Mafia Dynasty The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime

Mafia Dynasty The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime

Mafia Dynasty The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime Family ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Mafia Dynasty The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime Family Author John H. Davis – The Gambinos they arrived in America from Sicily when the `20's roared with bootleg liuor For thirty years they fought a bloody battle for control of New York's underworld to emerge as the nation's ri The Rise ePUB ✓ The Gambinos they arrived in America from Sicily when the `'s Mafia Dynasty PDF/EPUB or roared with bootleg liuor For thirty years they fought a bloody battle Dynasty The Rise PDF/EPUB ½ for control of New York's underworld to emerge as the nation's richest Dynasty The Rise and Fall ePUB ↠ and most powerful crime family Now Mafia expert John H Davis tells their compelling inside story Here are the chilling details and deceptions that created a vast criminal empire Here are six decades of the uncontrolled greed and lust for power of such men as Lucky Luciano Frank Costello Meyer Lansky Vito Genovese Albert Anastasia Carlo Gambino Paul Castellano and John Gotti men for whom murder and betrayal were business as usual From the Gambinos' powerful stranglehold on New York's construction garment and waterfront industries to the government's onslaught against them in the `s and `s Mafia Dynasty takes you into the mysterious world of blood oaths shifting alliances and deadly feuds that will hold you riveted from the first page to the last.

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  1. Anna Anna says:

    I've always been a big fan of the old black and white mobster movies with Jimmy Cagney and Humphrey Bogart and the modern mafia flicks The Godfather I thought the mafia's influence was exaggerated in those films and died out in the 50's How ignorant I was Reading Mafia Dynasty was eye opening and shocking to learn of the extent of the Gambino family's power control crime corruption and murders This book starts from the beginnings of the Honor Society in Sicily to the Mafia's early beginnings in America with Lucky Luciano Albert Anastasia to Carlo Gambino's empire in the 60's and 70's to the 1992 trial of the teflon don John Gotti the most interesting part to me They don't teach this history in school I recommend this book to everyone and anyone who wish to open their eyes a bit to the world around them

  2. Megan Megan says:

    I watched some documentaries with John Davis in them saw he had a book and figured why not read it? I loved this book It was a nice overview I liked how he went back to the origins and explained stuff from there It was easy to understand a lot of info but presented in a good way He made you get a feel for each gangster letting you know about their personalities how they dressed and carried themselves what type of gangster they were business or violent Made you realize even the ''business'' ones were still responisble for many deaths I enjoyed the transcripts from the tapes although at the end it did seem like it kept showing the same ones over and over Overall a great book though Only bad thing is it makes me want to read up on about 50 people

  3. Cory Cory says:

    Picked up a chapter here and there and finally finished

  4. James Edward Powelk James Edward Powelk says:

    Interesting and informative book on the Gambinos but too many typos made it difficult to understand in oartsThis was an informative and entertaining read especially the rise and especially the fall of John Gotti but there were some problems that the editors or could have and should correct First the good There was some entertaining and informative details about Gotti and especially his last trial that any fan of true crime or Mafia stories will enjoy There was also uite a bit of information about the beginnings of Cosa Nostra and the Gambino family especially considering the secrecy and mystery of that world before wire taps and informats were around to lift the veil In my opinion there were only two negative problems with this book First there were several parts of the book that were repeated word for word several times throughout the book mainly regarding tapes of Gotti The book would uote the tapes and a few chapters later in a trial they would appear again and then a few chapters later they would be show up some Even though it sometimes was frustrating and maybe could have been cleaned up at times some of the repeated stories were helpful so it didn't bother me too bad The other problem did bother me There were several typos that at times made it difficult to follow By reading this review it should be obvious I am no grammar cop I'm not talking about a misspelled word or a missing comma There were names that only had one or two letters and several times a name or word was replaced by numbers like the writer but the number lock key the editors missed it and apparently no one at caught it either when it was being written for a digital copy Before writing the review I looked and it was written in 1993 So either since 1993 the author none of the author 's family or the publisher read this book or the mistakes were made when it was converted to digital Either way parts of the book was hard to understand It was like a test where they give you the first and last letter of a word and humble everything else up except worse and for 200 pages The only other thing I would add is that it would have been nice for someone to have added a chapter or two to follow up on the family in the last 25 years since this book was written If you are a fan it's worth struggling through the errors to read this

  5. Jake Jake says:

    Since watching The Irishman I’ve had a yen for Mafia crime stories I’ve always wanted to know about the Gambino family since they were the most powerful of the five families during the time the mob ran everything So I picked this lauded work upIt gave me everything I need in the best way possible being detailed without being tedious It covers the families coming over from Italy and Sicily how what we know to be the “mafia” came into existence and how the families formed out of old bootlegging wars Much of the history parallels the history of the underworld in 20th century New York CityMost of the second half of the book is devoted to John Gotti I knew little about the man himself and nothing I learned really changed my perceptions but I got the bigger picture I wanted Apparently the government was coming down hard on the mob in the 80s with RICO so whomever succeeded Paul Castellano probably would’ve gone down soon after anyway Which doesn’t change the fact that John Gotti was a moron as a boss a flashy braggart who basically painted a target on his back It only goes to show the ineptness of the prosecution both state and federal that it took four tries to finally convict him of somethingDavis goes long several times on how the Mafia created a bad image for Italian Americans He doesn’t glorify the family or the life at all He is a little lenient towards Gotti claiming that the gangster was loyal to the code until his demise which okay? At the same time this is a well rounded picture of how something that started as a protection racket grew into criminal dominance and was eventually reigned in by a combination of prosecutorial zeal and its own hubris Crime doesn’t pay

  6. Bill Bill says:

    Outstanding Read this when it was published and have been recommending it to people for over 25 years Mr Davis is very thorough in his research and writing and it really shows There is a ton of information in this book and I truly found all of it interesting I grew up in southern New Jersey not far from Philadelphia and Atlantic City As such I knew well of the existence of Cosa Nostra Once when I was at a friend's house for a big Italian family barbecue I noticed that his uncle introduced several gents as a friend of mine but two others specifically as a friend of ours and I noticed the difference in how they were treated That really piued my curiosity so I began listening reading and learning intently However what I learned over the years was piecemeal; disjointed Reading Mr Davis' book confirmed a lot of what I knew as fact a nice feeling connected many dots and provided much fascinating historical information If you have any interest in the mafia in Cosa Nostra I'm uite certain you'll enjoy this book Also if you know anyone with a budding interest this would make an excellent gift as the history provided makes it an excellent starting point

  7. Pete Pete says:

    This is a solid accounting of the Mafia's roots and Gambino crime family As expected the Gotti years become the principal focus through the second half of the book I have read several other books related to the Mafia but this is the first time I've heard it proposed that the Apalachin fiasco was deliberately engineered from within The author concludes by stating Gotti was true to Cosa Nostra principles but the truth is that he never bothered to get a sanction for his hit on Big Paul fearing that Castellano would be tipped off by the Vincent the Chin Gigante boss of the Genovese faction

  8. Brian Brian says:

    Lukewarm review It covers a long history but it’s not written very well It reads as though it didn’t go through much of an editing process repetitive simplistic and unclear whether he followed a clear theme This could have been written by a talented high school student Note to the Kindle edition there are typos galore Some sections are almost hard to follow with errors like mis spellings truncated words and odd characters being inserted The transcription was not done very well

  9. Blake Blake says:

    Majority of the book talks mainly about Carlo Gambino and John Gotti

  10. Martin Mull Martin Mull says:

    Fairly AccurateEducationalhistorical? Yes

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