Soldiers PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Soldiers PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Soldiers ❴PDF❵ ✍ Soldiers Author John Dalmas – Alpha Males You can't live with 'em but sometimes you can't live without 'em An alien migration fleet 14000 starships strong searches the stars for a new home its homeworld forever lost When they fina Alpha Males You can't live with 'em but sometimes you can't live without 'em An alien migration fleet starships strong searches the stars for a new home its homeworld forever lost When they finally find planets that can support them all they have to do is eradicate the pesky human natives a task they assume is easily within their powers But Earth's Commonwealth of Worlds isn't about to give up so easily even if it has to create and train something it hasn't had for centuries Soldiers.

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  1. Scott Holstad Scott Holstad says:

    In John Dalmas’s Soldiers 14000 alien warships appear from nowhere in the human Commonwealth and start attacking entire planets exterminating all of the humans and resettling and terraforming these worlds for themselves – kind of six limbed powerful mini dinosaurs with brains and guns Typically all humans die The Commonwealth doesn’t even find out about this until this has happened to several planets and warning is gotten away secretlyThe Commonwealth is unprepared for this as it hasn’t had war in centuries and it has virtually no fleet nor army to speak of In order to get the time to build up both worlds will fall and people will dieA lot happens in this book as we follow one particular group of recruits from a religious based as in zealots planet as they train as well as following the build up of the fleet and the tactics used in an effort to gain intelligence and to “annoy” the enemy Additionally there are peaceniks at home who think this is all a hoax peaceniks who want peace so badly they are willing to kill to get it It all makes for good drama and a pretty good book The ultimate land and orbital battles are tactically gripping and are well written You can draw certain conclusions from this book philosophically although I wouldn’t put it in the same category as Ender’s Game or its seuels Still if you want to think about things you can If you don’t want to just enjoy the explosions It’s typical Dalmas – a four star book and recommended

  2. Georgina Brandt Georgina Brandt says:

    Good military story science fiction People attacked by aliens that look like lizards small dinosaursLots of action interplanetary invasions Characterization well done

  3. William Bentrim William Bentrim says:

    Soldiers by John DalmasThis isn't a new book It was published in 2001 Looking at Dalmas birth date he appears to be 89 years old I find that interesting in that his first book that I read was The Yngling that was serialized in Analog magazine in 1969 I guess as you age you find other people older than you still kicking around and you have hope that you will be doing the same when you are that old Soldiers depicts an alien invasion of stupendous proportions Play close attention in the first few pages to discover how the aliens got to our galaxy It is referred to several times during the story but it can be easily missed Dalmas takes a contrarian opinion when writing this book Most stories see the human race as extremely competitive and very pugnacious Dalmas takes a different tact an depicts the human race as having divested itself of negative war like behavior He doesn't state it but the implication of multiple societies on different world provide havens for splinter groups who fail to peacefully integrate into a world wide society Gordon Dickson had his splinter group planets too but they weren't uite as peaceful From my perspective this book really promotes the idea that if we have unlimited frontiers we can bleed off the violence of the world Let the Sunnis and the Shias each settle their own planet and live their own way North Korea on it's own planet sounds really good as they periodically are out of this world anyway The book does a lot of searching for solutions to an invasion after losing the innate fighting nature of human beings The resolution is satisfying on many levels I recommend the book Web Site

  4. David David says:

    In this novel humans have spread throughout the galaxy without encountering any other sentient life forms Then one day a group of war like aliens are transported to the edge of human space from another galaxy Dalmas explores this situation by looking at it from several characters' viewpoints including those of the aliens The plot moves forward and he lets us get to know some of the characters well enough to grow attached to them I thought his look at the spiritual development of humankind was especially interesting

  5. Danny Danny says:

    The story had some interesting ideas but they were never really developed and the overall style left me wanting Too many events seemed random and without any real reason At the end I wondered what the point of it all had been There is far better military Sci Fi with similar themes such as the Starfire series by Dave Webber and Steve White

  6. Roberto Roberto says:

    Long and a bit boring overfocused in religion The author seems to feel a need to make all characters deeply religious and tolerant and to pack as many different religions real or invented as he canNot smart enough to be interesting that way the military action fizzles by creating a terribly ineffectual fictional adversary

  7. Chad Parker Chad Parker says:

    Decent story

  8. Alexander Moore Alexander Moore says:

    This book is absolutely awesome I finished this book in two days It could have been one but work got in the way

  9. Lynn Calvin Lynn Calvin says:

    baen ebook

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