L'Allure de Chanel PDF/EPUB ✓ L'Allure de eBook

L'Allure de Chanel PDF/EPUB ✓ L'Allure de eBook

  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • L'Allure de Chanel
  • Paul Morand
  • English
  • 03 July 2016
  • 9781901285987

10 thoughts on “L'Allure de Chanel

  1. Jeanne Mackin Jeanne Mackin says:

    This book was so much fun to read It's the life of Coco Chanel as told to her friend Paul Morand so I suspect some of it needs to be taken with a grain of salt Like all immensely talented and creative people Chanel was master of self invention Her life was full of adventure tragedy and great triumph so even with the occasional hedging and self aggrandizing this is a fabulous read

  2. Shirley Shirley says:

    Although some French expressions seem to be lost in translation it’s clear that Coco Chanel had uite a strong character A true French woman with strength determination and pride which made her the fashion legend that she is now

  3. Joan Joan says:

    Morand first met Coco Chanel in 1921 and in 1946 was invited to visit Chanel in St Moritz where he had extensive conversations with her with a view to help write her memoirs That project never came off and the notes were put away and did not surface again until after Chanel's death and were published finally in 1976It's pretty well known by now that Chanel created herself in ways than one inventing stories about her childhood and upbringing but the reality of a young woman who broke loose from that past lived in the era of Picasso and Sert and changed the face of fashion in a career that spanned the world wars can't be anything other than fascinating No longer were clothes designed only for women whose lives were worthless and idle; they were for women who led busy lives and who therefore needed to feel comfortable in their clothes Tossing out corsets and introducing menswear tailoring Chanel anticipated the needs of women as the 20th century advancedBecause these are Chanel's own words and thoughts this book provides an insight into the thinking of a woman who was not only a great couturier but a woman whose influence still resonates today I cannot help but be reminded of the Chanel exhibit I saw at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years ago The exhibit juxtaposed Chanel's work with that of Karl Lagerfeld who became head of the House of Chanel in the early '80s The difference was stark Nearly everything of Coco Chanel's could be worn today without hesitation so classic are they The designs of Lagerfeld on the other hand could have the date of design written on themThe book is not however confined to Chanel and the world of fashion She talks also about her private life her amours which would be a book in and of themselves

  4. Sophia Sun P. Sophia Sun P. says:

    I’m very intrigued by the mind and life of Mademoiselle Chanel so I was all too happy to discover this little gem with some of her own words thoughts and stories as told to Paul Morand However I found it a bit annoying to read – choppy like a poorly translated transcript from an overdrawn interview And since I am a fan of the woman and the brand I was aware of her strong desire for recreation and redemption from her true past which lead to a long list of lies revisions and recreations Perhaps if Paul Morand provided his insights or anecdotes of his own it would have given Chanel dimension I’m currently reading Justine Picardie’s COCO CHANEL THE LEGEND AND THE LIFE which does uote back to this book a lot and I’m happy I read THE ALLURE OF CHANEL first I’m going to suggest this for a uick read and some small insights into the life of CoCo Chanel but if you are looking for a concise story of Chanel’s extraordinary life I suggest picking up another biography

  5. Sherry Sherry says:

    Morand did an interview with Chanel and then transcribed the notes It's really interesting because it's Chanel telling the story It isn't just a story of an ambitious woman who wanted to change fashion it was someone who didn't fit in Sometimes she was insecure sometimes bitter and arrogant There's so much emotion that you really get pulled into who she isI think another interesting thing is the perspective Sometimes she'll acknowledge lying other times denounce that she lies It makes it hard to know if this is true especially since some of the things she says are not the same as other biographies and interviews but not necessarily inconsistent It all just adds to the character of ChanelThere's a lot of beauty in there too She has some fabulous ideas about women and clothes Not just how they should wear them but her reasoning in making things beautiful She's very insightful and to the point

  6. Jana Viktoria Jana Viktoria says:

    Ever since I found this gem I have read it over and over again like once a year or so right now I am I go back to it For inspiration For motivation For female empowerment? I know she was not an easy character Neither was the great Karl Lagerfeld who so greatly took over the house of Chanel But She was a person in the world And yes she was a feminist In her own ways I love this book about her best as though it is pretty much her side of the story it is HER STORY I love all the uotes and the pictures are divine Get yourself a copy and give her some grace

  7. Catherine Corman Catherine Corman says:

    You who are such an artistic person an elderly gentleman whom I didn't know said to me at a dinner partyI am not an artistic personThen he replied suinting anxiously at my invitation card you are not Mlle ChanelNo I am not her I replied to simplify things Paul Morand The Allure of Chanel

  8. Wenn Wenn says:

    A random pick off the secondhand bookstore shelf that turned out to be pure gold A great read for and while sipping and spilling tea

  9. Yingzhe Zhao Yingzhe Zhao says:

    So cynical so worldly so contradictory but so alive The embodiment of black and white the only two colors that represent everything

  10. Meika Meika says:

    This is a short book so I was able to read it all in one day It's wandering and haphazardly coherent; the chapters are like loose leaf bundles of uotes It does little to dispel the mystery around Coco Chanel instead it intensifies it Almost like the chapters of her life that she's willing to share with you are items in her collection which she cuts colors and embellishes as she sees fit then parades onto the show floor for ten seconds amid flashbulbs and ambient music She covers everything from how the back of a dress must be cut with enough fabric because it is the back that moves not the front to dishing on her affair with Westminster the richest man in Britain The sharp acerbic commentary on life and fashion makes it fun to read There are even wise little snippets that are worth committing to memory And the famous uote about costume jewelry vs real jewelry comes from a nuanced philosophy about bling The real gem of this story is in what it attempts to cover The subtext is that Coco Chanel was intensely private bookish misanthropic and unwavering and unapologetic in her commitment to her own happiness She was committed to work and to securing her own freedom You get the sense if you piece together what she says about her earliest experiences that she was terrified of dependence And she reveals by glossing over that she had these insecurities about her relationships but a stronger security in herself It's almost like listening to someone who deep inside is still a little orphan I closed the book thinking I want to read a REAL biography of Chanel but maybe I like the glamor enough to leave well enough alone

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L'Allure de Chanel❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ L'Allure de Chanel Author Paul Morand – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Coco Chanel invited Paul Morand to visit her in St Moritz at the end of the Second World War when he was given the opportunity to write her memoirs; his notes of their conversations were put away in a Coco Chanel invited Paul Morand to visit her in St Moritz at the end of the Second World War when he was given the opportunity to write her memoirs; his notes of their conversations were put away in a drawer and only came to light one L'Allure de eBook Ì year after Chanel's death Through Morand's transcription of their conversations Chanel tells us about her friendship with Misia Sert the men in her life Boy Capel the Duke of Westminster artists such as Diaghilev her philosophy of fashion and the story behind the legendary Number perfumeThe memories of Chanel told in her own words provide vivid sketches and portray the strength of Coco's character leaving us with an extraordinary insight into Chanel the woman and the woman who created ChanelPushkin Collection editions feature a spare elegant series style and superior durable components The Collection is typeset in Monotype Baskerville litho printed on Munken Premium White Paper and notch bound by the independently owned printer TJ International in Padstow The covers with French flaps are printed on Colorplan Pristine White Paper Both paper and cover board are acid free and Forest Stewardship Council FSC certified.

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Paul Morand was a French diplomat novelist playwright and poet considered an early ModernistHe was a graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies better known as Sciences Po During the pre war period he wrote many short books which are noted for their elegance of L'Allure de eBook Ì style erudition narrative concision and for the author's observation of the countries he visited combined with his mi.