Paperback à Myra Breckinridge/Myron PDF å

Paperback à Myra Breckinridge/Myron PDF å

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  1. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    Myra Breckinridge 1968 is a scabrous genderbender satire about an untouchable woman? out to claim her fortune from a sleazy Hollywood mogul If you’re familiar with Gore Vidal’s haughtiness from one of his incalculable TV appearances it might take a moment to settle into this female? voice but once the farcical frolics begin the novel is heap good fun Among the notorious scenes are Myra’s dildo rape of male chauvinist Rusty and her failure to achieve Sapphic congress with the defiantly heterosexual Mary Ann Seen here in the appalling film version with the perfectly cast Rauel Welch This book is notable also for Vidal’s use of nouveau roman S o C in the mogul’s narrative—his opinion on the French avant garde was famously low so what gives Gore? Five stars Myron 1974 is the patchy semi sci fi seuel where Myron the male Myra is sucked back onto the set of Siren of Babylon a fictional 1948 movie where his alter ego Myra wrestles for domination of hisher body like Michael Caine in Dressed to Kill but with castration instead of murder Not for the sueamish this one And largely incoherent so not for anyone at all really Three stars

  2. Scott Rhee Scott Rhee says:

    Gore Vidal’s satirical novel “Myra Breckenridge” was at one point shocking That it is no longer shocking and in fact so ridiculously un shocking as to be a soap opera cliche is a testament to how much society’s views have changed on the book’s primary subject matterOstensibly the book is about a lot of things Vidal was a humorous and caustic social critic who like some of his relevant contemporaries Kurt Vonnegut Norman Mailer Philip Roth explored the inanity of the times primarily the ‘60s and early ‘70s through a surrealist lens “Myra Breckenridge” lambastes Hollywood the Republican Party and feminism but the primary focus of his ire is on society’s gender roles and sexuality in general“Myra” was written in 1968 during a time of great social change It was in fact the start of what has been called the Sexual Revolution Taboos were being destroyed What was once considered “perverse” or “sexual deviance” and once found only in the underground was getting mainstream attention The general public was becoming aware if not accepting of issues that no one ever spoke about in good companyVidal a bisexual who was not afraid to admit to his bisexuality during a time in which such things were in some states actually considered crimes paved the way for openly gay lesbian bisexual and transgendered writers and artists with his depiction of a man named Myron Breckenridge who undergoes a sex change operation to become Myra Breckenridge a beautiful but conniving seductress bent on destroying social s and traditional gender rolesThe plot “twist” happens late in the book and when the book was originally published I’m sure that it was shocking to conservative readers It is however not much of a plot twist any considering how well known the book is in contemporary American literature Yet even to those readers not familiar with the book reading it for the first time the twist should not be much of a surprise or a shock Indeed the twist has ironically been usurped and re used countless times in movies and TV shows especially soap operas as to have become laughable Still “Myra Breckenridge” has the distinction of being the first to use it which makes it a significant if somewhat dubious achievementBy today’s standards the book is almost silly Vidal’s characters are blatant stereotypes and cardboard cut outs used as targets than actual two dimensional people There is also a disturbing cruelty within the book culminating in a violent rape scene that almost seems to be played for laughs Perhaps it is because it is a rape of a big brawny he man by a diminutive transsexual an image that may have been considered so ridiculous as to be unbelievable by ‘60s audiences There is however nothing ever funny about rapeUp until that scene the book was a humorous and harmless satire The scene unfortunately taints the remainder of the bookIt is Vidal’s lesser known but in my opinion much entertaining 1974 seuel “Myron” that Vidal’s strengths as a witty social critic shineIn “Myron” Myra no longer exists She has been eliminated via rigorous psychotherapeutic sessions and numerous surgeries Gone are her now famous breasts and doctors have “recreated” Myron’s well endowed penis using fatty tissue from his thigh He is living happily in a modest upper middle class suburban home with his beautiful wife Mary Ann While he is unable to have children of course it is a small price to pay for finally getting rid of that evil alter egoOne night while watching a Late Show presentation of a classic 1948 fictional film called “Siren of Babylon” starring Maria Montez Myron is inexplicably “pushed” into the TV and enters the set of the filmStuck in 1948 Hollywood and unable to get back to his home in 1972 Myron must make the best of his situation Unfortunately Myra has returned popping up at the most inopportune times“Myron” is a surrealist time travel “Jeckyll and Hyde” fantasy story that pokes gleeful fun at Nixonian era politics Watergate has just broke and Myron an ardent Nixon supporter knows that Nixon had absolutely nothing to do with it American consumerism and the cult of celebrityhoodMyra has a plan to change history by infiltrating the film “Siren of Babylon” to subtly make changes that would alter viewers perspectives and usher in an era of complete sexual freedom by the 1960s Myron of course catches on to the plan and must do everything in his power to stop her and her polymorphous perversityI liked “Myron” much better than “Myra Breckenridge” if only because it was a shorter tighter novel and Vidal had learned to loosen the reins of his social outrage slightly in the six years between the novels It says a lot that both novels seem relatively uaint and almost infantile by today’s standards especially given the subject matter We as a society have come a long way in terms of our awareness and acceptance of homosexuality bisexuality and transgenderismClearly Myra’s plan succeeded

  3. Jesse Jesse says:

    I have no idea how this would read to somebody not familiar with classic Hollywood cinema for as it is cheekily reiterated on several occasions in the decade between 1935 and 1945 no irrelevant film was made in the United States emphasis NOT mine if only because so much of the razor sharp humor is wrapped up in knowing things like the ridiculous plot of The Seventh Veil or the absurdity of offhandedly proclaiming Since You Went Away a masterpiece or the humor in finding the curve to the masculine buttocks of Tim Holt's character in The Magnificent Ambersons as entirely attractive etc etc etc But judging from many of the comments here that's not essential to enjoying the bewildering campy fun of Vidal's satire which slyly skewers everything from SoCal culture to East Coast intellectualism to psychology to film to television to pop culture via the supremely self confident blithely insular observations of the self created titular character Unfortunately the narrative is such a delicately balanced confection that it can't sustain itself and after the truly surreal conuest of Rusty I found each chapter less interesting than the succeeding one and I couldn't help but be severely let down by the story's conclusion but I found myself tittering ridiculously so often in public that I had to finally make the decision to read the novel only in the privacy of my own home Myra Breckinridge is a dish and never forget it you motherfuckers as the children say nowadays

  4. Imogen Imogen says:

    I will give you one star because your prose is so delightfully bitchy Gore Vidal especially the introduction told from the point of view of Gore Vidal but no because this book is bad stupid Like okay sure dumb fluff sixties ueerness obsessing about the movies of the forties because you're a silly two dimensional cartoon all that stuff is great But just as you get to write about trans women without doing any research and therefore just make stuff up like 'estrogen impedes healing' and 'estrogen kills beards' I get to call you on it AND the thing with the mind blowing disclosure that the protagonist is trans? It was boring the first time even though okay Myra Breckinridge might actually have been the first time Also rape isn't funnyYou know what is funny though? I am three songs into it and the new trail of dead album is good I had given up on those guys written them off as bar owning hipsters interested in navel gazing and hiring violinists than in actually making the awesome screamy rocknroll they used to when I used to love them but this record the century of self is not a return to form exactly but at least it is loud and there is yellingWell look there is no goodreads for records except like and fuck

  5. Mark Ramsden Mark Ramsden says:

    Very daring in its day this satire remains hilarious and thought provoking Anais Nin one of Vidal's lovers was an inspiration for the grandiose voice of Myra while the perverse sophistication is the author's own While these two books enabled many of us to cast aside our Sky God inhibitions the same prudes and hypocrites remain in charge Well they can't stop us being consensual adults in private or preventing the twenty year fetish club debauch I managed while er researching my own books Now deader than Cro Magnon man The maddest people I met and briefly became were those like MyronMyra on the transgender spectrum they'd probably want to dispute that term And anything else you could think of She doesn't disappoint when it comes to howling at the moon although she's also wise and witty Good to see pretentious French film theory getting a well deserved ribbing but the major pleasure is Myra's acid putdowns and worldly wise sensuality some of it hot enough for erotica And to think the Al Grauniad's Mark Lawson considered Vidal not as great as mega bores Phillip Roth or Saul Bellow Gore Vidal covered ground in genres than any of the Great American Novel droners While also succeeding in the theatre Hollywood television and as a genuine pre trash celebrity

  6. Damon Suede Damon Suede says:

    One of the most delicious camp meditations on American pop culture ever committed to print Gore Vidal has written a comedy of bad manners to rival Sheridan and WIlde Pointedly vulgar deliriously savvy this novel knows exactly what it wants to do from its first moments The first person narrator announces the death of mataphor early on and then relates the entire lurid saga sticking to those ideological guns Hilarious and brilliant and exactly right for the character and the world depicted What's fascinating to me is that MYRON is actually the dazzling of the two novels and yet it is the earlier book that gets allt he attention No matter It it rude? Yes Is it cruel You'd better believe it Is it funny? You will blow soda out your nose if you aren't careful about sip timing Vidal's prose chyaracetrs and setting have the kind of lunatic precision of Les Liaisons Dangereuses and than a little of its libertine excesses HIghly highly recommended to anyone with a sense of history and a sense of humor

  7. Andy Andy says:

    Bah humbug Everybody loves this book and all I see is an uptight Cape Cod ueen getting jealous after reading Naked Lunch and thinking I can write like that Well you can't Miss Gore I'll stick to watching Rauel Welch tramp around in her foxy flag outfit

  8. Kat Kat says:

    Myra Breckinridge is one Sick Twist I found this book shockingand I am not easily shocked Myra is a trannie a sadist a revolutionary and completely nuts However Vidal's 1968 title character cannot be classified with most of the one dimensional psycho transgender characters so common in our cultural production Dressed to Kill Sleepaway Camp and Silence of the Lambs to name a few Myra believes that all human relations are based on the desire in each of us to exercise absolute power over others Her uest is to become an all powerful user of men Though her methods are brutal her fierceness is admirable and her biting social commentary is astounding Gore Vidal's writing is groundbreaking stuff Beyond the explicit explorations of sex and power he also slips in passages like the following the good drive cars that fill the air with the foul odor of burning fossils and so day by day our lungs fill up with the stuff of great ferns and dinosaurs who thus revenge themselves upon their successors causing us to wither and die prematurely as did they I recommend this book with the following warningSPOILERthat it contains a long and detailed non consensual sex scene

  9. Ian Ian says:

    It's a tribute to Vidal's creation that Myra Breckenridge still leaps off the page as an incandescent star even in these jaded and cynical times when gender realignment reassignment and binary awareness are familiar concepts With a reverence for Hollywood's Golden Age Myra rides roughshod over Buck Loner and his Acting Academy She is a bigger star than any of the students are ever likely to be especially Rusty poor chap she at whose feet the proudest men have grovelled wincing beneath the lash of her scorn whimpering for a chance to hold in their arms her fragile too lovely for this world or at least their world body I am Woman Camp tastic stuffThe seuel Myron follows a life or death struggle between Myra and her alter ego being trapped in a nightmarish otherworld of the movie set of a 50s sword and sandal epic Some interesting views on population control but by this time Megalomaniac Myra is less appealing

  10. Sue Sue says:

    I remember hearing all of the uproar over this book when I was young but this was the first time that I had read it Maybe I would have liked it better years ago but now I just don't see the appeal I'd always heard that it was a sophisticated witty novel All I read was a story that was very antagonistic toward transgenders and here comes a spoiler so if you don't want to know please stop reading I also can't get over the rape scene I'm certainly no prude but the fact that a teacher tortured and raped a student who trusted her just isn't my idea of good literatureSorry but I can't recommend this book

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Myra Breckinridge/Myron [PDF / Epub] ★ Myra Breckinridge/Myron Author Gore Vidal – No one remains untouched by the luscious Myra Breckinridge's uest for Hollywood fame Her job teaching Empathy and Posture at the Academy of Drama and Modeling gives her the perfect opportunity to vamp No one remains untouched by the luscious Myra Breckinridge's uest for Hollywood fame Her job teaching Empathy and Posture at the Academy of Drama and Modeling gives her the perfect opportunity to vamp scheme and seduce her way into the undiscovered lives and passions of others while trying to keep a few secrets of her own In the seuel Myron the Breckinridge saga takes and increasingy bizarre turn Myron seems to be an inconspicuous man with a sweet wife and a Chinese catering business and Myra still determined to become a megastar wages an outrageous battle for hormonal supremacy over the body she shares with Myron Gore Vidal leads us through the move star world of the fabulous forties as Myra attempts to alter cinema history.