The Borribles Across the Dark Metropolis The Borribles

The Borribles Across the Dark Metropolis The Borribles

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  1. Bill Bill says:

    The Borribles Across the Dark Metropolis by Michael de Larrabeiti is the third and final book in the Borrible trilogy I'd read the first two many years ago and at the time didn't realize there was a third book I found it just last year and after rereading the first book last year decided to give this one a try Borribles are children who never grow up; distinguished by their pointed ears They live in the shadows surviving by knicking food and goods for their homes This third book continues the journey of the Adventurers 10 Borribles we meet in the first book who were involved in the Great Rumble Hunt The group are chased by the London Police a special group the SBG led by the nasty Sussworth and his assistant Hanks The Adventurers are trying to avoid them and also to get a horse who helped them in their adventures to a place of safety so he can live his final years in peace Sussworth's plans for Sam the horse are to catch him and take him to the slaughterhouse He also wants to catch the Borribles and have their ears snipped; this makes them forget about Borrible life and also grow up The story follows the Adventurers all across London; we meet further enemies and also new friends other groups of Borribles It's not necessarily a light and fluffy fantasy; you'll find it very gritty at times A sad and also happy ending to the trilogy Glad I found it 3 stars

  2. Megan Megan says:

    The last of the Borribles trilogy this seemed to have an even greater level of anti establishment sentiment The police are portrayed as completely idiotic vicious unsympathetic mean nasty and truly disgusting human beings with no sign of redemption or goodness The other adults are violent alcoholics who try to kill andor betray the Borribles It really is enough to make you want to turn into a Borrible so you won't grow up and be awful In any case these books are violent and not exactly an easy read but the story is engrossing and really like no other young adult novel The ending of this book is very sad but uplifting at the same time

  3. Alberto Alberto says:

    And here is the culmination of the trilogy I have again found plotholes I still think that the Borrible World lacks of internal coherence and that sometimes the writer uses childish solutions that spoil a nicely built plot line But in spite of all the nuisances I really enjoyed these three books In this third one the City itself becomes one of the main protagonists a dark and hostile entity that harbors inside hidden havens of friendship and help The struggle of this bunch of 'Peter Pans' against a world full of grownups leads us towards a powerful ending that can be either taken as it comes or used to meditate in case there would be a moral somewhere

  4. Guilherme Solari Guilherme Solari says:

    More of the same Great series overallI was very impressed how the first Borribles book brought a thrilling young adult story as it presented these immortal children who love freedom above all The second title Go For Broke impressed me even further with it's very intriguing characters So I had high expectations for The Borribles Across the Dark MetropolisNow the Borribles face a new threat dwarves trained by the police to infiltrate the little ones' society This brings some welcome tension as you know the informants are setting the Borribles up But I felt the formula got a bit tiring on this third book The Borribles are time after time locked away in a manner that all seems lost and after the forth of fifth miraculous escape e began counting the pages to the endThe characters were not very well constructed here The Borribles didn't seem to me to have their own personality but were like sources of dialog to move the story along Some characters of the London underworld are introduced but without real dimensions Even the death of a main character from the series seemed rushedThe Deus ex Machina may be simple but it does give you a chance to look back on the whole series and see how the Borribles changed From children seeking adventure to veterans with a darker understanding of the atrocities that could happen to them They felt like they aged on the inside For me Across the Dark Metropolis was worth the read as the weaker book in great series

  5. Steven Davis Steven Davis says:

    I read the Borribles books 1 and 2 as a child at primary school I absolutely loved them The whole idea of these children who aren't children any but still look like them in a secret war with their enemies and going on grand adventures to win a name it probably took me 20 years to find the book but one day I walked into a bookshop and there was the trilogy It was purchased immediately and every bit as good as I remember Also the first time I'd read the third book That one packs a punch and goes darker but every bit as good as the other two Although to be fair the first isn't that bright and supposedly child friendly definitely darker than HP

  6. Cindy Cindy says:

    Unfortunately I was unable to get my hands on the second book so I read this conclusion without it I really feel the Borribles series got stronger in this final addition The characters are developed the plot line is intense and I just feel it was a step up I think the ending is a satisfying one Not the one I'd have liked but it was satisfying Unexpected but I think it fits the book

  7. Ewan Ewan says:

    I've finished my re read of these favourite childhood books Not uite as good as my personal favourite Go for broke but a fitting conclusion to the Borribles trilogy I look forward to hopefully giving these to my nephews and niece when they're old enough for them

  8. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    the The Borribles Across the Dark Metropolis they fight an epic battle with the Special Borrible Group and its hired auxiliary force of dwarves

  9. Adam Adam says:

    Re reading this book for the countless time I love these books and this is the grand finale Characters that you grow to love adventure that keeps you turning page after page

  10. Freder Freder says:

    A heartbreaking end to the series very dark and upsetting

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The Borribles Across the Dark Metropolis The Borribles [Reading] ➷ The Borribles Across the Dark Metropolis The Borribles ➭ Michael de Larrabeiti – What is a Borrible Borribles are runaways who dwell in the shadows of London Apart from their pointed ears they look just like ordinary children They live by their wits and a few Borrible laws—the c What is a Borrible Borribles are runaways who Across the MOBI õ dwell in the shadows of London Apart from their pointed ears they look just like ordinary children They live by their wits and a few Borrible laws—the chief one being Don’t Get Caught The Borribles are outcasts—but they wouldn’t have it any other way The Borribles Across the Dark MetropolisBattersea was no longer safe for a Borrible The Special Borrible Group—a secret section of the London police dedicated to finding Borribles and clipping their ears—was closing in Driven on by the fanatical Inspector Sussworth The Borribles PDF/EPUB or the SBG was determined to wipe them out once and for all It was time to break out escort Sam the horse to safety in Neasden then return to the old Borrible life of independence and freedom So began a perilous trek across the dark metropolis—a journey that would test the courage and cunning of the Adventurers to the limits.