An Independent Woman PDF/EPUB é An Independent

An Independent Woman PDF/EPUB é An Independent

An Independent Woman [Read] ➯ An Independent Woman By Candace Camp – Juliana Holcott grew up poor in a joyless household Only one person ever treated her kindly Nicholas Barre the orphaned heir to the estate who suffered eually at the hands of their indifferent guardia Juliana Holcott grew up poor in a joyless household Only one person ever treated her kindly Nicholas Barre the orphaned heir to the estate who suffered eually at the hands of their indifferent guardians An Independent PDF/EPUB ² But wild rebellious Nick left home – and Juliana while both were still young and Juliana never thought to see him againForced to seek employment as a lady's companion Juliana fears she'll never experience for herself what it's like to be young and merry and in love until she spies Nicholas at a ball all grown up and handsome than everMuch sought after and newly come into his inheritance Nick blithely risks society's wrath by befriending her and when his innocent attentions cause her to lose her position nobly offers her the only recompense he can – a marriage of convenienceIt now falls to Juliana to prove to the badly scarred Nick that he is capable of emotion But how will she protect her beloved new husband when it becomes clear someone wants his title badly enough to kill for it.

  • Paperback
  • 408 pages
  • An Independent Woman
  • Candace Camp
  • English
  • 01 May 2014
  • 9780373770977

About the Author: Candace Camp

Candace Camp is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty booksHer first novel Bonds of Love was published by Jove Publishing in under the pseudonym Lisa Gregory Two pseudonyms Kristin James An Independent PDF/EPUB ² and Sharon Stephensand many books later Candace writes under her own name Candace Camp and still loves creating stories Candace lives in Austin Texas with her husband and is the mot.

10 thoughts on “An Independent Woman

  1. Becca Becca says:

    This is a DNF for me There is a lot of head jumping and it is a childhood friends to lovers story but I was just so disappointed in how it was set up The heroine was so tentative in a boring way and the hero’s first thoughts that I read about were how he was sexually attracted to his childhood friend It just seemed so shallow and I knew that the story wouldn’t hold me since I didn’t care for the characters at all

  2. Belinda Kroll Belinda Kroll says:

    This is my first Candace Camp and I picked it up because I have been on the hunt for A Hidden Heart for my mother The other Candace Camp books didn't interest me but the title intrigued me This book was a fun uick read that had little history and the right amount of romanceThe selling point of this book is the description of Juliana and Nick Admittedly at the beginning I tired of Juliana's constant wondering Will he remember me? Won't he remember me? What if I don't meet his expectations? Given that she is an independent woman having made her way for years as a lady's companion to nice and not so nice employers that grated on my nerves a bitI adored the fact that Camp didn't have them jump into bed right away This book is a great example of a romance which allows the characters to get to know one another as people to discover their personalities their complements and clashes before any hanky panky begins Their grudging respect for one another even while pissed off is what kept me smiling and reading; it's what made them real for me Originally posted at my blog

  3. Coucher de soleil Coucher de soleil says:

    Yeah I didn't care for this one The way I would actually characterize this book would be 'all over the place' I explain this below I was pretty disappointed honestly Good pointsCharacterization I didn't hate the two main characters I liked that the main female characterheroine was independent and had made her own life in a man's world rather than accept her family's 'generosity' I liked the fact that she knew how to be a kind and compassionate person for example even though her aunt and other relatives were truly awful she tried to get along with them as much as possible and did not want them thrown out of the house ie the house which was now her husband's I will mention in passing in case things become confusing that there are three sets of cousins There are a brother and sister whose parents took in two other children who are cousins of the first two with the latter two being the main male and female character The main male and female character are not biologically related to each other since the main female character was a relation of the mother while the main male character was a relation of the father The four children were all raised together howeverThe main male character was not unlikeable either I liked that he initially wanted to marry the main female characterheroine because he cared about her and remembered that she had been the only person who had cared about him when they were children The fact that he had inherited a lot of money and a title hadn't made him forget what was really important and I liked that he didn't let the power and prestige go to his headI also liked the fact that other secondary characters were written in such a way as to feel pretty real to the reader for example I liked the fact that the female cousin of the two main characters who had been raised to be the daughter of a rich family while the two main characters who had been raised in the same house with her were made to feel like poor relations was shown to not be evil but simply somewhat thoughtless She was also shown to have been lied to and manipulated by her brother ie not a nice characterSo all in all the characterization wasn't terrible where MOST characters were concerned at least initially More on this belowWorld buildingsetting In general I do like historical romance but I do have a complaint which is something is a freuent issue with historical romance novels IMO More on this belowPlot This was my biggest problem with this book More on this belowBad pointsconstructive criticismCharacterization While most of the characters were well 'drawn' the main badevil person was just ridiculous The plot also created issues regarding the believability of the relationship between the two main charactersThis also relates to the plot however so I will discuss these issues in that sectionWorld building As is all too freuently the case in romance novels the setting was really uite thin in this book In other words there were relatively few details which would have painted a picture of what life was like at this time ie 19th century England How did people live during this time? How were things different from today? This is never really dealt with in any great detail Among the few details offered are the fact that the main female character worked as a governess ie for young ladies andor paid companion ie in the case of elderly ladies We know that she wears rather plain clothes However the details provided don't really paint a picture of life in the 19th century or explain how that life differed from the way in which people live today ie in 'western' countries This information is out there so I don't understand this For example here is a really good documentary on certain aspects of home life during the Victorian era 'Hidden killers of the Victorian home'Plot Honestly this was ridiculous The book starts with the two main characters meeting while the main female character is trying to make a living as a governess Drama ensues when her employer doesn't want to understand that the main male character is interested in our main female character rather than her daughter She is firedleaves said employment and accepts an offer of marriage from the main male character Drama ensues when they travel to the estate that now belongs to the main male character but which was where they spent miserable childhoods under the purview of their horrible aunt and uncle At this point already half the book or so has gone by Remember what I said about 'all over the place'? After this comes the murder plotThe uncle has been dead for a while now but his shadow still lingers in his horrible son who was raised to think he would inherit the estate ie he didn't the heir was actually the main male character despite being his being raised as the poor relation Beware of spoilersBasically the aunt of the two main characters was crazy and despite the fact that her husband had been evil scum and despite the fact that he had not been a good husband to her AT ALL she decided to blame the main female character for her crap life because the main character's mother had been raped by the dead husband years ago? And she hated the main male character too because of that Or something Needless to say this wasn't very clear to me as a readerSo she killed her son for some reason ?? and then tried to kill the main female character and then revealed she had killed the main character's mother years agoBasically this all came out of left field because relatively little had been said about this woman's feelings prior to the very end of the book except to say that she blamed the main female character's dead mother for her husband's 'infidelity' ie you should know that the creep in uestion had been raping the mother who couldn't say anything because it would have resulted in her and her daughter being thrown out to live on the streets Apparently the woman was also angry with her son but this was only revealed at the endWHY she was so obsessed with a useless crap man like her dead husband rather than say having taken a string of lovers was never revealed One can speculate that she may have been subjected to emotional andor physical abuse by the man which would have been a source of trauma ie could she have developed a form of Stockholm syndrome? but nothing is ever explained or shown regarding their relationship beyond what I have already detailed so this is pure speculation on my part WHY she would have killed her formerly beloved son is also never really explained beyond stating that she was displeased with his ungrateful behavior Or something Since the aunt is the main 'bad guyperson' in the story this all felt rather unbelievable So this aspect of the characterization was not believableAll I can say about this woman and plot line is Another problem with the plot is that all this mayhem took up uite a bit of space in the book such that very little time was spent on the relationship between the two main characters Basically while trying to find the murderer they try to find time to get married then to shag each other 'cause it's not easy to find time to shag when you're trying to find a really dumb killer and clumsy killer is it? And that's it Basically we were never shown WHAT these two characters had in common As a reader I was told but never SHOWN what they shared as a couple We were told that they had grown up together and a single flashback type of scene is shown where the main male character tells the main female character he is leaving the estate he tells her he cares about her An earlier scene where she befriends him when she arrives at the estate as a child is also shown We are never shown what they have in common though and are simply TOLD that they spent a whole lot of time together and were each other's only friend When we meet them as adults the book spends all its time detailing a ridiculous murder plot and getting the two characters into bed but spends very little time showing WHY these two people would care for each otherMe wanting to be done with this stupid plot was like

  4. ❀angela ❀angela says:

    Kinda boring

  5. Lexie Lexie says:

    The synopsis makes this sound a bit mystery laden then it is The murder takes place about 23rds of the way in before that the book is pretty much follows typical linesI enjoyed this book I got through it in about 3 hours and even for a romance that's rather uick for me It keeps up a slick pace not slowing down after the intial chapter or so of obligatory flashbacks to how the two met their childhood problems etc I had some trouble grasping why the author felt she needed to tell us many times that Julianna was 'Independent' Her actions were uite capable and she had proven that she was able to stand on her own feet with a respectable jobSome minor uibbles with the above synopsis her one cousin Crandall was definately a malicious boy but her other Serephina was selfish then cruel and did seem to be genuinely happy to see her again when they met once Nicholas was the primary suspect for all of two seconds but with all the enemies the deceased had his was the most minor and understandable problemJulianna as I mentioned earlier is uite competent as a companion but once Nicholas entered her life again she seemed to have forgotten much of the decorum and common sense she had learned in the 15 years hence Nicholas for his part argues both to Julianna and privately to himself that he isn't a good man that he's wicked but he hadn't done anything horrendous Especially not in light of what his Uncle and Cousin did on a routine basis He smuggled he did some espionage for the Crown did a little whoringall in all nothing wicked The both of them were rather bland seperate from each other and marginally interesting when together because they were both convinced the other wanted nothing then to be siblings The passion was just sort of there didn't really effect meThe only other problem I had was that closer to the end I felt like the author tried to make the twist as off the wall as possible I was truly interested in figuring out who had the deceased killed but I was left feeling dissatisfied with the end result It brought to light some disturbing family secrets that made little sense to be includedSome of the secondary characters were interesting though shortly lived Julianna's friend Lady Scarborough was interesting and her servants and adopted children were all interesting sounding as well I would have liked about them but sadly they left for Italy and that was the last of them I liked Fiona the younger daughter of Julianna's employer but again she was gone as soon as Julianna left that family The ones who stuck around Nicholas's family were standard 'evil relations' Selfish neglectful jealousAll in all I enjoyed the book and rec it if you want a romance that is mostly light and straight forward

  6. Myfanwy Myfanwy says:

    I really wanted to like this book both because it combined historical romance and mystery two of my favourite genres and because the summary promised a prime 'second chance at love''girl you used to know' story which is my Persuasion loving ass' favourite romance trope I was prepared to like this and I did sort of There was some stuff that was really good But there was also a bunch of stuff that was bad so that the story ultimately was just was really kind of mehThe heroine whose name escapes me and the hero Nicholas's Traumatic Childhood is a central feature of the story They were one another's only friends and the heroine sense of abandonment after Nicholas flees the Terrible Home when they are both still very young colours a lot of their earlier interactions as well as deeply affecting her sense of self worth and security All of which are interesting and dynamic choices for a main character But once the second half of the action begins and Nicholas and the Heroine return to the Terrible Home Miss Camp seems to totally abandon all of these aspects of the heroine's character in exchange for a Nancy Drew pattern card I know I use Nancy Drew derogatorily in a lot of reviews but I do love her She just was also irritatingly perfect and was a completely static character which is frankly kind of boring Indeed most of the issues that the heroine had as a result of the Traumatic Childhood are completely abandon and the heroine spends most of the book being irritatingly empathetic to people we have been informed made her early life a nightmare It's pretty boring and pretty unbelievable The hero's awareness of the Terrible Trauma and his desire not to be a dick just because he's now the one with the power is much believable But still The heroine's character growth during the second half of the book seems almost deliberately stunted; view spoilerthe revelation that the mother the heroine or less treats as a saint was the mistress of the heroine and Nicholas' Evil Uncle does not impact the heroine at all because it is uickly also revealed that the mother was coerced leaving her mother's perfection untarnished in the heroine's eyes Nor is there ever a scene where the fact that the heroine's male cousin attempted to sexually assault her when she was younger is revealed something which is or less brushed off by the heroine as gross but ultimately unimportant hide spoiler

  7. kris kris says:

    Juliana and Nicholas were bffs back in the day; they haven't seen each other for 15 years Due to Nicholas's attentions Juliana gets fired and they end up engaged AND THEN MURDER And feelings but those are less important because of MURDER1 This book is basically mediocre A lot of the standard writing issues telling than showing; some repeated information; a reliance upon ridiculous metaphors that are mostly hilarity and nonsense One of the things that really bothered me however was the fact that 95% of this novel is told from Juliana's perspective There is one chapter and a handful of POV switches to Nicholas's perspective Which wasfrustrating Especially because the narrative from Nicholas's POV keeps hammering away at the fact that he's a bad dude and has done horrible things But then it just goes away because it's HEA time folks 2 I didn't mind Juliana all that much She had moments where I almost liked her but most of the time I was merely tolerating her UNTIL THIS when she's wondering why Nicholas won't make sex with herWas it that she was not pretty enough? she wondered Was her brown hair too straight too thick too ordinary? Or was it that her face was unexceptional the eyebrows too straight her nose and mouth pretty but not eye catching?SERIOUSLY GIRL STFU OH MAN is my STRAIGHT THICK BROWN HAIR NOT ENOUGH?? ARE MY PRETTY NOSE AND MOUTH AND STRAIGHT EYEBROWS UNATTRACTIVE TO HIM?? NEVER MIND THE FACT THAT ALL OUR ENCOUNTERS THUS FAR HAVE BEEN INITIATED BY HIM BUT I THINK MY BEAUTY THAT MEETS SOCIALLY ACCEPTED STANDARDS ISN'T ENOUGH LET ME TALK ABOUT IT SOME MORE3 Ahahah what the hell was that murder mystery even

  8. Qtpham85 Qtpham85 says:

    I hate to say it but it was kinda boringuntil the end when the mystery gets solved

  9. Laura J. Laura J. says:

    a good readThe hero and heroine were childhood friends in a very toxic family environment They meet years later Juliana is a paid companion and Nick has inherited a title There’s a forced marriage of convenience a hero who thinks he is unworthy of love a heroine who doubts that the hero will ever love her and a murder in which the identity of the killer isn’t a surprise Although there isn’t anything new in the story line it was well written the main characters likable and interesting secondary characters

  10. Holley Holley says:

    Somehow I didn't like it as much as others by this author The murder mystery part was pretty secondary to the plot but that isn't unusual for a romance The hero and heroine had a rough past but they were likeable characters i can't put my finger on anything in particular it just seemed like it could be better I will continue to read other works by this author because this is the first book I haven't really loved

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