her sons To be fair I was not happy when i realized it cause I remembered uite a lot and was really enjoying this book so far but when it brought me on familiar territory I was not sure if I wanted to continue because i already knew the caseWell I did and the writing is excellentI am not sure which of the 2 books I would recommendThe other book is called Nutcracker by Shana AlexanderNutcracker Money Madness Murder A Family AlbumLooking at my review I now see why this book by mister Coleman was on my wish list I wanted to know about this case and well this book helped a lotWhat a crazy family and to be honest they did remind me uite a lot about my own family alas Lot of talking behind backs by mum about her childrenTo all my tc friends Buy this book If you are in America you get it for so cheap and when you are in Europe it is still not expensive cause you can buy the book for 50 cents he shipping costs are expensive but it is worth it So well written and what an intriguing crazy but interesting familyIt is huge though My paperback has 670 pages oh and it also contains notes so 5 star rating

  2. Lisa Elkins Lisa Elkins says:

    I really enjoyed this book I lived about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City when all of this happened but was fairly young I was unaware of the family background or all the work that led up to the actual trials and convictions It gave me a new appreciattion for investigative work and the horror that families can put each other through It is amazing to me how greed and selfishness can become all consuming and take over a life What a huge wall denial can build even when the facts are right in front of you Children need to be appreciated and loved What a strking picture this paints of what can happen when they are not I am so grateful for my own family and so sad for this one torn to pieces because of money

  3. Penny Penny says:

    One of my favorite books Love me some Frances

  4. Jennifer Petersen Jennifer Petersen says:

    Fascinating but way too long

  5. Anne Hawn Smith Anne Hawn Smith says:

    This book goes into much detail in the life of Frances Schreuder I had puzzled over the actions of her mother Berenice It was hard to understand why she was so connected to Frances who was such a difficult child and who treated her so badly This book did a much better job of exploring that relationshipFrances was clearly sociopathic and it was fascinating reading about her view of the world through her own eyes No matter how clever a sociopath is they will never be able to cover their tracks completely because they will never be able to understand and copy ordinary people who can empathize with others or truly love them In the book her relationship with her son Mark whom she favored and could always control was a clear example However close he was to her and however much favored he was she turned her back on him as soon as he was no longer useful to her This was a fascinating study

  6. Mary Mary says:

    I give up This is a story of greed envy betrayal and finally the murder of a tight fisted millionaire patriarch by his unbalanced daughter's needy son At her reuest It should be riveting It should be half as longThis book was well researched but the author basically vomited everything he found out about these people imposing all of his knowledge upon the story whether or not the information was necessary to move forward He also spends pages uoting Shakespeare and Freud when a simple paraphrase would have sufficed I can't take any I'm returning this book to the library in the morning

  7. John Lyman John Lyman says:

    This book to me was a real page turner I read its 600 pages in a matter of five or six days which to me is very uickly Coleman brought the story and its characters to life I had a real sense of what it was like to be a member of this sad pathetic dysfunctional family I wish he'd do a follow up to tell what has happened since it was published I searched for Livinia Schreuder and found her on Facebook I don't know what I would want to say to her though Insanity begets insanity

  8. Anne Marie Anne Marie says:

    I am finally finished with this LONG drawn out book about a woman who had her son kill her father his grandfather for inheritance money Every piece of information evidence court testimony and people involved with this case are mentioned and mentioned again until you are sick of hearing what happened what might have happened who is telling the truth who is lying and who is out of their mind If you are interested in this kind of story especially since it's true then you'll enjoy this book like some reviewers did But I think I'd much rather see the movie

  9. Rae Rae says:

    Coleman details the family history and legal investigation of Frances Schreuder who hired her sons to murder their grandfather Bradshaw The book is well written without being sensationalistic I was especially intrigued because their family was raised LDS Their dysfunctional family profile was fascinating A compelling true crime narrative

  10. Todd Cannon Todd Cannon says:

    Another real crime novel from Utah I remember when Bradshaw was murdered I also remember seeig Bradshaw auto parts stores around I later met several of the lawyers mentioned in this book when I practiced

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