The 5 Laws That Determine All of Life's Outcomes PDF

The 5 Laws That Determine All of Life's Outcomes PDF

The 5 Laws That Determine All of Life's Outcomes [Read] ➬ The 5 Laws That Determine All of Life's Outcomes Author Brett Harward – Success is predictable This book is about the laws that govern successful outcomes including making money finding fulfillment and increasing self seteem improving health and connections with others Th Success is predictable Laws That PDF/EPUB ¼ This book is about the laws that govern successful outcomes including making money finding fulfillment and increasing self seteem improving health and connections with others The Laws control our outcomes in life whether we know what The 5 MOBI :å they are or not These laws control our speed and trajectory in life and most importantly how we deal with others This book outlines in practical terms how those who are extraordinarily successful apply these laws differently than those who are 5 Laws That Epub Ý mearly average or above average.

10 thoughts on “The 5 Laws That Determine All of Life's Outcomes

  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    Only 3 stars for this book Though there are a lot of good points brought up I found it hard to get past the author's tone that reverberates throughout the book and clouds the good things that he does say But considering that he made me think about some things that I have not thought of before he deserves 3 stars and not 2 Harward contends to have found the 5 Laws that will determine all of your life's outcomes I don't necessarily buy that premise but the five things that he does list Vision Perception Freuency Accountability and Leadership are all important things in life that are rarely dwelt upon at least by me He asks some really good uestions and gives his own personal insight into those uestions and they help as all good uestions do to guide me into some reflection about myself and what I am doing with my own lifeA lot of blanket statements are made throughout the book; there are some misspellings and weird sentence structures and I didn't really get the point of the epilogue it was like he was trying to match it up with his prologue but it ended up missing that target by a long shot It was hard to get through although it is a short little book but I am ultimately glad that I persisted and read it through to the end

  2. Brandon Allen Brandon Allen says:

    This is a great book that gives great guidelines on how to behave in order to be successful Brett talks about vision freuency perception accountability and leadership This book is not long and reads fairly uickly Some of my favorite concepts from the book are the author's concepts on the law of freuency and the 7 steps to work through improving your freuency Fear of failure and our personal desire to make the right decisions hold us back with success as we never want to be wrong and make incorrect decisions Ironically making incorrect decisions is what helps us ultimately make correct decisions In the law of perception section the author talks about how we can get helpful information from people when we are open to listening to what we have to say and try and listen with an unbiased ear We constantly discount criticism to make ourselves feel better not realizing the opportunities we are passing up to improve ourselves and our careers by taking heed to what we hear The author puts a powerful spin on the concept of I in the Law of Leadership section with regards to how we can become smarter by utilizing the talents of those around us I would recommend this book to anyone The author's information was succinct and powerful

  3. Shannon Lowe Shannon Lowe says:

    I have not read this book but I have personally gone through his BeYou class The way he talks to others is extremely disrespectful He yelled at me and shut me down in front of the whole class for simply not knowing what I wanted to get out of the course He told me I was a train wreck and I was NEVER allowed to disagree with what he said Total fraud

  4. Steve Steve says:

    There are many great principles in this book that can assist virtually anyone in the pursuit of an improved future but I felt that a couple of points lessened its valueFirst of all I believe the laws outlined in this book are uite valid Anyone who reads this book and adheres to its principles can greatly improve themselves in any aspect of their life I am always eager to learn new things and this book has given me some valuable insights that change my view on several aspects of lifeNow for the negatives This book is clearly aimed at entrepreneurs I was expecting something a little generic Still a good book but much of the content felt tedious for the non entrepreneurial reader to get through Also while I appreciated the lessons in the book one of the main principles taught is humility It seems a little bit ironic to me that someone would write a book with the purpose of teaching people to be humble by not assuming they have superior knowledge or experience to that of anyone elseAll in all a very good book though I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to take better control of their life

  5. Keith Hoopes Keith Hoopes says:

    Brett Harward did not as he claims run a successful software company Frontrunner technologies was on the verge of folding when it's main investor took control of it away from Brett This investor was then able to salvage what was left of it after Brett having run it nearly bankrupt and sold it to recover his investment barely breaking evenHe was also in the habit of making promises he won't keep to his employees such as partial ownership and shared profits I don't trust him nor his ideas and neither should anyone else doing business with himAs for his book it's pedantic in that it takes simple philosophies that anybody could tell you and over analyzes them I will say this for him though he's a good salesman

  6. Maria Maria says:

    This book has a lot of good advice on how to be successful in business and relationships I liked it because it is forthright and concise and Harward is very good at explaining the 5 lawsUnfortunately my mind right now isn't in a place where I'm ready to hear some of it so I sort of blocked out a few chapters that I can't handle right now However if you are emotionally stable than I am right now you might get from it

  7. Mical Mical says:

    Yawn but of course if one were to evaluate my life ie my financial standing and significant relationships specifically marriages it makes sense that I would already possess most of this knowledge

  8. John Hibbs John Hibbs says:

    Pedantic Not worth your time

  9. Ruth Stewart Ruth Stewart says:

    This book made life’s problems so much simpler It was an easy read with some impactful concepts

  10. Monica H at The Readathon Monica H at The Readathon says:

    I liked this book and thought it had some great suggestions Read my full review at wwwthe readathonblogspotcom

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