Paperback ✓ Whole Enchilada PDF å

Paperback ✓ Whole Enchilada PDF å

Whole Enchilada [KINDLE] ❄ Whole Enchilada By Nicole Hollander – Amazing Books, Whole Enchilada By Nicole Hollander The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story. Amazing books, Whole Enchilada By Nicole Hollander The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story.

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  1. Stewart Tame Stewart Tame says:

    How does one even begin to capture the appeal of Nicole Hollander’s Sylvia? There's a scribbly uality to the linework like something scrawled on a bar napkin between cigarettes like someone frantically trying to keep up with the speed of their own thoughts It's never out of control to the point of messiness And there are so many delightful details the absolutely perfect facial expressions see page 57 for instance where the shift in expression is all that's needed for the punchline the patterns on wallpaper and clothing the hats the shoes and slippers The pages abound with absurdity parody sarcasm and than a hint of feminism not strident and in your face but confident and resoluteSince this book came out in the mid 80’s some of the topical humor may baffle those under thirty Those boxy things with the antennas on top for instance are TVs There was a time believe it or not when they weren't wide and flat And remember when Nixon and Reagan were the worst Republican presidents in recent memory? Good timesMuch of the humor in this book is timeless though There will always be self important business types fake cheerful newscasters overblown romance novels inscrutable cats ridiculous ads and many other favorite Sylvia targets The Whole Enchilada has aged rather well Recommended

  2. Jude Jude says:

    margaret atwood tells of a survey in which groups of men women were each asked what they feared most about the other sex The women were afraid they would be killed The men were afraid they would be laughed at There is no hatred in Hollander's humor there is only a dry sexy and merciless assessment of reality I love authors who can face a world shot through with horror corruption and cynicism and articulate the dissonance of trying to live with intelligence and compassion in that world To have someone do that and let me laugh with them thrills me

  3. Kate Kate says:

    Sylvia had a big part in making me the woman I am today

  4. Wattt Wattt says:

    Imagine my delight at finding a Sylvia volume in my local used bookstore But then again I feel like Sylvia is one of those comics that are bound to be found in these places as well as church sales and thrift stores along with endless collections of Dilbert and maybe a Sark or twoA lovely volume the full color comics in the middle were great However the poster advertised on the front was little than a two sided full page illustration with some dotted lines to cut As if I'd cut up my book Well maybe I will depends on how badly I need a Sylvia poster in the futureWhile I'm critiuing the uniue physical copy I personally have of the book I'll mention that it very alarmingly fell apart halfway throughWhile the funniest Sylvia collection I have would be my very beloved autographed Sylvia on Sundays and while my most political would be The Collected Sylvia the Whole Enchilada may have struck me as the most feminist Overall I liked it It was a good mix of the two I had had before and a nice if delicate addition to my books

  5. Kest Schwartzman Kest Schwartzman says:

    Disturbingly on point for a comic written two decades ago Fuck you world for not changing faster

  6. Valerie Valerie says:

    Obviously not truly unabridged there're strips that I remember which aren't in this tome But the most comprehensive version I have I suppose I'll have to try to get some of the short collections If I only knew where they were soldIn the meantime I'll enjoy reading this again if only to remind myself of what's missingIt starts by the way with a short photoessay with captions by the cartoonist herself Some of the really good strips are included One of my favorites one in which White House staffers refuse to speculate on what uestion the President Reagan THOUGHT he was answering These cartoons are worth close examination Often uite good jokes are concealed in things like book titles or wall signs Be a shame to miss them by an over hasty reading

  7. Linda Weber Linda Weber says:

    I'm hesitant to review here because the actual book I read was written by Diane Mott Davidson but for some reason her name would not come up Same title wrong author I love Davidson's books and did enjoy this latest one However it did drag on a little that her usual and I think was a little slow toward the end I thought I had read her entire culinary series but realize I have one earlier one to read so checked it out

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